Monday, May 12, 2014

If Dad Could Only See Me Now

If dad could only see me now, have you ever wondered if those loved one that have gone to be with the Lord can see us here on earth or know what we are doing?

It was a couple of months ago, I was at the airport working with Missionary Flights International when the pilots asked me if I might go along up to Pignon [pea-one (long-o)] it is a small grass landing strip situated 12 minutes away by air or 4 + hours by ground. There is a group of ministries there that MFI flies to quite often. Today after dropping passengers and freight in Cap-Haitian they were flying freight up to Pignon then returning for outbound passengers again in “Cap” and returning to Fla. They wanted to do a “hot offload” to save time and also wear and tear on the turbines by keeping them hot. They needed a safety person that could stand at the wingtip in view of the pilot to make sure that no one got near the spinning prop. I always enjoy a flight so was up to the task. It was a beautiful flight up between the scenic mountains to the remote landing strip. The unloading went quickly without any problems and soon we were off for a short return to “Cap” for passengers. While looking out the side window at the mountains and beautiful valleys of farmland I couldn’t help but get teary-eyed thinking about “If Dad could only see me now”.

Dad was my mentor, teacher,  and always loved aviation. I remember as a young child him telling about a friend that was a missionary bush pilot, “Hatch” Hatcher. Dad said that he had been home on furlough and was then returning to the [mission] field.  These thoughts of some fifty plus years ago brought thoughts of how God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. Dad knew me as a Ironworker but since his passing have been in Haiti building, fixing, and even volunteering with Mission’s Aviation. Someday I will see my dad again, we will have so much to talk about.


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