Friday, January 31, 2014


Hi Everyone,
We arrived back in Haiti on Jan.14 and have been running six days a week since the plane landed.
For two weeks Jane was busy setting up a hospitality house for a team of 20+ trades people coming in for two weeks to do a huge building project for Empower Global. Paul and I were busy hooking up lights, fans a stove & bunk beds to make the house livable while Jane & Irene were ordering mattresses and filling the kitchen with all of the items to feed and house the large team. We flew in about 700 lbs of food and household items Jane had purchased just for Empower. Currently Jane has been supervising a staff of about six Haitian women cooking, cleaning and laundry. We have a dedicated taxi running errands.
I have been supervising the truss fabrication while some of the Ironworkers are erecting a smaller roof system.
As far as I know we have: Carpenters, Cement Finishers, Electricians, Ironworkers, Plumbers and other trades people here along with about 20 Haitian Laborers. The concrete guys have been mixing and pouring a pad about 30' x 130' over three aprox.14 hour days, We have been building 11 trusses 50' long x 9' high which we will begin to erect tomorrow. The Plumbers & Electricians have been busy burying underground services and installing a large generator.
It has been a constant job of keeping the welders, power trowel and cement mixer up and running.
As soon as I have some photos back from the project photographer I will try to get them posted.
Well I must go and get ready for another busy day.