Friday, December 13, 2013

Hi Everyone

Thursday Afternoon

I must apologize for not posting earlier. Jane flew back to Fla. on Nov. 25 and back into Haiti on the 26th.
It was a whirl-wind trip. We flew out on Thursday the 21st, went to a Fla. Emergency Room on Friday morning, they felt that I would need further treatment so we made the decision to drive our car North to Pennsylvania so that I could be with family for my recuperation. We got on the road at noon Friday, stayed at my sister's overnight in Winston Salem, NC and arrived  home on Saturday at 5pm some 1240 miles later.

We attended our home church on Sunday morning, had a large family gathering that afternoon (early Thanksgiving) and Jane was flying back again 6am on Monday morning.

Tuesday afternoon I had an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon. He advised me that the break looked to be within limits and healing well. He said that he could give me surgery but has had many patients with the same type of break deny the surgery with good results. I chose to be fitted with a Velcro splint and let it continue to heal.
Since I am here by myself my daughter wanted me to stay with them instead of opening up our house. We had lived with them on and off over the past four years while home so I fit right in.

Wed. morning we had received quite a bit of snow overnight so I asked if there was gas for the snow blower, "it's in a can in the garage." Of course I put in the wrong gas and wasn't able to get it started. Being that it hadn't been run since last winter it needed a new spark plug, a new primer bulb and the electric starter lubricated. After changing the gas and making a parts run, I had it running like new in a couple of hours. My son in law just laughed to my daughter, "he's up to his usual again".
Over the past weeks I have been keeping busy "fixing" whatever I find that needs being fixed, after all that is my ministry wherever I happen to be.

Friday Morning

This morning the snow is slowly falling, the birds are "pigging out" at the feeder, the temperature is 23 degrees F.

Last week we received an e-mail that one of the Haitian governmental offices has gotten behind Sammy & Savannah's adoptions. We expect things to start moving quickly now but don't want to get our hopes up. Thank-You for all of your prayers in this.

 Sammy was having a great time chasing bubbles that Jane was blowing.
January, Sammy will turn two, He has kept us running over the past year but what a blessing to play this part in his life! I'm sure that God has great plans for him.
Last evening I was able to have supper with my mother and brother at her retirement center. Mom is one of our biggest cheerleaders. She just turned 95 last month and is still going strong. A large choir from Erie First Church came while we were there and shared an evening of Christmas music, story of Christ's birth & gift of salvation, what a great time for all.
Hopefully the weather will cooperate for Jane's flight home on Wednesday.
Thank-You for your continuing prayers, Merry Christmas!