Monday, November 25, 2013

Bud's Hand

Some of you have already heard that Bud had a run in with an engine. While he as try to fix it, it kicked back and broke his hand.  The injury was bad enough that I thought it best that he be checked out in Florida.  The doctor there recommended surgery.  Bud and I left immediately and drove to Erie where Bud will remain for serveral weeks.  I will return to Haiti tomorrow. I need to get back to Sammy, school and the orphanage.  I know many are concerned for my safety but I have a wonderful staff who live there and they will help me in Bud's absence. I hope to return to the states in a few weeks to celebrate the holidays with my family but will need to make arrangements for Sammy before that happens.  We would appreciate your prayers for Bud and myself.  I know it will be difficult without Bud's help but I also know that the Lord is always faithful and I am looking forward to seeing how this all fits into His plan for our ministry.  Financially this could have been a disaster for us but God set in motion the needed provisions long before we knew we would need them.  So far he has provided us with the money we needed to get home and pay for some of the medical costs we have had so far. I know He will continue to meet the needs of all of this.  I did get to spend one day with my family before having to go back and we had a wonderful dinner together.  Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family.

One of my favorite people

This is my friend Prudence. She and her husband lead a church in Lori.  This is one of the places where we are considering building a new school.  In these pictures you will see her working alongside Joy and Hope of Haiti and myself to get food and clothing out to the poor.  No one in Haiti has a bigger heart for the people than Prudence.  Together we are trying to find ways to feed the poor and lead them to Christ.

School dedication

Joy and Hope of Haiti is a Canadian based Christian Organization that has an orphanage in Haiti and also assists with building schools.  I began working with them as a missionary when we were affiliated with OMS and am honored to now sit on their board.

One of my ministries here is in partnership with them.  I act as their in-country agent overseeing the building of schools on their behalf. I do the bookkeeping for the projects and help the Haitian staff be successful in the work they are doing. This past week we dedicated a new school that will accommodate over 200 students! This building replaces an old structure that was no longer safe or large enough.  We also visited an area is desperately needs a school.  Both communities are very poor.

All of these schools are Christian based and are affiliated with a local church. You can only imagine the children's excitement when they see their new school for the very first time.

Daniel's dream

A few years ago I met Daniel and we have become great friends. One day Daniel asked me to take a walk with him. He wanted to show me some children he had a great concern for. They live along the river on a pile of garbage.  This area is very dangerous because when the flash floods come during rainy season. The children get caught up in the flood waters and are dragged down river, many drown. Daniel asked if their was any way I could help him to feed these kids.  Daniel has so very little himself.  He wanted to be able to provide a place for the children to live and food to eat. There are laws in Haiti that need to be followed to open places like this and you have to have to be able to show you have the money to sustain such a facility.  I am happy to say that through the generosity of an organization in Canada called "Gleaners", we were able to help Daniel feed many of these children.  Joy and Hope of Haiti in partnership with the Gleaners were able to bring a very nutritious dehydrated soup into Haiti.  I have been asked to help them to find areas where this soup can be distributed to help the hungry.  So far we have been able to help the children in the OMS schools have hot lunches and help some of the local orphanages feed their children.  This soup has not only fed thousands of people so far all over northern Haiti it has also helped Daniel achieve his dream.  This past week a friend of mine helped me buy Daniel all the equipment he needed to set up a small soup kitchen and begin to feed the kids you see in these pictures.  Daniel's plan is to feed the children 3 times a week to begin with using the soup and rice we were able to provide.  God provides in so many different ways. I love helping young men and women like Daniel who feel God calling them to take action to help others. Here are some pictures of the faces we see along the river.

 Meet Daniel, I had the privilege of leading him to the Lord 2 years ago. He was a student in one of my classes.  A couple of years later his brother came to know the Lord after much prayer.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Meet the students of Grace Zion School.

One of the highlights of my week is working with these children.  I have to admit that some days are a struggling working with the younger children teaching them English, but they are so eager  to learn. it amazes me though how the 3rd and 4th graders are catching on.  They are beginning to read short stories I have written for them to help them learn to form sentences using the new English words they have learned.  Art classes are an eye opener for me.  So many of the children have never had the opportunity to use art materials. Last week we painted and the children had such a good time expressing themselves in this new way.  My art classes have over 40 children in them so it is challenging but it brings the children so much joy.  A couple of weeks ago our art lesson had a theme. We learned what Jesus has promised to provide for us when we enter heaven.  The children drew pictures of the place they envisioned that Jesus had provided for them. Then we made the gates of heaven and pasted it onto of our picture.  We talked about how one day if they had Jesus in their heart that they would go to heaven and Jesus would be there to welcome them.  They loved making their pictures and the thing they loved the most was decorating the gates with glitter.  They also liked decorating themselves as well!