Sunday, September 22, 2013


I just finished a book I am disappointed that it ended. It is a book called Love Does by Bob Goff.  It is a collection of short stories from his life and what he is doing in ministry now. He says he is using his job as a lawyer as a fund raiser for his real job.

One of the things he wrote really struck home for me.  He said our goal should be to be awesome in anything God asked us to do.  That does not mean great at everything but that we do it in a way that reflect the awesomeness of the one we serve.  I like that after all, we are just his helpers. I like that title better than missionary. “ God’s little helper”.  When our children help most of the time they really work hard to do it just the way we would, at least when they are small.  Sammy tries so hard to do everything I do. When he walks with a glass of water it sloshes from side to side and he can really make a mess but as his mom right now I encourage him to keep going and praise his efforts.  His main goal is to please me and show me that he is growing more and more every day.  When he finishes he feels AWESOME because he sees his success in my eyes and that I am pleased with him.  That is how I want to feel at the end of my day. That I did an AWESOME job in God’s eyes. That He sees my effort to obey him, and walk with him through the whole thing.  It does not mean I will not fail. It means that God will be please that He sees my growth in all that I do.

This month I have had the opportunity to help in different ways, none of them big but all of them rewarding in their own way.  I helped to organize receipts and get reports done for another ministry.  I helped a Pastor lay out plans for an evangelizing campaign he wants to start.  I helped a sick child from the orphanage.  I did not do much just give him some Tylenol and gave him a kiss on the forehead.  That always seems to help.  I drove a small team from Joy and Hope of Haiti around and helped them get information they needed.  They build schools here and I get to help them with the bookkeeping. I sat in on a meeting and tried to help two different cultures understand each other and resolve some misunderstands.  I helped a friend who was tired and feeling, a little "over whelmed” fold her laundry.  I helped a group of children in a Bible club learn  that Jesus loves them.  I helped a former student with his English .  I am trying to mentor a young man, having him help me which gives me time to disciple him.  This young man has been like a son to us.  I helped pay a bill at the Seminary for a student we sponsor.  I got to love on a lots of kids and Haitian friends.

I sat and listened to a young Haitian  married couple argue about a problem they are having and tried to share God’s truth with them.  I delivered food to hungry kids.  I met with a lawyer trying to work on Sammy’s adoption and helped another missionary to do the same. I help others with medical bills, drove a child with a broken leg to the hospital and tried to comfort the family.  I know there are lots of little I things I have missed but as you can see none of these things were earth shattering.  Just little things that I tried to do in a way that God would think my effort to please Him was awesome.  Tomorrow it starts again another week.  Next week I start teaching school at Grace Zion.  My prayer is Lord help me to be awesome in the way I serve you by helping these kids.  Not for me but so they will see how AWESOME you are.

Building A Depot

When Jane & I looked at renting our small house we mentioned that it would be good to eventually build a depot to keep my tools, motorcycle, gas cans, generator and "stuff." In May before going to the US our landlord met with us and had his contractor submit a bid. We thought that we could possibly build in the fall. As we returned we decided to hold off until later due to the cost. Three weeks ago our landlord met  with us again and said that they would split the cost while funding the project and would like to go ahead with construction as their contractor would be idle soon. I drew up an 8' x 16' [outside dimensions] depot, but as the contractor worked around existing structures and improvements that our landlord wanted it soon became 9'-11" x 18' [inside dimensions].  Monday they came and started the foundation. We were thinking that it would be long and drawn out and a "fill in project" between other work. As it turns out it is on a very fast track.
Day one
On Monday at the end of the day I went out to chat with the rebar guys. I had spent many years tying rebar as an Ironworker in the US. They were fabricating the columns so I got my pliers and helped them with a column. They were a little surprised at my speed and ease and soon Jane was repeating competition! competition! They had worked all day and I did not want to offend anyone so I bowed out but they did appreciate the help, camaraderie, and respected my skill though rusty.

Day two, foundation

Day three, block walls
Day four, pour the columns and bond beam atop the walls

Day five, form the roof

Day six, rebar & electrical
I had told our landlord that I would do all of the plumbing and electrical so while waiting for the rebar contractor to build the beams and mat I spent most of Saturday helping install bars and tying. After they finished they gave me a hand running my electrical conduits. Now I'm nursing three blisters on my right hand, It reminds me of years ago as an apprentice on the first day of a "rod job."

Concrete pour
Thursday they will remove the shoring, strip the forms and prepare to plaster the walls inside and out with a finish coat of fine cement to match the house.
Today Jane is at church with a team of three that came in on Friday evening, Sammy is napping and I am listening to Christian radio. At 3:30 I will be leading English Bible Fellowship at the radio station. 
This past week during the construction, Monday Jane & I checked inventory on a container out at Empower Global, I worked at the airport on Tuesday while Jane spent some time with Karen Davis. Wednesday and Thursday I worked at Lifewater on some repairs. Jane and Karen met with the lawyer on Wed. about adoption. Friday I drew up the electrical and materials list for the depot while Jane was busy in meetings. Friday evening Jane picked up the team at the bus station and has been running them to meetings since. I believe that they leave again for a different location tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wed. Morning

Today is a special day, 42 years ago Jane & I along with many friends & family gathered together in Waterford Baptist Church, a converted two room rural school house. On that day we exchanged our wedding vows and began a life long journey of learning to love & live with each other. As in any marriage we have had our bumps in the road along the way. From valleys to mountain tops and back to valleys God has seen us through. He has blessed us with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren beyond our dreams. He has carried us through times that were near impossible to go on. Without “Him”, today’s story would have been very different.

Last night I spoke with Gretchen our oldest daughter. She was on stand-by where she is a volunteer firefighter/EMT. She said that Erie, PA was in the grip of a massive power outage affecting some 20,000 customers. It is attributed to 92 degree temperatures, high humidity, and high power demand. While taking the ambulance into the dark city streets en-route to the hospital, Gretchen said there were many people out and about dealing with the oppressive heat. She laughed; “Just a typical evening in Haiti” [with no power], even the temperature & humidity was the same Erie vs. Cap-Haitian. I did tell her that our little Honda had our fan running and a couple of light bulbs on. She said that the fire house was on a back-up generator so we were both fairing quite well.

I’ve been riding my motorcycle more to get my cycle skills back up after a 20 year hiatus. It is scary as right-of-way is determined by vehicle size so the cycles are at the bottom of the “pecking order”. For safety & a promise to my wife I keep my “bike driving” to out of the city; so far the miles/kilometers per gallon have been fantastic!

This year I am serving on the English Bible Fellowship committee. We each take a month of leading the service and jointly arrange for guest speakers each week for the 3:30 PM Sunday afternoon service. I have volunteered for September, it stretches me but each week the message has been very challenging.

Dailey, Jane has been very busy with documenting and reporting the construction receipts of a school under construction funded by Empower Global & Joy and Hope of Haiti. She has been awaiting the start of Grace/Zion school where she will teach in October.

Along with my usual Tuesday and Thursday days at the airport with MFI, I have been trying to connect with Maurice at Global Empower to help finish welding some roof trusses and waiting for parts to arrive for Lifewater drill rig repairs.

Sammy is already into the Terrible Two’s even though he won’t be two until January he keeps us running. Now that he is walking and is constantly into everything. Jane’s pantry items and most of my tools are kept on shelves at his eye level and within reach. The words of the day are always, “Sammy NO”!!!!!! We always look forward to bed time for a little reprieve. His favorite thing is to press the spigot on the water cooler often overflowing the drain pan onto the floor. We do laugh at him repeating our words; we say that he speaks “Crenglish” as we try to use both languages while communicating with him.