Monday, August 26, 2013

A wake up call

Last night I had a long conversation with the Lord.  I am struggling with something that happened this week in our area.  A friend of mine saw the body of a child that was found in the  high grass near an orphanage that she works at.  The child had been left by someone we believe in hopes that someone from the orphanage would find the baby and take it in.  Before the child was found the child died.  I do not want to share how because the details are gruesome and are a picture that is difficult for me to get out of my mind.  I did not see the child but the picture is embedded in my mind.

 Why do these things happen to children.  I have to admit people have come to my door with children and are  begging for us to take the child in.  The parent does not have money to feed them or the parent of the child has died and the family cannot raise the child.  I have been told by agencies here that the orphanages are full or do not have the money to take in more. We struggle with this same situation.

 I believe the Lord does everything or permits everything for a reason and I know He was there with that child.  I questioned Him as to what lesson or message, am I  to hear from this.  My mind went to what if we had not taken in Sammy?  How many other Sammy’s are out there that God wants us to help others to care for. I believe that the baby is in the arms of Jesus now. I also pray that the person who left the child there never hears what happened because I believe they were trying to do what was best for the baby and not to harm it.  I am praying for God’s wisdom in all of this and to seek His leading in what part we are to play in the lives of children here.  My fears did also arise as I thought of the time, and the money it will take that I have little of.  Then the Lord reminded me ,”Haven’t I given you all you have need so far.”  And He has provided for us through His people. I am so grateful for the people who faithful follow the Lords guidance in giving to His work.  I made up my mind to put my fears aside and continue to trust in God’s provision through His people and His ways and live day to day.  Please pray for the children here.  Pray we can teach the children and the Haitian who care for them.

Yesterday I was faced with a situation with one of the worker at the orphanage.  I had to face that I have not been working with them spiritual and I had failed to take the time to sit and teach them God’s Word. I am told they are Christians but things going on in their lives personally, does not show that.  I have failed to set time aside to walk alongside them and disciple them.  God puts people in front of us that we are to walk alongside them and we overlook them.  My concentration was on the kids and I forgot the workers are so important also.  Please continue to pray for us as we grow in our ministry.  Bud is feeling better and left to go to work at LIFE Water today. I am off the check out a school Joy and Hope is building here.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

School will open in October

I believe in my last blog I stated that School was going to begin September 2 but a judge friend of mine has now informed me that school will not begin till Oct.  This seems to be a pattern in the last few years.  There is no set time and it goes back and forth until school finally opens.  It is true the

Haitian people are struggling to find the money to enroll their children in school.  Not only do they need to pay for tuition but also fees, uniforms and shoes.  I know a little how they feel.  The director of the orphanage informed me that the children’s uniforms still fit but no one has shoes.  That made me swallow hard. Though Bud and I mainly supply food to the kids it is hard to not want to do more.  What we have tried to commit to as the Lord provides is about $1000 per month and the Lord has provide.   

Shoes are about $150 to $200 Haitian Dollars each and we need 19 pairs.  That is just under $450.  We had received a gift of money that a young boy raised for the children but we determined that the best way to spend that money was for school lunches.  The children had not been carrying anything to school for lunch.  I did not know that the schools have such a time with so many children not having food to take to school.  When the director talked to me about this need two of our daughters bought thermal lunch bags and water bottles for each child.  The gift would provide a peanut butter sandwich and a small snack for each child each day..  Guess who is baking cookies?  Now we need to buy shoes.  I gave it to the Lord in prayer and asked the children to pray as well. I try to be honest with them that the money comes from the Lord and only he can provide it.  So the children came to my house and Bud and I measured each of their feet with a ruler.  After a quick snack they were off back to the orphanage and I can say at that time I thought school would be starting in about 2 weeks and I had no idea where the money was coming from.  Two days later we were at Kate’s house for dinner.  We had told no one about the need but after dinner two dear friends handed us a check to use for our ministry with the kids.  It was enough to pay for the shoes.  With school starting in October we have plenty of time to shop for shoes.  I tell you this because God moves in amazing ways and provide for these children.  I can tell you that we received a generous amount through a fund raiser this summer.  It was enough to cover the rent for the house for another year which will be due in January and enough food though the end of Sept.. Praise the Lord.  I am learning more and more the quicker we give our needs to the Lord the faster He can respond to our needs.

Sammy has had a cold since we  got back and a very poor appetite.  The cold has finally gotten better and I discovered today he has cut two new teeth since we got back.  He is a little mocking bird.  He loves to repeat things we say and so I started sitting with him with a picture book and working on both languages. Today he took a little tumble. I was painting our bedroom and getting some extra cleaning done before I begin to teach and he followed me up the ladder.  He was not hurt but he surly is a climber. 

Bud has gone back to work with MFI but has kind of laid low because he is not feeling well.  Sammy shared his cold.  He did help me around the house though.  Bud has a new motorcycle too.  Here in Haiti you can buy a new motorcycle for under a $1000 US .  We are struggling with one vehicle when we work in two different directions.  To run the car back and forth several times a day is very expensive and at time impossible so we bought the bike.  They are very good on fuel and it gives Bud the freedom to move from job to job and not wait for me to get done with what I need to do.  This past week gasoline has been difficult to find so it will be good in times like these to have a vehicle that can get by on less.  I am not going to learn to drive it though and it is not suppose to go to the city.  That is not a good place to ride a bike.

It has been a good week. I met with the school and we talked about schedules for my teaching at Grace Zion School.  I will be at school 3 days a week from 7:45 to 1:00.  Other days I will be helping Empower Global with some bookkeeping for one of their project and working with Joy and Hope and Stella house orphanage.  Tuesday I watch Savannah for the Davis’s so they can got to work for MFI.  I need a day to work on paperwork so watching the kids fit right in.   One Thursday a month I will be traveling to Marmalod to a school to help the teachers develop ideas for a school that has 300 children.  This project is under the guidance of a friend of mine who is in the states and cannot be here.  Some of my Saturdays I will be  working with our neighborhood kids club which will be starting up in September. 

In all of this it is my desire to lead children to Christ and help adults who are working with children to do the same.  So many Haitian Christians are trying to do what they can to help the children of this country and their people.  The best thing we can do is not take the lead but walk beside them and give them help to do it for themselves.  Bud and I love the opportunity to work alongside other ministries as well to help them to accomplish what they have been called to do as well.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

We're Back home in Haiti

We are back with Sammy and the children in Haiti.  We had a great summer in the states with our grandchildren and our kids.  We also had a great time visiting some of you. I am sorry we did not get a chance to see more of you when we were home.
For the third year we helped at Seneca Hills Bible Camp and it was great.  I taught primary and junior campers about missions but more importantly about how much God loves them. Bud worked with the maintenance dept. He was thrilled that he was able to help a couple of on going problems they were having. God has truly gifted him.

We both were so touched by the generosity of our supporters and our churches.  One of my concerns was having enough money to feed the kids through the summer and also to have money to collect art materials to teach art at Grace Zion Church and for special kids clubs from time to time. 

Praise the Lord the children  ate well all summer and I just bought them enough food for another month.  The cost of food continues to rise but God's people have met that need.
We were also able to bring in all the art supplies we need for the art programs. One of our churches is trying to raise money to off set the cost of flying them in.  I am having a little trouble concentrating as I write because Sammy is dancing to the song "How Great is our God" in front of me.  He loves music and loves to sing.  Maybe his name should have been "David".  This morning he danced all through worship. He has great rhythm.

Sammy is wonderful. He seemed a little strangle in his behavior when we first saw him.  I am not sure if he recognized us or not but now that he is home he is the same old Sammy but so much older in behavior.  He now walks, and is a little mocking bird.  He loves to repeat words he hears.  A couple of days ago he was calling Bud, "Bud".  He also repeated after me while I was on the phone. "How are you."  We speak to him in Creole and English and he seems to understand both.

I thought I had a month to get ready for school and work on my lessons but the government has decided that all schools will begin Sept 2 instead of Oct.  I am scrambling and so grateful for what I did get done during the summer.  God has given me a great team in the states of teachers at the Federated Church who are working on art lessons and looking for materials for me to use to help kids learn English.

Bud will begin to work again on Monday.  Not sure what that will be but God knows where he is needed.  Yesterday we visited the home of Paul and Bell so Bud could try to fix their freezer.

Our plan is to try to update you all more often.  Our goal is 3 or four times a month.  As we struggle to fit it into our days please understand if we make errors in our spelling and grammar.  For example Sammy is trying to push the buttons on this computer while I write.  We are so glad to have him back. Please continue to pray for his adoption.  We will try to update you as we hear information.

We are off to English Speaking Bible Service where I will be speaking today on The Giant of Fear.