Tuesday, June 04, 2013

One Last Thing

The weather here has been unpredictable lately much like in the USA. We have been getting strong thunder storms and heavy rain each evening with much sand/soil and debris washing down the mountain and across our driveway. Last Thursday Missionary Flights was on a delay due to severe weather between here and Fla., that taken into account and tickets to fly early on the morning of 6/14 from West Palm Beach, we have opted to fly to Fla. two days early so as not to miss our flight North. We will “hang around” MFI’s hanger and volunteer as we have done many other times fitting in where ever. Usually I jump in and help Bob with vehicle repairs or run errands. Jane disappears in the office to get work done and take care of loose ends.

Yesterday we were busy packing up Sammy, defrosting the refrigerator, cleaning inverter battery cables and topping off batteries with water, scrubbing the stove, and sorting out trash. “Going Out” is always a good time to clean, sort and put things in order. During our work Sammy was playing on the floor and trying his best to follow us in our trips through the house. We have had a large mirror leaning from our chest of drawers against the wall next to our bedroom door. Sammy has a habit of swinging the door against the drawers and makes the mirror rattle which brings a response of “stop that Sammy”. Yesterday the rattle ended with a crash, thank God Sammy was with us on the opposite side of the door in the kitchen. Needless to say that created about 1 hour of sweeping shattered glass and Sammy not understanding why I suddenly locked him out of the bedroom. Sammy did enjoy being able to play knock-knock on the door to each other, he with hand and me with the broom.

About 4:00 Jane, Jeslain, and Noname took a ride to check on the progress of Jeslains family’s new rental house while I stayed behind watching Sammy and getting a few more things accomplished. About 5:00 a taxi towing our friend Franz in his broken down taxi pulled into our driveway where he usually parks it each evening. After they got the car situated I went out to investigate. Franz [who is not a mechanic] said that his fellow cabbies thought that his timing belt may have broken. He held Sammy while I proceeded to take some tools, remove some guards and sure enough the belt was trashed. I proceeded to tell him that I would try to help but we would be leaving in a week. I also told him that there are two types of engines one called interference and non-interference. An interference engine will damage the valves [very expensive repair] if the belt brakes while the engine is rotating due to the pistons striking the open valves. A quick call to Bob in Fla. he believed that the Toyota is usually safe from damage so we made plans to go ahead with a belt replacement. Hopefully he is able to purchase a belt locally.
Franz had driven Jane to and from English class for much of this past school year, he had attended three years of Seminary but had to drop out and start his taxi business. Just a few weeks ago he announced that he and his wife are expecting their first born.

The 1993 Toyota Corolla is actually held together by a lot of baling wire and prayer, it is all that he has for a means of income and recently moved into their own house that Franz built.
Hopefully I can use the talents and tools that God has so graciously provided to make a difference in their lives.
Just one last item on my “to-do-list”.
Thank-You for your prayers and standing with us as we attempt to be the hands and feet of Jesus here in Haiti.



This photo was taken at noon, Franz returned shortly after with the parts and we were able to have the car finished and ready to go by 2:30