Sunday, March 03, 2013

All dressed up for church

Gifts from Erie

Our daughter with the help of some of our grandchildren made individual bags for the kids to hand on their beds to keep personal items in. The kids loved them and got to pick out the one they liked.  Thank you Gretchen for doing this and thank you Danny, Charlie, Nick and Marcia for helping.

Birthdays at the Orphanage

Birthdays are a special time where a child or adult is honored.  The children at the orphanage have never had a birthday party or even a present.  We would like to change that.  We cannot have an individual party for each child so we decided each quarter we would celebrate all the birthdays for that 3 month period at the same time.  We are having a birthday party the Last Sunday of March for all the children who have birthdays in January February and March.. This helps Bud and I also not to miss a party if we are out of the country.

Here is a list of the children who will celebrate their birthday at this month party. If you would like to send them Birthday Cards you can put their names on the envelope and then put all the cards inside a manila envelope and send them to us at Bud Dennington 1133-Den 3170 Airman's Dr. Fort Pierce Florida 34946.

January:   Roselen         Boy               born                January   15, 2006

February:   Nodela        Girl                born                February 4. 2000

                  Frandeline     Girl              born                February 16,  2009

March:      Carlentz         Boy               born               March  27, 2011

                 Daniella         Girl                born               March 3, 2005
                 Watson           Boy                born               March 3, 2005

                 Roudly           Boy                 born               March  8, 2005

                 Shela              Girl                 born               March 20, 2006

If you wish to send a gift of money to help with the party you can send it to Bud and I.  Our plan is to take the kids on a picnic and fly kites for the party. We have new kites for them.  The children who are 12 and over on their birthday will receive a Bible.  The other children will receive a small gift from the director and us.  Our next party will be the end of May before Bud and I leave to go home.