Friday, December 13, 2013

Hi Everyone

Thursday Afternoon

I must apologize for not posting earlier. Jane flew back to Fla. on Nov. 25 and back into Haiti on the 26th.
It was a whirl-wind trip. We flew out on Thursday the 21st, went to a Fla. Emergency Room on Friday morning, they felt that I would need further treatment so we made the decision to drive our car North to Pennsylvania so that I could be with family for my recuperation. We got on the road at noon Friday, stayed at my sister's overnight in Winston Salem, NC and arrived  home on Saturday at 5pm some 1240 miles later.

We attended our home church on Sunday morning, had a large family gathering that afternoon (early Thanksgiving) and Jane was flying back again 6am on Monday morning.

Tuesday afternoon I had an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon. He advised me that the break looked to be within limits and healing well. He said that he could give me surgery but has had many patients with the same type of break deny the surgery with good results. I chose to be fitted with a Velcro splint and let it continue to heal.
Since I am here by myself my daughter wanted me to stay with them instead of opening up our house. We had lived with them on and off over the past four years while home so I fit right in.

Wed. morning we had received quite a bit of snow overnight so I asked if there was gas for the snow blower, "it's in a can in the garage." Of course I put in the wrong gas and wasn't able to get it started. Being that it hadn't been run since last winter it needed a new spark plug, a new primer bulb and the electric starter lubricated. After changing the gas and making a parts run, I had it running like new in a couple of hours. My son in law just laughed to my daughter, "he's up to his usual again".
Over the past weeks I have been keeping busy "fixing" whatever I find that needs being fixed, after all that is my ministry wherever I happen to be.

Friday Morning

This morning the snow is slowly falling, the birds are "pigging out" at the feeder, the temperature is 23 degrees F.

Last week we received an e-mail that one of the Haitian governmental offices has gotten behind Sammy & Savannah's adoptions. We expect things to start moving quickly now but don't want to get our hopes up. Thank-You for all of your prayers in this.

 Sammy was having a great time chasing bubbles that Jane was blowing.
January, Sammy will turn two, He has kept us running over the past year but what a blessing to play this part in his life! I'm sure that God has great plans for him.
Last evening I was able to have supper with my mother and brother at her retirement center. Mom is one of our biggest cheerleaders. She just turned 95 last month and is still going strong. A large choir from Erie First Church came while we were there and shared an evening of Christmas music, story of Christ's birth & gift of salvation, what a great time for all.
Hopefully the weather will cooperate for Jane's flight home on Wednesday.
Thank-You for your continuing prayers, Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Bud's Hand

Some of you have already heard that Bud had a run in with an engine. While he as try to fix it, it kicked back and broke his hand.  The injury was bad enough that I thought it best that he be checked out in Florida.  The doctor there recommended surgery.  Bud and I left immediately and drove to Erie where Bud will remain for serveral weeks.  I will return to Haiti tomorrow. I need to get back to Sammy, school and the orphanage.  I know many are concerned for my safety but I have a wonderful staff who live there and they will help me in Bud's absence. I hope to return to the states in a few weeks to celebrate the holidays with my family but will need to make arrangements for Sammy before that happens.  We would appreciate your prayers for Bud and myself.  I know it will be difficult without Bud's help but I also know that the Lord is always faithful and I am looking forward to seeing how this all fits into His plan for our ministry.  Financially this could have been a disaster for us but God set in motion the needed provisions long before we knew we would need them.  So far he has provided us with the money we needed to get home and pay for some of the medical costs we have had so far. I know He will continue to meet the needs of all of this.  I did get to spend one day with my family before having to go back and we had a wonderful dinner together.  Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family.

One of my favorite people

This is my friend Prudence. She and her husband lead a church in Lori.  This is one of the places where we are considering building a new school.  In these pictures you will see her working alongside Joy and Hope of Haiti and myself to get food and clothing out to the poor.  No one in Haiti has a bigger heart for the people than Prudence.  Together we are trying to find ways to feed the poor and lead them to Christ.

School dedication

Joy and Hope of Haiti is a Canadian based Christian Organization that has an orphanage in Haiti and also assists with building schools.  I began working with them as a missionary when we were affiliated with OMS and am honored to now sit on their board.

One of my ministries here is in partnership with them.  I act as their in-country agent overseeing the building of schools on their behalf. I do the bookkeeping for the projects and help the Haitian staff be successful in the work they are doing. This past week we dedicated a new school that will accommodate over 200 students! This building replaces an old structure that was no longer safe or large enough.  We also visited an area is desperately needs a school.  Both communities are very poor.

All of these schools are Christian based and are affiliated with a local church. You can only imagine the children's excitement when they see their new school for the very first time.

Daniel's dream

A few years ago I met Daniel and we have become great friends. One day Daniel asked me to take a walk with him. He wanted to show me some children he had a great concern for. They live along the river on a pile of garbage.  This area is very dangerous because when the flash floods come during rainy season. The children get caught up in the flood waters and are dragged down river, many drown. Daniel asked if their was any way I could help him to feed these kids.  Daniel has so very little himself.  He wanted to be able to provide a place for the children to live and food to eat. There are laws in Haiti that need to be followed to open places like this and you have to have to be able to show you have the money to sustain such a facility.  I am happy to say that through the generosity of an organization in Canada called "Gleaners", we were able to help Daniel feed many of these children.  Joy and Hope of Haiti in partnership with the Gleaners were able to bring a very nutritious dehydrated soup into Haiti.  I have been asked to help them to find areas where this soup can be distributed to help the hungry.  So far we have been able to help the children in the OMS schools have hot lunches and help some of the local orphanages feed their children.  This soup has not only fed thousands of people so far all over northern Haiti it has also helped Daniel achieve his dream.  This past week a friend of mine helped me buy Daniel all the equipment he needed to set up a small soup kitchen and begin to feed the kids you see in these pictures.  Daniel's plan is to feed the children 3 times a week to begin with using the soup and rice we were able to provide.  God provides in so many different ways. I love helping young men and women like Daniel who feel God calling them to take action to help others. Here are some pictures of the faces we see along the river.

 Meet Daniel, I had the privilege of leading him to the Lord 2 years ago. He was a student in one of my classes.  A couple of years later his brother came to know the Lord after much prayer.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Meet the students of Grace Zion School.

One of the highlights of my week is working with these children.  I have to admit that some days are a struggling working with the younger children teaching them English, but they are so eager  to learn. it amazes me though how the 3rd and 4th graders are catching on.  They are beginning to read short stories I have written for them to help them learn to form sentences using the new English words they have learned.  Art classes are an eye opener for me.  So many of the children have never had the opportunity to use art materials. Last week we painted and the children had such a good time expressing themselves in this new way.  My art classes have over 40 children in them so it is challenging but it brings the children so much joy.  A couple of weeks ago our art lesson had a theme. We learned what Jesus has promised to provide for us when we enter heaven.  The children drew pictures of the place they envisioned that Jesus had provided for them. Then we made the gates of heaven and pasted it onto of our picture.  We talked about how one day if they had Jesus in their heart that they would go to heaven and Jesus would be there to welcome them.  They loved making their pictures and the thing they loved the most was decorating the gates with glitter.  They also liked decorating themselves as well!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hi Everyone

It’s  8:30 Wed. morning, Jane left for school an hour ago, I just finished washing the breakfast dishes, Sammy is playing here in the living room but really wants to help me push buttons on the computer instead. He has since climbed up on the arm of the couch behind me and is looking over my shoulder. The sun is trying to burn through the clouds that are hanging around this morning. We had rain and a lot of thunder & lightning during the night which cools the night air and makes for good sleeping, the open windows feel like air conditioning. My favorite time of day is to get up at 5:00am, put on a pot of coffee, do my morning devotions as the cool air enters the front door and watch the dawn of a new day at 6:15 and have breakfast ready for 7:00 and ready to head out at 8:00. Today Jane awoke at 6:50, she was not happy that I let her sleep so late but I know that she needed the extra shut eye. Each day she runs all day and with Sammy doesn’t get the rest that she really needs. Our usual nanny that watches Sammy 3 days a week has a doctor’s appointment so I am home with him today. Jeslain just found Sammy’s missing shoe that we have been looking for two weeks, it was on the other side of our cactus fence. We had a hunch one of the dogs might have carried it away.

Monday I checked in at Lifewater to see how things were going and without any major break downs I took a road trip on my motorcycle over the mountain to Limb`e to help a friend try to trouble shoot a troubled generator. We didn’t have much success as it is controlled by a micro- processor and believe that it may have gone bad, now I am trying to look for diagnostic information on the Internet through our slow connection.

Yesterday it was MFI [Missionary Flights International] typically their day begins in Ft. Pierce, FL with all of the passengers meeting at the hanger at 6:00am for last minute luggage and check-in. They typically take off at 7:00 and after a fuel stop in Exuma, Bahamas they arrive here in Cap-Haitian at 11:15 if we are their first destination. On this end we typically head for the airport at 10:00, go through security screening and start checking- in departing passengers. All passports have to be reviewed and making notes of vehicles that need to be readied back in Ft. Pierce for their arrival. Yesterday with 18 passengers returning we had to weigh all luggage, carry-ons and passengers. When the plane lands, the incoming passengers disembark and we go to work unloading typically around 2000+ lbs of freight and passengers’ luggage. We form human chains handing many boxes from the size of your hand to huge crates containing diesel generators, construction and medical equipment.  Once the plane is unloaded we reload the departing luggage and packages, ready the seats all while the pilot is filing his flight plan, the co-pilot is overseeing refueling and readies the plane for departing passengers. When everything is complete we head over to sort the arriving freight by mission while Don Davis hands out the mail and manifests to each mission`s representative. One by one they enter the arrivals area with manifests to receive their manifested freight. Once received they proceed to the Duane`s [tax collector] area for inspection of items received and accessed taxes on the determined values. It is not a perfect system by far but I believe that over time seems to average out to be fair. Some days you pay heavily then others very little if at all.

The departing passengers often arrive in Ft. Pierce in late afternoon to clear customs and pick-up their stored cars or prearranged rental vehicles. Meanwhile back in Cap-Haitian, we finish with freight and mail distribution and finally make it home somewhere between 1:30 and 4:00pm depending on flight schedules and amount of freight received.

Often we have two planes with one returning teams from a remote mission which has to re-land in Cap-Haitian to clear security and customs prior to returning to Florida.

All in all plane days are a busy time but it is great to be part of a team that I admire so much and to be part of a network transporting missionaries, teams, materials, and supporting hundreds of ministries here in Haiti being God’s hands & feet.

It has just started to rain, not something that has been normal during the day. We are entering the rainy time of the year; it brings a relief in the normally sweltering heat and more comfortable sleeping but also new hatches of dormant mosquitoes and a rise in related disease.

Please pray for this next week as a good friend of ours is leaving for Port–au-Prince to present Sammy’s adoption case to those in authorities.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dennington Updates


School began Oct 1 and I teach 3 days a week at two different schools.  I teach at Grace Zion, where I teach English to all grades and Art to grades 1-4.  I also teach English for grades K-3 at Madam Jonathan's School.  I used to work with her at Starfish Kids.  It amazes me how much the older kids have picked up since last year.  They love to learn and they make teaching fun.  Some of the younger kids (the 3 and 4 year olds) are still having adjustment problems.  There is a lot of crying at least through part of the morning.  We are still having problems with teaching in the dark when the government electricity is not working.  A team is looking into how we can solve this problem and then comes finding a way to fund it.  The kids are such a delight and I love working with the teachers at Grace Zion.  They are so dedicated.

English School:

Class at Grace Zion school for adults will begin in November.  I will be teaching two days a week and helping with an English Speaking service.  Pastor James will be teaching two day opposite of me. We will be trying a new way of teaching English. I want to try teaching it the same way I teach it to the children.

Friday Bible Class.

 Pastor Joel and I began a Bible study in an area which is part of Haut de Cap.  Some of the people who live in that area wanted to do Evangelizing.  After two weeks of Bible Study we had several come forward for prayer and one to accept Jesus.  Now they want to have a church service.  They already have begun to make a church building for themselves.  The walls are bamboo and the roof will be a tarp.  They want to invite people to come there in whatever clothing they have to wear.  That is wonderful.  I am anxious to see where this will go.

Saturday Morning Kids Bible Club;

Every other Saturday morning we have Bible Club at the orphanage and children from outside the orphanage come as well.  They are also accompanied by their mothers.  The theme this month has been Jesus loves the little children.  Saturday I explained the plan of salvation.  I was watching the children when one of the mothers raised her hand and told me she needed Jesus.  What a morning one child who is new to the orphanage, 3 mothers and the security guard all accepted Jesus.  What a blessing. We were all celebrating.


The children continue to get healthier and healthier from eating better. Support for the feeding the kids has been slow coming in but we have continued to feed the children each month what we can.  The landlord sold his house and so he wants to move into the orphanage building.  That made it urgent to find another house for the kids.  Our budget is tight but a fund raising golf tournament in Canada had provided us with money for rent for the old house.  We set out with that amount of money for rent.  We did find a house that was much better for the kids but after the landlord agreed to give us the house for the same rent he changed his mind and raised the rent to a place where we could not afford to live there.  We looked a several more houses and God has blessed us with a beautiful house. It has three bedrooms  2 ½ baths.  Running water, EDH which is public electricity.  Kitchen, dining room, living room and a guard house.  I cannot believe the kids will get to live there.  It is about 15 min from my house so I will not see the kids as often as I did when they lived next door. The rent is higher and so we need to make it a matter of prayer. Praise the Lord we received a gift from a church through a visiting team which helped us make the deposit to hold the house. We also need to buy more beds.  Because of the size of the house we are in now, kids share beds.  Some of the kids are getting pretty big.  We can buy Bunk Beds from another orphanage for $300 US and that includes mattresses.  They are strong and big enough grownups can sleep on them.  This is also a matter of prayer. Other things are needed but not critical like chairs for the living room and I would love to see a basketball hoop. By the time we pay for food and transportation for school and give a little money to the workers who volunteer we are pretty stretched.  The kids will move in in December or January.


I wish I could say Sammy adoption is going well but it is not and we may have to make some tough decisions.  I have asked the family in the states to pray about it.  Sammy adoption is actually illegal because of the new laws and the government would have to make a special exception to allow Sammy to have a private adoption.  Others have told us that it is a slim chance of that happening even though we have been lead to believe it is possible.  Sammy is a sweet dear child but he is going through the terrible twos and he thinks everything should go his way.  We are working on that.  Some days it is challenging and at our age exhausting but we love him very much.  Please pray for Sammy and his future.  And direction for all of us.  He is talking more and more everyday.  We are amazed and what he understands in both English and Creole.


Bud continues to work with MFI and Life Water . He also tries to be available to help other ministries as well.  He loves his new depot and so do I.  Our little house has gotten so much bigger since he moved his stuff into the depot.  We also have room for small teams to stay with us now. Bud has also been teaching our security guard mechanics, electrical and plumbing.  Juslian has never really had a dad in his life so he is loving spending time with Bud.  Bud is a good teacher.  I showed a video at school yesterday and since I know little about the generator Juslain went to school with me and took care of that part for me.

Building Schools,

I continue to work with Joy and Hope of Haiti doing bookkeeping for them as they build schools here in Haiti. I also sit on the board of Stella House Orphanage helping them to make wise decisions on money and what is best for the kids.  Joy and Hope builds schools for churches but have no one on the ground here full time to oversee projects that are run by Haitians.  I love helping the two groups work together and to understand each other.  One of the things God has shown me here is that I have the ability to help Haitians who have been given leadership responsibilities here by other missions to grow and do their jobs well.  I love helping them to take charge.  We should all be teaching the Haitians to lead and we act as advisors. Someday we won’t be here and they will need to carry on. Empower Global and Joy and Hope of Haiti also have brought in some food for schools and orphanages and I help with getting the food to the people.

Working together

No matter what my jobs or Bud’s jobs are we work together to help each other and I know I could not do what I do without Bud helping me. Sammy  tries to help as well.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


I just finished a book I am disappointed that it ended. It is a book called Love Does by Bob Goff.  It is a collection of short stories from his life and what he is doing in ministry now. He says he is using his job as a lawyer as a fund raiser for his real job.

One of the things he wrote really struck home for me.  He said our goal should be to be awesome in anything God asked us to do.  That does not mean great at everything but that we do it in a way that reflect the awesomeness of the one we serve.  I like that after all, we are just his helpers. I like that title better than missionary. “ God’s little helper”.  When our children help most of the time they really work hard to do it just the way we would, at least when they are small.  Sammy tries so hard to do everything I do. When he walks with a glass of water it sloshes from side to side and he can really make a mess but as his mom right now I encourage him to keep going and praise his efforts.  His main goal is to please me and show me that he is growing more and more every day.  When he finishes he feels AWESOME because he sees his success in my eyes and that I am pleased with him.  That is how I want to feel at the end of my day. That I did an AWESOME job in God’s eyes. That He sees my effort to obey him, and walk with him through the whole thing.  It does not mean I will not fail. It means that God will be please that He sees my growth in all that I do.

This month I have had the opportunity to help in different ways, none of them big but all of them rewarding in their own way.  I helped to organize receipts and get reports done for another ministry.  I helped a Pastor lay out plans for an evangelizing campaign he wants to start.  I helped a sick child from the orphanage.  I did not do much just give him some Tylenol and gave him a kiss on the forehead.  That always seems to help.  I drove a small team from Joy and Hope of Haiti around and helped them get information they needed.  They build schools here and I get to help them with the bookkeeping. I sat in on a meeting and tried to help two different cultures understand each other and resolve some misunderstands.  I helped a friend who was tired and feeling, a little "over whelmed” fold her laundry.  I helped a group of children in a Bible club learn  that Jesus loves them.  I helped a former student with his English .  I am trying to mentor a young man, having him help me which gives me time to disciple him.  This young man has been like a son to us.  I helped pay a bill at the Seminary for a student we sponsor.  I got to love on a lots of kids and Haitian friends.

I sat and listened to a young Haitian  married couple argue about a problem they are having and tried to share God’s truth with them.  I delivered food to hungry kids.  I met with a lawyer trying to work on Sammy’s adoption and helped another missionary to do the same. I help others with medical bills, drove a child with a broken leg to the hospital and tried to comfort the family.  I know there are lots of little I things I have missed but as you can see none of these things were earth shattering.  Just little things that I tried to do in a way that God would think my effort to please Him was awesome.  Tomorrow it starts again another week.  Next week I start teaching school at Grace Zion.  My prayer is Lord help me to be awesome in the way I serve you by helping these kids.  Not for me but so they will see how AWESOME you are.

Building A Depot

When Jane & I looked at renting our small house we mentioned that it would be good to eventually build a depot to keep my tools, motorcycle, gas cans, generator and "stuff." In May before going to the US our landlord met with us and had his contractor submit a bid. We thought that we could possibly build in the fall. As we returned we decided to hold off until later due to the cost. Three weeks ago our landlord met  with us again and said that they would split the cost while funding the project and would like to go ahead with construction as their contractor would be idle soon. I drew up an 8' x 16' [outside dimensions] depot, but as the contractor worked around existing structures and improvements that our landlord wanted it soon became 9'-11" x 18' [inside dimensions].  Monday they came and started the foundation. We were thinking that it would be long and drawn out and a "fill in project" between other work. As it turns out it is on a very fast track.
Day one
On Monday at the end of the day I went out to chat with the rebar guys. I had spent many years tying rebar as an Ironworker in the US. They were fabricating the columns so I got my pliers and helped them with a column. They were a little surprised at my speed and ease and soon Jane was repeating competition! competition! They had worked all day and I did not want to offend anyone so I bowed out but they did appreciate the help, camaraderie, and respected my skill though rusty.

Day two, foundation

Day three, block walls
Day four, pour the columns and bond beam atop the walls

Day five, form the roof

Day six, rebar & electrical
I had told our landlord that I would do all of the plumbing and electrical so while waiting for the rebar contractor to build the beams and mat I spent most of Saturday helping install bars and tying. After they finished they gave me a hand running my electrical conduits. Now I'm nursing three blisters on my right hand, It reminds me of years ago as an apprentice on the first day of a "rod job."

Concrete pour
Thursday they will remove the shoring, strip the forms and prepare to plaster the walls inside and out with a finish coat of fine cement to match the house.
Today Jane is at church with a team of three that came in on Friday evening, Sammy is napping and I am listening to Christian radio. At 3:30 I will be leading English Bible Fellowship at the radio station. 
This past week during the construction, Monday Jane & I checked inventory on a container out at Empower Global, I worked at the airport on Tuesday while Jane spent some time with Karen Davis. Wednesday and Thursday I worked at Lifewater on some repairs. Jane and Karen met with the lawyer on Wed. about adoption. Friday I drew up the electrical and materials list for the depot while Jane was busy in meetings. Friday evening Jane picked up the team at the bus station and has been running them to meetings since. I believe that they leave again for a different location tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wed. Morning

Today is a special day, 42 years ago Jane & I along with many friends & family gathered together in Waterford Baptist Church, a converted two room rural school house. On that day we exchanged our wedding vows and began a life long journey of learning to love & live with each other. As in any marriage we have had our bumps in the road along the way. From valleys to mountain tops and back to valleys God has seen us through. He has blessed us with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren beyond our dreams. He has carried us through times that were near impossible to go on. Without “Him”, today’s story would have been very different.

Last night I spoke with Gretchen our oldest daughter. She was on stand-by where she is a volunteer firefighter/EMT. She said that Erie, PA was in the grip of a massive power outage affecting some 20,000 customers. It is attributed to 92 degree temperatures, high humidity, and high power demand. While taking the ambulance into the dark city streets en-route to the hospital, Gretchen said there were many people out and about dealing with the oppressive heat. She laughed; “Just a typical evening in Haiti” [with no power], even the temperature & humidity was the same Erie vs. Cap-Haitian. I did tell her that our little Honda had our fan running and a couple of light bulbs on. She said that the fire house was on a back-up generator so we were both fairing quite well.

I’ve been riding my motorcycle more to get my cycle skills back up after a 20 year hiatus. It is scary as right-of-way is determined by vehicle size so the cycles are at the bottom of the “pecking order”. For safety & a promise to my wife I keep my “bike driving” to out of the city; so far the miles/kilometers per gallon have been fantastic!

This year I am serving on the English Bible Fellowship committee. We each take a month of leading the service and jointly arrange for guest speakers each week for the 3:30 PM Sunday afternoon service. I have volunteered for September, it stretches me but each week the message has been very challenging.

Dailey, Jane has been very busy with documenting and reporting the construction receipts of a school under construction funded by Empower Global & Joy and Hope of Haiti. She has been awaiting the start of Grace/Zion school where she will teach in October.

Along with my usual Tuesday and Thursday days at the airport with MFI, I have been trying to connect with Maurice at Global Empower to help finish welding some roof trusses and waiting for parts to arrive for Lifewater drill rig repairs.

Sammy is already into the Terrible Two’s even though he won’t be two until January he keeps us running. Now that he is walking and is constantly into everything. Jane’s pantry items and most of my tools are kept on shelves at his eye level and within reach. The words of the day are always, “Sammy NO”!!!!!! We always look forward to bed time for a little reprieve. His favorite thing is to press the spigot on the water cooler often overflowing the drain pan onto the floor. We do laugh at him repeating our words; we say that he speaks “Crenglish” as we try to use both languages while communicating with him.

Monday, August 26, 2013

A wake up call

Last night I had a long conversation with the Lord.  I am struggling with something that happened this week in our area.  A friend of mine saw the body of a child that was found in the  high grass near an orphanage that she works at.  The child had been left by someone we believe in hopes that someone from the orphanage would find the baby and take it in.  Before the child was found the child died.  I do not want to share how because the details are gruesome and are a picture that is difficult for me to get out of my mind.  I did not see the child but the picture is embedded in my mind.

 Why do these things happen to children.  I have to admit people have come to my door with children and are  begging for us to take the child in.  The parent does not have money to feed them or the parent of the child has died and the family cannot raise the child.  I have been told by agencies here that the orphanages are full or do not have the money to take in more. We struggle with this same situation.

 I believe the Lord does everything or permits everything for a reason and I know He was there with that child.  I questioned Him as to what lesson or message, am I  to hear from this.  My mind went to what if we had not taken in Sammy?  How many other Sammy’s are out there that God wants us to help others to care for. I believe that the baby is in the arms of Jesus now. I also pray that the person who left the child there never hears what happened because I believe they were trying to do what was best for the baby and not to harm it.  I am praying for God’s wisdom in all of this and to seek His leading in what part we are to play in the lives of children here.  My fears did also arise as I thought of the time, and the money it will take that I have little of.  Then the Lord reminded me ,”Haven’t I given you all you have need so far.”  And He has provided for us through His people. I am so grateful for the people who faithful follow the Lords guidance in giving to His work.  I made up my mind to put my fears aside and continue to trust in God’s provision through His people and His ways and live day to day.  Please pray for the children here.  Pray we can teach the children and the Haitian who care for them.

Yesterday I was faced with a situation with one of the worker at the orphanage.  I had to face that I have not been working with them spiritual and I had failed to take the time to sit and teach them God’s Word. I am told they are Christians but things going on in their lives personally, does not show that.  I have failed to set time aside to walk alongside them and disciple them.  God puts people in front of us that we are to walk alongside them and we overlook them.  My concentration was on the kids and I forgot the workers are so important also.  Please continue to pray for us as we grow in our ministry.  Bud is feeling better and left to go to work at LIFE Water today. I am off the check out a school Joy and Hope is building here.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

School will open in October

I believe in my last blog I stated that School was going to begin September 2 but a judge friend of mine has now informed me that school will not begin till Oct.  This seems to be a pattern in the last few years.  There is no set time and it goes back and forth until school finally opens.  It is true the

Haitian people are struggling to find the money to enroll their children in school.  Not only do they need to pay for tuition but also fees, uniforms and shoes.  I know a little how they feel.  The director of the orphanage informed me that the children’s uniforms still fit but no one has shoes.  That made me swallow hard. Though Bud and I mainly supply food to the kids it is hard to not want to do more.  What we have tried to commit to as the Lord provides is about $1000 per month and the Lord has provide.   

Shoes are about $150 to $200 Haitian Dollars each and we need 19 pairs.  That is just under $450.  We had received a gift of money that a young boy raised for the children but we determined that the best way to spend that money was for school lunches.  The children had not been carrying anything to school for lunch.  I did not know that the schools have such a time with so many children not having food to take to school.  When the director talked to me about this need two of our daughters bought thermal lunch bags and water bottles for each child.  The gift would provide a peanut butter sandwich and a small snack for each child each day..  Guess who is baking cookies?  Now we need to buy shoes.  I gave it to the Lord in prayer and asked the children to pray as well. I try to be honest with them that the money comes from the Lord and only he can provide it.  So the children came to my house and Bud and I measured each of their feet with a ruler.  After a quick snack they were off back to the orphanage and I can say at that time I thought school would be starting in about 2 weeks and I had no idea where the money was coming from.  Two days later we were at Kate’s house for dinner.  We had told no one about the need but after dinner two dear friends handed us a check to use for our ministry with the kids.  It was enough to pay for the shoes.  With school starting in October we have plenty of time to shop for shoes.  I tell you this because God moves in amazing ways and provide for these children.  I can tell you that we received a generous amount through a fund raiser this summer.  It was enough to cover the rent for the house for another year which will be due in January and enough food though the end of Sept.. Praise the Lord.  I am learning more and more the quicker we give our needs to the Lord the faster He can respond to our needs.

Sammy has had a cold since we  got back and a very poor appetite.  The cold has finally gotten better and I discovered today he has cut two new teeth since we got back.  He is a little mocking bird.  He loves to repeat things we say and so I started sitting with him with a picture book and working on both languages. Today he took a little tumble. I was painting our bedroom and getting some extra cleaning done before I begin to teach and he followed me up the ladder.  He was not hurt but he surly is a climber. 

Bud has gone back to work with MFI but has kind of laid low because he is not feeling well.  Sammy shared his cold.  He did help me around the house though.  Bud has a new motorcycle too.  Here in Haiti you can buy a new motorcycle for under a $1000 US .  We are struggling with one vehicle when we work in two different directions.  To run the car back and forth several times a day is very expensive and at time impossible so we bought the bike.  They are very good on fuel and it gives Bud the freedom to move from job to job and not wait for me to get done with what I need to do.  This past week gasoline has been difficult to find so it will be good in times like these to have a vehicle that can get by on less.  I am not going to learn to drive it though and it is not suppose to go to the city.  That is not a good place to ride a bike.

It has been a good week. I met with the school and we talked about schedules for my teaching at Grace Zion School.  I will be at school 3 days a week from 7:45 to 1:00.  Other days I will be helping Empower Global with some bookkeeping for one of their project and working with Joy and Hope and Stella house orphanage.  Tuesday I watch Savannah for the Davis’s so they can got to work for MFI.  I need a day to work on paperwork so watching the kids fit right in.   One Thursday a month I will be traveling to Marmalod to a school to help the teachers develop ideas for a school that has 300 children.  This project is under the guidance of a friend of mine who is in the states and cannot be here.  Some of my Saturdays I will be  working with our neighborhood kids club which will be starting up in September. 

In all of this it is my desire to lead children to Christ and help adults who are working with children to do the same.  So many Haitian Christians are trying to do what they can to help the children of this country and their people.  The best thing we can do is not take the lead but walk beside them and give them help to do it for themselves.  Bud and I love the opportunity to work alongside other ministries as well to help them to accomplish what they have been called to do as well.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

We're Back home in Haiti

We are back with Sammy and the children in Haiti.  We had a great summer in the states with our grandchildren and our kids.  We also had a great time visiting some of you. I am sorry we did not get a chance to see more of you when we were home.
For the third year we helped at Seneca Hills Bible Camp and it was great.  I taught primary and junior campers about missions but more importantly about how much God loves them. Bud worked with the maintenance dept. He was thrilled that he was able to help a couple of on going problems they were having. God has truly gifted him.

We both were so touched by the generosity of our supporters and our churches.  One of my concerns was having enough money to feed the kids through the summer and also to have money to collect art materials to teach art at Grace Zion Church and for special kids clubs from time to time. 

Praise the Lord the children  ate well all summer and I just bought them enough food for another month.  The cost of food continues to rise but God's people have met that need.
We were also able to bring in all the art supplies we need for the art programs. One of our churches is trying to raise money to off set the cost of flying them in.  I am having a little trouble concentrating as I write because Sammy is dancing to the song "How Great is our God" in front of me.  He loves music and loves to sing.  Maybe his name should have been "David".  This morning he danced all through worship. He has great rhythm.

Sammy is wonderful. He seemed a little strangle in his behavior when we first saw him.  I am not sure if he recognized us or not but now that he is home he is the same old Sammy but so much older in behavior.  He now walks, and is a little mocking bird.  He loves to repeat words he hears.  A couple of days ago he was calling Bud, "Bud".  He also repeated after me while I was on the phone. "How are you."  We speak to him in Creole and English and he seems to understand both.

I thought I had a month to get ready for school and work on my lessons but the government has decided that all schools will begin Sept 2 instead of Oct.  I am scrambling and so grateful for what I did get done during the summer.  God has given me a great team in the states of teachers at the Federated Church who are working on art lessons and looking for materials for me to use to help kids learn English.

Bud will begin to work again on Monday.  Not sure what that will be but God knows where he is needed.  Yesterday we visited the home of Paul and Bell so Bud could try to fix their freezer.

Our plan is to try to update you all more often.  Our goal is 3 or four times a month.  As we struggle to fit it into our days please understand if we make errors in our spelling and grammar.  For example Sammy is trying to push the buttons on this computer while I write.  We are so glad to have him back. Please continue to pray for his adoption.  We will try to update you as we hear information.

We are off to English Speaking Bible Service where I will be speaking today on The Giant of Fear.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

One Last Thing

The weather here has been unpredictable lately much like in the USA. We have been getting strong thunder storms and heavy rain each evening with much sand/soil and debris washing down the mountain and across our driveway. Last Thursday Missionary Flights was on a delay due to severe weather between here and Fla., that taken into account and tickets to fly early on the morning of 6/14 from West Palm Beach, we have opted to fly to Fla. two days early so as not to miss our flight North. We will “hang around” MFI’s hanger and volunteer as we have done many other times fitting in where ever. Usually I jump in and help Bob with vehicle repairs or run errands. Jane disappears in the office to get work done and take care of loose ends.

Yesterday we were busy packing up Sammy, defrosting the refrigerator, cleaning inverter battery cables and topping off batteries with water, scrubbing the stove, and sorting out trash. “Going Out” is always a good time to clean, sort and put things in order. During our work Sammy was playing on the floor and trying his best to follow us in our trips through the house. We have had a large mirror leaning from our chest of drawers against the wall next to our bedroom door. Sammy has a habit of swinging the door against the drawers and makes the mirror rattle which brings a response of “stop that Sammy”. Yesterday the rattle ended with a crash, thank God Sammy was with us on the opposite side of the door in the kitchen. Needless to say that created about 1 hour of sweeping shattered glass and Sammy not understanding why I suddenly locked him out of the bedroom. Sammy did enjoy being able to play knock-knock on the door to each other, he with hand and me with the broom.

About 4:00 Jane, Jeslain, and Noname took a ride to check on the progress of Jeslains family’s new rental house while I stayed behind watching Sammy and getting a few more things accomplished. About 5:00 a taxi towing our friend Franz in his broken down taxi pulled into our driveway where he usually parks it each evening. After they got the car situated I went out to investigate. Franz [who is not a mechanic] said that his fellow cabbies thought that his timing belt may have broken. He held Sammy while I proceeded to take some tools, remove some guards and sure enough the belt was trashed. I proceeded to tell him that I would try to help but we would be leaving in a week. I also told him that there are two types of engines one called interference and non-interference. An interference engine will damage the valves [very expensive repair] if the belt brakes while the engine is rotating due to the pistons striking the open valves. A quick call to Bob in Fla. he believed that the Toyota is usually safe from damage so we made plans to go ahead with a belt replacement. Hopefully he is able to purchase a belt locally.
Franz had driven Jane to and from English class for much of this past school year, he had attended three years of Seminary but had to drop out and start his taxi business. Just a few weeks ago he announced that he and his wife are expecting their first born.

The 1993 Toyota Corolla is actually held together by a lot of baling wire and prayer, it is all that he has for a means of income and recently moved into their own house that Franz built.
Hopefully I can use the talents and tools that God has so graciously provided to make a difference in their lives.
Just one last item on my “to-do-list”.
Thank-You for your prayers and standing with us as we attempt to be the hands and feet of Jesus here in Haiti.



This photo was taken at noon, Franz returned shortly after with the parts and we were able to have the car finished and ready to go by 2:30

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Hi All,
It's Wednesday morning the sun is shining and I have Sammy and Savanna down at the Davis's while Vero goes to work and Jane is running errands in Cap.
I hate to say it but I am anxious for the 13th to get here to head home for a visit with friends and family.
It seems that after about 4 months we are always ready for a break!

Jane is finishing up final English exams at the Medical school and Grace Zion church. She finished up her F15 [address] classes early so that she could help me cover the babysitting schedule.

I have been working the airport for MFI Tuesdays and Thursdays, Lifewater a day or two each week. Repairing two vehicles for a local mission belonging to a Pittsburgh, PA church. along with babysitting and keeping our own to-do list accomplished keeps us hopping.

Jane had a "bon-fet"[good-celebration] for Jeslain's birthday supper on Monday. She fixed Bar-B-Q chicken and the fixings along with a frosted cake and soft drinks. After running Jeslain's family home I see in the rain that the front tire on the car is going flat, that is about the 12th flat since January, it's just part of being in Haiti. On Tuesday morning I pumped it up with air and two plug patches and then we were off and running for the day.
Being prepared for such things here is part of life that we take for granted back home. Brett taught me a couple of years ago, always carry a good jack, lug wrench, spare tire, compressor, plug kit, and jumper cables.

Two weeks ago Jane and Sammy's attorney made a quick flight to Port for the day to continue his adoption proceedings, she is being told that the remaining correspondence will be able to be by e-mail. She had to write a history of Sammy's case and how he came to us, now it is being transposed into French, the official legal language here to be submitted to the agency for further review.

Jane has been busy purchasing and arranging for deliveries of food and necessities for Potter's House Orphanage during our absence.

Over the week end I noticed that our [non potable] water had developed a strange odor. Yesterday Jestlain investigated and found that another frog had made it's way into our elevated storage tank and died. We  had him fish it out and add what bleach we had left, seems to getting better already.

Jane measured Sammy this morning and saw that he has gotten 2 1/4" taller in the past months. He likes to stand for a few seconds before being caught. It won't be long before he is walking.

As soon as we get home we are planning to go to our grandson Will's roller skating birthday party. Skating is something that we used to do weekly as a family back in the earley 80's. I know right where our skates are, hopefully I don't break a hip!!

We are scheduled to serve a week in July at Seneca Hills Christian camp Polk, PA as resident missionaries.
We are taking a number of grandchildren, Jane working with campers and I usually spend most of my time working with the collage age maintenance staff.

Over these past 5 months We have been blessed with:
Sammy, a dependable car, paved streets all of the way from Cap to our driveway, Jeslain, Annette and their family and many of you keeping us in your prayers each day.

Doug and Susan Rakoczy family are finishing up their two years here with Lifewater and heading back to Minnesota. We will certainly miss their friendship and help along the way.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Wedding & Birthday

Saturday was Juslain & Annette's wedding. Jane had been helping them plan it since last fall. All in all the event went off with out a hitch although for us North Americans it could be quite stressful such as: 5 minutes before the official wedding time only the groom, best-man, and ring bearer were there because I drove them, and the cake & food showed up an hour and one half later, just minutes before the ceremony ended. Everything went well, it was a very beautiful day. Jane's hard work and planning really made the day a joyous occasion.

After a busy Saturday, Kate Zlotnicki had us for lunch yesterday to celibate Jane's birthday (Today)

Mechanical Repairs

May 4,
It is 5:55 AM Saturday morning. I'm babysitting while Vero is off to choir practice 6-7:30. Jane, Vero and I have been spelling each other off watching Savanna while Don & Karen Davis are in the States.

A construction team of five from Washington state and Bob Ramsey from MFI are staying in the Davis dorm next door this week. It has been fun getting to know each of them. 

Bob is a good friend and mentor mechanic. We really got to know him well a year ago last January when he needed a place to stay while working on his truck that a local mission uses here. He stayed with us along with the Sweatmans. He is a life long mechanic and race engine builder that spent five plus years here doing mechanical work for missions before moving back to Ft. Pirece and doing mechanical work at MFI.
Don Sweatman, Bob and I spent many evenings talking engines boring our wives to death but learning, and sharing life stories about God's goodness. Jane and I now look up Bob and his lovely wife Barb [who works at MFI in shipping & receiving.] We usually share a meal together while passing through Ft. Pierce on our way "in" or "out" to catch up on how things are going. Bob has helped numerous times with technical questions, picking up needed parts, and tools.

Two and one half weeks ago I was following Jane the two miles down here to Davis's, she bringing Sammy to babysit and I was on my way next door to Lifewater to work when our car just died. It had been recently plagued with hard starting and stalling. I ran back to the house and grabbed a gas can thinking that the gauge may be lying but that didn't help. A quick call to Lifewater and one of the guys headed up to tow me while Jane continued with Sammy in friend's loaner car. I spent the rest of the day doing some diagnostics and low and behold it started back up. I babysat from noon until 5PM while Vero and Jane worked. At 5 I started the car but it soon died as I tried to back out of the Davis's carport. Jane came and picked me up with the loaner car. For some reason our car was not getting fuel, all of the fuses and relays seemed to be OK, the diagnostics scanner showed a cam angle sensor fault code. I had caught word that Bob was coming in the next day so called him to bring in his fuel pressure tester. I had written to my daughter Gretchen to send mine a week before thinking that the car would run long enough for it to get here but now it had stopped and Bob was on his way. He said that it was already in his tool box and would see me on Thursday. My gut feeling was that the fuel pump in the gas tank had been failing and had finally died. This would be a rather straight forward fix. After meeting Bob at the airport along with Ray from Limbe, we went and picked up Bob's truck and also swung by the local auto parts. Onel had fuel pumps in stock so things looked pretty good.
On Friday morning I hooked up Bob's tester and found that the fuel pressure was perfect meaning the pump was not the problem, now what? His scanner was also showing a cam angle sensor fault. The sensor tells the computer where the engine is at in rotation and when to fire the fuel injectors [not happening]. The sensor happens to be integrated into the distributor and must be change as a unit. Bob had to return to Fla. To get more tools and fabricate some needed body mount parts. While there he sent me a replacement distributor which fixed our car.

Upon his return a week later I was helping him install the new mounts. I was running the floor jack to lift the truck cab while Bob positioned the new mounts. We had a wooden 2x4 on end atop the jack under the floor of the truck; Bob got his fingers between the cab & the frame when the jack rolled dropping the cab and trapping Bob’s fingers. I was able to get the jack repositioned and released his fingers. After some rest we decided to “chock” the wheels of the jack and after the next attempt and very cautiously the jack kicked out again but this time Bob was in the clear. We came to find out that the truck shifter was not in Park after replacing the instrument cluster and this time the truck actually rolled. After blocking both the truck and jack we were able to finish the job.
The next day Bob’s hands were quite sore but nothing broken. Bob was working in the front of the truck and I was on a creeper checking air in the spare tire under the rear, I rolled out from under the truck, sat up and caught the trailer hitch with my right eyebrow splitting it open and causing a good laugh [after the stars went away]. Jane laughed and said that we are not to play together anymore. We did get a lot accomplished and had a good time in the process before Bob headed back Tuesday May 7.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Be Carefull What You Wish For

Thursday, 4/11

It was a month ago; we were gathered for the Davis’s early fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration here in Haiti prior to them going to the US to celebrate the actual date with family & friends. Sammy was in his walker and zipping around the banquet hall. A number of friends told me that it is very important that children master crawling before walking in order to learn a very important skill of arm/leg motor development. As a typical parent I went home and worked with him on the floor, coaxing to get up on his knees to get crawling (rally: to pull or crawl in Creole). Jane was more optimistic and said that he will do just fine, just watch. Now he crawls around the house on our ceramic tiles almost as fast as you can walk. He likes to stand and find his way around hanging onto the furniture. He will be walking, exploring and getting into everything all too soon.

Last Friday we were blessed with a hot water heater. We had planned many times to purchase one here but always something more pressing would come up. Last Saturday I was able to install it and connect it to our shower. We didn’t have any problems taking the cold showers, but during cooler weather they became quite invigorating to say the least, it’s also quite nice to run a pan of hot dish water than to monkey with the tea kettle on the stove.

Saturday evening it started to rain at 7PM getting harder and harder. About 8:30 our landlord called and asked if we were OK. We had a few drips here and there but nothing to be concerned with. Jane opened the front door and shown the flashlight around and we see that the drainage ditch that crosses our drive way had dammed up and filled the driveway with soft ball size rocks that flowed down the mountain. The storm finished at 9PM but produced many, many inches of rain. Back in November we had the same thing happen but with sand and at that time we had opened a large hole in the cactus fence next to us to prevent it again. Just last week two of the guys patched the hole with fencing to contain the goats in the field next door and low and behold the fence plugged with debris during the storm causing the flood again. Now the hole is open again. The guys spent a couple of days getting the rocks cleared and us back to normal. Our wonderful watchman/yardman Juslain found that his fiancĂ©e and their two kids who live down near the river were flooded, so Sunday morning we went and waded through 29 inches of water to move them up to Juslain’s house in our backyard. It was a busy place for four days with added house guests, meals, and school uniforms. By Tuesday they were able to clean the water from their house and return home on Wednesday. By the way if you are wondering the wedding is May 11.

Monday: it was work at Lifewater as Paul had brought parts in from Alberta, Canada to repair one of the drill rigs.

Tuesday: the Davis’s flew out for their time in the US and we are helping babysit 18 month old Savanna (Sammy’s kissing cousin)

Wednesday: I spent the morning out at an orphanage were we are drilling a new well. We had had some problems which Paul, Edrick, Junior and I was able to resolve. While returning at noon to Davis’s to take my turn at watching the kids so that Jane could teach at 1PM, I noticed a man at the tire repair next to the Total gas station was filling an assortment of 1 gallon jugs with gasoline and lining them up on a table next to the road. This is a “sign” that they are out of gas and he will sell you a gallon at a scalper’s price, hopefully it is 100% pure! I didn’t think much of it as that Total station often runs out. About 5PM Jane called me and said that they were at the National station closer to town and that National was out of gas. Oops, I told her about the guy by Total at noon but disregarded the “sign”. She had Juslain with her and later I found that she was able to purchase gas at the Sol station. She waited in line with many anxious cars & motorcycles with jugs, buckets and Tap-taps, some with 55 gallon drums. She was able to buy with what she had with her, 2000 gourdes ($50.00 USD) for 10 gallons. That will keep us going until the delayed shipment arrives from Port-au-Prince or Venezuela. Thankfully we have had quite a bit of EDH [Electric-du-Haiti] so the generator has been off most of the time. This happened about a month ago after Hugo’s funeral; usually we get word of a shortage thru the grapevine to stock up.

Thursday: This morning our internet was very fast for a while but it seems to have slowed down again, maybe just a tease. Our monthly bill is due tomorrow but we have been registering complains about the recent weeks of very slow or no speed. They continue to say that they are awaiting equipment to make repairs at our local cell tower, hopefully that is the case. Jane is off for the day to teach ESL and run some errands. She has been shopping for an outfit for the wedding. Sammy is in the middle of his morning nap so things are quite peaceful. MFI [Missionary Flights Int.] is not flying here today as they are headed with their staff and families to retreat at a mission in the Bahamas and will back on schedule next Tuesday. Hopefully they get some much needed rest and family time!

Please pray for:

• A Haitian friend’s protection,

• A friend & brother Ironworker’s chemotherapy treatments,

• Sammy and Savanna’s adoptions,


Friday, April 05, 2013

Busy Month

Hi Everyone, sorry that it has been a month since our last post. Our Internet service has been so slow for about three weeks that we feel fortunate just receive the e-mail.

It has been a very busy month;

I spent three days helping Lifewater Canada retrieve a broken drill pipe and bit from the bottom of a 115ft. well they were drilling. The drill pipe had broken off at a fitting at 85ft due to the difficult soil and rock conditions. We had to wait for a special retrieval tool to be sent in, weld it to a threaded drill pipe fitting. After an unsuccessful day of trying to attach the two [at 85 ft down], we had to fabricate a ring to guide the broken pipe onto the retrieval tool/pipe. The tool worked well but we found that the broken pipe was completely lodged in 30 ft of mud at the bottom and would not budge. With long distance advice from the experts, we were able to advance a plastic pipe down the well alongside the drill pipes and flush away the mud, finally releasing the broken parts. It gave me a real sympathy of how the drillers in the Gulf of Mexico must have felt!

Jane received information from her friend a local caseworker about connecting with the Government agency in Port-au-Prince to see what we need to do next to further Sammy’s adoption. This was on Saturday March 16, we made plans to drive to “Port” on Wed the 20th, meet on Thursday, return North on Friday. Karen Davis along with Savanna would be traveling with us to work on their paperwork also. Tuesday morning I made one last check of our car to see if Jane needed to pick up any last minute supplies prior to our departure. The radiator had been losing fluid and seemed to be at the upper radiator hose clamp. I started to tighten the clamp and the hose came off in my hand revealing the hidden broken plastic fitting on the radiator. This is not what we wanted to find, but was a blessing that it was not in the middle of the grueling trip along with two babies in the middle of nowhere. I made a quick call to my buddy Bob at Missionary Flights and he would send a new radiator on Thursday’s flight. We scrambled to prepare the Davis’s four door pick-up with two more new tires completing a full set of new rubber. Jane was in Cap-Haitian buying another Pac-n-play folding playpen for a bed and also a car seat for Savanna.

Wed. morning Jane and Karen had to return to “Cap” for some last minute paperwork and after loading and prayer we were on the road by 8:50AM. The back seat was filled with two car seats, diaper bags, toys & snacks, Jane also was able to find a small spot to sit. Karen & I in the front along with more “stuff”. All of the luggage, pac-n-plays, coolers & tools were under the bed cover. The trip went very well; the roads were in excellent shape due to ongoing repaving since the earth quake in 2010. The dusty desert stretches have been replaced with smooth asphalt, the areas of cactus where you could stop and relieve yourself are no longer needed due to numerous new “National” and “Total” gas station/mini-marts. Although we could make good time we still needed to make rest stops for the kids to stretch. Jane certainly had here hands full keeping the kids occupied for two seven hour days. All in all the kids were great considering. The meetings went well with a mixture of questions and answers and waiting for the next step. We are still praying that God will open the next door. We know that He has a plan for Sammy, we are just unsure if it is the same as what we envisioned yet.

While staying at the OMS Villa-Ormiso in Port we were able to see old friends, and meet the visiting construction team building houses there. I was able to take the kids for a swim in the pool but forgot to remove my 3 year old cell phone from my trunks pocket, needless to say it didn’t survive the swim. I am happy to say that phones here are pretty cheap and was able to transfer the SIM card to a new one, retaining my old number & contacts.

March 27, we took 19 orphans from Potters House along with 8 chaperones to the beach to swim, celebrate birthdays, picnic lunch and fly kites. Most of these kids had never been to the ocean before. We shoe horned everyone into two vehicles. Along the way we had one soft tire and one flat. We left one tire along the way for repair to pick-up later. An approaching weather front gave us strong winds which made for good waves and great kite flying. It started to rain during our trip home; many kids were trying to catch a nap, thank-you Lord for a wonderful day.

Easter morning was a true outdoor sunrise service. We were setting up benches and power cords in the dark for the 6:30 AM start followed by a wonderful pot-luck breakfast.


Sunday, March 03, 2013

All dressed up for church

Gifts from Erie

Our daughter with the help of some of our grandchildren made individual bags for the kids to hand on their beds to keep personal items in. The kids loved them and got to pick out the one they liked.  Thank you Gretchen for doing this and thank you Danny, Charlie, Nick and Marcia for helping.