Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It is hard to believe it is August already. Where did our time here at home go. Soon we will be packing for Haiti as well. Our new landlord in Haiti has shared with us some special things they have done to our little cottage. Bud and I have been looking at all we have and deciding if there are things we can buy that do not require electricity. Our new little cottage is very much like a Haitian home. Our water is heated by the sun and we will not have electricity except for a few hours a day. Today we found out we have a car to look at when we return to Haiti. It is an older vehicle but God has blessed me with a husband who can fix cars. Praise the Lord. We also plan to buy a motorcycle for around $1200. This will make it possible for Bud and I to go in two different directions as our ministries require. Bud and I are being asked by several different people to get activly involved with the work they are doing in Haiti. There are so many needs but Bud and I want to seek God in what he would have us to do. It is so easy to get burned out in Haiti trying to help everyone. Our time here at home with our grandchildren and children has been wonderful. For the first time in 3 years Bud and I have not had to travel a lot to raise support. We have actually had a chance to just forget about Haiti and rest. In the next few weeks I will continue to work on materials for the English Program that I will be helping with for Radio 4 VEH. I would appreciate prayers for both this program and the radio station. We have had great vistis with Kate from Haiti. She has been staying with us off and on this summer. She will be returning to Haiti in Aug. Wadner is here in the states now. For those of you who do not know him, he and I work together in Haiti. He is one of my Haitian translators. Better yet he is a dear friend and has now married a great friend of mine from my home church. Please allow me to share another praise with you. During our time at camp 14 children gave me the privilage of leading them to the Lord and one of my grandsons also prayed and committed his life to Jesus. Bud and I take very seriously our responsiblities as grandparents. This is why it is important to us to have this time here at home with them in the summer when they are out of school. Next summer we will take another 3 months home. Part of that time we will return to Seneca Hills Bible Camp and work as resident missionaries and of course we will take some of our grandkids with us. Our desire is to be in Haiti on Sept 11 but our mission board has informed us that our account does not have enough support in it or enough Faith Promises set up to show that we will have the income we need to return. In order to leave the beginning of Sept we need to have our account healthy by Aug 15. We ask that all of our supporters make this a matter of prayer. Please contact us if you are having problems transfering your support from OMS to World Outreach Ministries. Thank you so much to all of you who have already given to us in prayer and support. God has blessed us with a wonderful team. Praise the Lord. Jane
Bud and I are so very excited to share with all of you that we are now affiliated with World Outreach Ministries. You can find us on their website at Bud and I will continue to live in the Vaudreuil area. God has opened so many new doors for us and shown us how He would like us to continue to serve Him in Haiti. Not all paths are clear yet but our call to serve Him in Haiti is still very clear. I will continue to work with children in Haiti and teaching English as a second language. One of the new ways I will be teaching English is on the radio 4VEH using Christian music as a tool for teaching God's Word. Not all is clear on how I will be working with children other than it will include street ministries and involvment in a local churches children's programs. God has shown me new ways to work with children like story telling that I am hoping to develope with Haitians who will be working with me. Bud will be helping Missionary Flights International two days a week unloading planes. He will also be helping other missionaries in the area with mechanical needs. Bud has also made himself available to continue to help OMS with their generators as well if needed. Together we are planning on helping in different ways with a local orphange. As our roles there develop we will be updating you. This move has opened two opportunities for us. One is to live more simply and with less overhead than we have had in the past. God through our supporters has so graciously provided the things we need but it has been a struggle to meet all the financial requirements of our past mission board. This move cuts our base budget in half. Secondly this move changes our status from being employees of a mission board to a relationship where we have an affiliation with a mission board and accountability and more freedom to follow the dirction we feel God is leading us in. We have been so blessed by our supporters who have followed us to our new mission home. When all the changes have been made and we see that we have all the support we need to return to Haiti we will. Our goal is to arrive in Haiti on Sept 11, 2012. Please pray with us that our support will be at the level we need by Aug 1 so we can plan our return. Presently Bud and I are working at Seneca Hill Christian Camp in Pennsylvania as guest missionaries teaching children about missions. We will return home on Saturday, but will come back to camp in July for another week of working with these kids. Our email address has not changed. We would love to hear from you. Each month I will update our blog as to what we are doing and how God is working in our lives. We want to be better accountable to you our readers as to what God is doing through us in Haiti.