Friday, January 06, 2012

Hi Everyone

Tuesday January 3
Jane & I are flying slowly over the Atlantic on our trip from Ft. Pierce, FL to Cap-Haitian on our return. While we fly peacefully along I am listening to soft music and reflecting on our time away. The immensity of it all brings tears to my eyes, How God would allow us to be involved in something so much bigger than ourselves, how so blessed we are to have such a wonderful and understanding family. We think of how God has called so many of you to give of yourselves in so many ways so that we may go. You continue to lift us up with your prayers and gifts of support.
Jane & I have had a wonderful time “out” seeing family, friends and traveling and sharing with supporters as to what God is doing in Haiti. It was a good time of refreshment and relaxation along with doctor visits, tests and Jane’s recent surgery.
We are anxious to get back to our jobs in Haiti, to pick up where we left off and to hold “Down the Fort” while Bud & Cindy Lenker head back to headquarters for a month of training.
Yesterday when we dropped off our luggage at Missionary Flights International they mentioned that Brett Bundy had stopped by earlier in the morning to do the same. Brett is our Field Director in Haiti and he and his family had been on home assignment since April and are returning on Thursday. With a few phone calls we were able to find where they were staying, we hadn’t seen their kids since April and wanted to surprise them as we are kind of their stand-in grandparents & they are our stand-in grandchildren while in Haiti. It was a great reunion with lots of hugs and squeals when we knocked on their door.
I often think while in Haiti that I get wrapped up in our work that I lose sight of the big picture. I think back to the saying “when you are up to your neck in alligators it’s difficult to remember that your objective was to drain the swamp”. So often I forget that God is in control and when I get sidetracked with emergencies or outcomes don’t meet my expectations I feel defeated not realizing that this is part of His plan of growing me.
It will be good getting back but know that we will be hitting the ground running, buying groceries & unpacking. I’m sure that there will be a steady line of Haitian well-wishers stopping by to greet us, happy for our return, Lunia will have the house spotless, Mono will have the yard manicured and so many more not to mention.
Well we are back and unpacked and ready for Wednesday. Thank-You for all of your love & prayers.