Friday, December 14, 2012

Looking Forward To A Visit Home

Thursday afternoon

Things have been very busy here as usual. Sammy has been keeping us on our toes day & night. We have been weighing him every Tuesday and can’t say that it has always been very accurate with a digital luggage scale and his car seat but after 4 weeks he has gained 2.33 lbs. His ribs are no longer visible, his dimples in his cheeks and wrinkles in his legs are gone. He likes to sit up with a little help and continues to jabber, not sure if it is English or Creole but he does like to say Da-Da a lot. Jane will be happier when he can get his lips together to say Ma-Ma.

We have been blessed over this past week with enough EDH (electric utility) that we have not run our little Honda generator for more than a week now. Each day the power has been on from midnight until sometimes as late as 3:30PM, it’s enough to keep our batteries and inverter going continually.

We have been going over check lists and making arrangements, preparing for our time away. It’s hard to get my head around that it is almost Christmas, the weather has been in the 80’s. I hear Christmas music on Christian radio but due to the poverty here, decorations & gifts are something that is gone without. I tell many back home that Christmas here is much like Easter in North America, a church service and a nice Sunday meal.

Missionary Flights Int. has been very busy transporting teams and Christmas freight both for missionaries and Christmas bags/boxes to be distributed. Recently we have been getting two planes each Tuesday & Thursday. Just like the delivery people back home, all involved have been putting in long and tiring days making it all happen. I am so blessed to be part of their team.

Jane has supper planned for Stewart Dawson tonight, he is a close friend and has been working full time to help raise funding for the radio station since first coming in after the earth quake in 2010. He plans to fly back to Kentucky tomorrow.

A week ago it was the Jim Pancratz team (Back home) including Neil Tomkins from Nebraska along with many friends from both states that we have known for years but didn’t know each other. They had come to do solar projects and distribute eye glasses.

I’ve been busy the other three days a week working on generators, trucks & drilling equipment for Life Water. Each day the Haitian crews continue to repair pumps and drill new wells to keep Haiti in safe drinking water.

Some of the things that I am looking forward to this time home: family & friends, hot showers, full nights of sleep, ice cream, fast food, bagels, donuts, no mosquitoes or gnats.

Some things that I am not looking forward to: cold weather, burning more than 5 gallons of gasoline in the car each week, needing blankets and window glass.


Sunday, December 09, 2012

The days past so fast and are very full

This week we are going to try to post some pictures.  It depends on our Internet but we are definitely bringing home pictures to share.  Sammy is our most amazing story.  He has gone from a baby barely surviving to a happy chubby ( in some places) baby boy who loves to laugh, talk, and interact.  But most of all he loves to eat.  He is now on cereal and is up to sleeping about 3 hours a night giving us somewhat a time of sleep.  When Sammy is up everyone is up because he acts like he is starving to death and is very impatient about waiting for his food and taking breaks to burp.  All in all he brings joy to our lives. 

The children at the orphanage are doing better because we have been able to provide meals that are more balanced but I am looking forward to when we can provide more meat and vegetable. So many have sent gifts and some of them have gotten to us.  Others will be coming in our next release of funds from our mission board.  We are working on a way for people to help us on a more even basis that we can count on.

The little crippled boy has left the orphanage and I hope his family has followed Dr. Rodney's lead and placed him in  a special hospital for people of his needs.  Unfortunately I have no control over what families do with their children. Most of the children in the orphanage have no one.  Others have relatives but the parents are gone. 

I met with the landlord and he is definitely a person with passion for the kids.  The house needs work to make it better for the kids and he is willing to take the rent money and use it for that purpose.  He is also willing to sign a contract assuring us the use of the house for a longer period of time then a year at a time.  One of the fears is that when white people get involved the rent goes up but he has not done that.

 During the rain and flood the wall that separates the house from a ravine fell and that makes a dangerous situation for the kids and breaches security. That is a top priority to fix.  The house also has no running water so the bathroom in the house has not been finished. The toilet has to be flushed with a bucket and water is carried for a long distance.  These two things he is willing to use the rent money for to fix first.  The rent is $2500 American a year which is reasonable I think for the location and condition of the house.  The back area where the outdoor kitchen is and where laundry is done needs to have concrete poured and he wants to do that as well.

We  have received a gift of money towards beds and we have found a place to buy beds and mattresses. The house is not big enough to buy everyone their own bed but Haitians are not used to that.  The plan is to buy 12 beds and mattresses.  Three are for the adults who live there and the rest are for the kids. The landlord is also willing to put a second floor on the house and give us two more bedrooms in the future.  The bathroom needs tiled so the kids can use the shower and it found out it would not take much to have EDH added.

 Bud and my first priority is food. Next week I have a meeting checking into getting them into a different school if possible.  They now attend a school that has given the kids a break in tuition but it cost $150 a month for tap tap if the kids can get one.  I need to see if it would be cheaper and safer for the kids to have them go to a school they can walk too.  I would love them to go the Grace Zion School but it is too far away and it does not have all the grades we would know.

All of this takes money and organization.  Which is all in God's hands.  Bud and I and others who are joining us as partners in ministry are looking at the budget and looking for people to partner as sponsors. The orphanage is under the direction of a Haitian director but any money spent from our ministry is controlled by us and food and supplies are delivered.  All equipment is marked as well as a donation of Grace for Haiti ministries and remains the property of our ministry to help us to see that God's money is used as we feel He is leading.

English Classes have been going well. I have two more weeks of teaching before we break for a month.  I am looking forward to the break.  So many of my students are Christians but I know some in my class are not yet they are at least listening.  We are presently reading about the life of Joseph.

Bud has been working very hard with Les Babcock and Lifewater.  He is presently working on their water drilling equipment and trucks.  He has also had the opportunity to go out and help drill a well. They have been wonderful to us and permits us to use their truck when we need which will be great when we want to take the kids somewhere.  He continues to work at the airport two days a week and right now they are so busy because of Christmas.  So many things come into this country for the holiday and for organizations a gifts. We are so blessed that some of the packages were for our kids.
The tax collector also hit us hard to accept them but the joy that the kids will have is worth every penny.

I continue to meet on Saturday mornings with people from our area.  We call it, the come as you are Bible Study.  Each week we see more coming most out of curiosity but they stay and listen.  They now feel comfortable to ask questions.  Questions are asked that tell me what Church they are attending and how God's Word is delivered.  Others say things that lead me to believe they are into Voodoo but they still come.  I prayed for a young man for 4 years in a similar situation and this past month he accepted the Lord and lead his wife and children to Christ.  AMEN.  I pray for that for this group.  We started with 19 attending and this week 28.  There are those who taunt me as I pass by them and say we are coming but I just smile and take a little time to talk with them. I know that these are some people who are known as trouble by those who live there but I can still show them love and maybe someday it will make a difference.

We are going home for a break after Christmas and we have a wonderful young man who is going to law school who will help me with the orphanage and I am so thankful for him. Because I teach at the medical school I receive a small amount of money for teaching and I am able to use it to pay him to help me. 

Sammy will stay with his nanny Madam Charlo and I know he will be in good hands.  Your gifts have assured that there will be enough money for the kids to be fed while we are gone.

Our fund raiser for a vehicle has gone very well and we are $2500 from owning our own car.  We are hoping to buy it when we get back. I am very excited and thankful to return the car we have been borrowing for the past 4 months.  Thank you Ti Louis. May this be a wonderful Christmas season for you all.

Our personal support continues to fall a little short each month but God has been faithful and kept us from having to spend money on things we expect to have to pay and when problems occur like 2 flat tires in on week the money has come in unusual ways like surprize gifts.  Praise the Lord. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our kids

As Bud shared we are now working with an orphanage and I can see how all of our skills and our connections here in Haiti is part of the plan for this.  I have to admit it is overwelming and the needs and the work it is going to take to get this orphanage on its feet is zapping our strength and finanaces but We feel this is God's plan for us here.
We had planned to work with an orphanage but God closed that door and opened this one.  We were not working for another orphanage to work with.  God showed this work to us in a way that only He could.  The flood caused a wall to fall down between us and them and that is how we found them. There are 17 children presently in the house.and they range from 2-12.  We also have a baby with us who was brought into the clinic.  The family was looking for someone to care for the child because the father had died and the mother is suffering from mental illness. Sammy is a year old but has the body and abilities of a new born.  He weighs 8lbs and was in such bad shape he had forgotten how to eat.  After us having him for 2 weeks he is growing and alert and eating well.  He started smiling and laughing a few days ago.  Tonight he is cranky because he got a shot today.
Please pray for another child we took in today.  While we were at the clinic today a 6 year old came in. He had fallen and injured his neck and is now paralysed on his left side.  Because he is related to someone who helps with the orphanage we took him in. His mom is not able to care for him.  Unless he gets help in the states he will never get better.
Let me share with you some of the challenges we face.  It takes between $800 and $1000 a month to feed these kids and the orphanage has been operating on donations.  The donations have dropped so much that the children are all suffering from malnutrition. Bud and I right now are buying the food but our support is not sufficient to continue to do this.  We are going to try to find people who will sponsor the kids so we can give them a full healthy diet. We also need beds.  Some of the kids are on mattresses and some on the floor. We are praying for God's leading in all this.  If you would like to work with us on in this ministry please contact us.  Any amount a month would help.

  Please forgive me for any errors in this because the baby wants me and I want to get this posted. Thank you for your prayers.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another Busy Week

Finally on Sunday the sun returned and started a week of Cap-Haitien digging out, cleaning up and trying to return to life before the approx. 18 inches of rain that fell in 24 hrs and  two additional days of soaking rain.
The torrent down the mountain causing flooding, houses to collapse and wash away many people.

Monday I spent the day with Les Babcock and Ernie Peters out at the new Empower Global compound staring to drill a new well. The ground was so wet that we had water at 12". It sounds good but really slowed the process the first day.

Tuesday was off to the airport for MFI, while unloading the plane I received a phone call from Jane that she had taken two of the girls from the orphanage next door to the Clinic for check-ups because of their obvious signs of malnutrition. While at the clinic Catlee a friend of ours asked Jane if she could help with the care of a baby boy that was was being seen at the clinic and was nutritionally in very bad shape. Jane accepted along with the help of the orphanage and asked that I pick up some formula on my way home from the airport. Well when I got home we received "Sammy" supposedly 1 yr old weighing 8 lbs. "Blondie", supposedly 6 yrs old weighing 23 lbs and her older sister "Judelene" 8 yrs old weighing 46 lbs.
Blondie is a direct copy of the photos of children from Bangladesh, thin legs & arms and the large belly.
Her little body is being ravaged by intestinal parasites consuming 70% of what she eats.
Her older sister is thin but in much better shape. She is very good at taking her medication whereas Blondie won't take anything. We continue to try to mix meds in with her food but she has a keen nose and tongue and has caught us a few times.
Sammy has finally learned to accept formula from a syringe but still won't have anything to do with a bottle.
He is getting started much the same as a new born wanting to be fed and held constantly, we are trying to get him on a schedule of every three hours and sitting by himself. We are trying to get him up to 2oz of formula and Wed. evening we celebrated a dirty diaper knowing that his little system is finally passing food as it should.

Wed. Jane & I spent the morning gathering information and needed baby items from fellow missionaries.

Thursday Jane once again spent all day at the clinic with Blondie & Sammy along with four other children from the orphanage for health work-ups. Judelene returned to the orphanage for the day while I worked at the airport.

Friday, I spent the day baby sitting the girls and washing children's laundry while Jane took baby Sammy  to English classes in "Cap" all day.

Today the gang is "up" & going, after breakfast I watched the kids while Jane started the first neighborhood Bible study. Sammy is getting a hair trim. Blondie is camped out with me in the recliner helping me with a few unwanted key strokes. Judelene is all dressed up and ready to go. She is a great helper and helps translate what her little sister is trying to say. All of this has been stretching my limited Creole. Everyone says if you want to learn, talk with kids. We are also learning once again how to function without sleep with a "newborn".

Hopefully by Monday things will settle, God continues to stretch us each day as we strive to be His hands & feet to everyone He puts in our path.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

How much can happen in 10 days?

It seems hard to believe it has been 10 days since I last blogged.  Our days have been filled with so many things.  A few days ago I had a meeting with the director of an organization asking permission to visit the children in prison. 

Yes children. Age 14 and up are placed in the local prison because there is no place else to put these kids.  I was asking this agency because they are the child advocates under the Haiti government and you need their permission to see the kids.

 I met these people because one of their caseworkers is in my English Class.  Now because of this meeting two more have joined.

The meeting went well and I have been given permission to visit after I write up a plan explaining exactly what I plan to do.  I made it clear that I would be reading the Bible with the kids and talking about God and his plan for them.  They did not object to this.  We also talked about what it would take or the kind of place it would take to find a better place to put these kids.  These discussions will continue.  Pastor Jean Alix will be a part of all of this and I depend on his advise in all of this.

During the meeting the officer who picks up kids on the street for this agency walked in with a 10 year old girl.  She had gone to the police station and told them she was lost and could not find her family.  Later we found out she was a runaway because of abuse.

 The police officer shared with me how difficult it is here in Haiti when they have emergency situations and need to place kids somewhere for a day or two while an investigation is done and find permanent housing for the kids.  This little girl had been riding around in the car all day with the officer because he could not find a place that could accept her. 

Well you know me, and Bud was not surprised either when I called and told him we would be having a house guest for a few days.

It turned out the little girl had been abused and permanent placement would have to be found.  Bud and I know we cannot take a child on a permanent bases because we will eventually go home and that would leave the child behind.  Adoption is so difficult here.  The agency continued to search and found that the child's real father lived in Port and the two were reunited.  Bud and I have offered to be available again if an emergency home is needed.

That afternoon the rain began to fall. It started at 4:30 and heavy thunderstorms filled the entire night. By the next morning 12 inches of rain had fallen.  Bud and I awoke to a yard full of sand and gravel that had flowed down the mountain.  It took out the fence around our yard and downed a small tree.  We had a ditch in our yard but it is no longer there.  Our yard was 8 inches deep in mud. After digging out our chickens we walked down to assess other areas.  The water had continued down from us and took out part of the wall down by the road.

The village on the side of us lost the road to their homes.  The boulders and rocks that were brought down from the mountain fortunately did not damage the homes but the creators the water left made it impossible for the people to get their cars out of their yards.  The taxi driver who takes me to work is one of those people and until some large equipment comes to fix the road he is out of business.  This is his families livelihood.
One of my students stopped by to see if we were okay and 10 children died in his neighborhood.  The water came and was moving so fast it swept the kids away. They were found dead.  One home collapsed and killed a mother and 5 kids.  It was his neighbor.  His home is flooded and he cannot return yet.

I walked around my neighborhood seeing what I could do.  I heard a man call out to me in English so I turned to see a porch full of kids watching me.  The house is just down from mine. I had noticed it but did not notice who lived there.  The wall which was now washed away had covered my view. 
He explained to me that he had 21 kids living in the house.  Orphans that he can brought off the street.  He had been taking care of them for a while now.  He works and supports the kids with food. Another individual pays the rent but it seems that may not be possible after June because the friend lost his job.  He did not ask for money.  He asked me if I would have some time to visit the kids.  He had heard were living there.

 I found a way through the mud and water to the house and there were some of the most excited kids I had seen in a long time.  Company!  he told me they do not get to go many places except to school.  The house was clean and well organized.  The boys and girls slept in different rooms.  They had mattresses for most of the kids but some were sleeping on the concrete flood.  They also had bed nets.  The children sat smiling at me around the table which was covered with a lace table cloth and bug covers for the food to keep the flies out.  The children wanted to sing for me.

 I asked Joseph if the kids had enough to eat because some were so thin and one little girl looked ill. He explained yes the children eat each day.  Other people would help him by bringing food in because his pay is not enough.  Lately thou the price of food is so high that the donations have been mostly corn.  He makes sure they eat in the morning before school and at night.  Sometimes the portions are small because the food has to be stretched. The little girl who looked ill was new and he had not had money to take her to a doctor.  (I will have my friend Prudence Check her out).

 I asked if I could come and read Bible stories to them and do activities with them. The kids were so excited.

 One woman cares for the kids full time and another helps when she can.  I plan to return and help with some of the laundry.  He says there is not much because the kids only have one or two outfits to wear other than school uniforms.  I did see there were sheets on the beds as well. Not sure what roll God wants me to play here but I know when I go home I will be looking for some clothes for these kids.

After I left the house I shared with the man that a friend of mine and I wanted to start a English Bible Club for the kids in the neighborhood and we were looking for a place to have it.  He told me that we would have to find a big house and someone who would let us do it there like the one across the street.  He told me the man was home could we go see him.  I was not sure what I would say, but as we approached the owner came out hold a piece of paper in his hand.  He called to me.  Teacher Jane I saw you walking by. You need to sign my certificate.  Here he was one of my students last year in English.  God provides.  He is now going to help us find a place.  His is not possible but there are lots of empty homes there and he knows the owners.

Today once again I went out to visit my neighbors.  This time to pray for them and give some rice to some of the ones I know were hit really hard.  Guslin and I stopped by the orphanage too and dropped some rice.

One home I stopped by had 4 little kids, one being a new born.  I asked if I could pray with her and she asked if I would pray for her husband as well.  He is in prison. Then she told me he is in prison for armed robbery of a local missionary who happens to be who Bud works with.  I prayed for them all.  She is married to a very dangerous man but I wanted her to know Jesus loves her.

It is so hard to have so little to give these people when they are going through such terrible times.  I wish I had tarps to cover the holes in their roofs and so much more.  One home all their belongs were laying outside in the mud.  The rain had brought down part of their roof and everything was muddy and wet.  She told me when the sun comes she will try to wash everything but had no Fab.  Praise the Lord that I did have and some rice for a hot supper.  We are so limited yet we have the love of Jesus to share. These kind of days we can only do what God puts before us to do.

Tomorrow we will not be able to go to the church I help in because the roads are covered with mud and the Pastor said it was better not to try so we will visit another.  I will miss the kids but I am glad the other ladies will be there.

It is starting to rain hard again and my sister and brothers are wet and cold.  It breaks my heart.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our God is Amazing

I struggled with what to call this blog and all that could come to my mind is when you do not know what to say. "praise the Lord".

 It is Wednesday morning and Bud is at Life water working.  The mechanic that he works with is in from the DR so I am sure he will be very busy today. 

Wednesday is my quiet morning.  I do not teach until 2:00 at the medical school.  This morning has been a busy one.  We are going to be having some baby chicks soon so we needed to make the pen larger to accommodate a separate room for mom and chicks.  I do enjoy working with Guslin on these things.

 One of the young boys who work for Nonam (his uncle) came to talk with me. He and 3 others work in the field around my house planting.  This is a difficult time for the Haitians.  The summer heat is ending and very little rain fell during the summer so nothing grows in the garden all summer which many Haitian count on for food. Now it is time to plant. The rain is here but there is no money for seed or plants. Once the garden begins to grow there will be food to eat and food to sell.

 Bud and I have been able to help one of the families here buy some seed and plants. In return we will receive part of the food they are raising.  This family is made up of about 6 families all related.  One of the young boys came to me this morning and asked if at noon I would have any food to share with him because he was hungry. He sees that I feed our worker.

 Noon is the time Haitians eat if they have food to eat.  I told him I would talk to his uncle.  I did get a chance to ask the young man who works for me if he felt the family had enough to eat right now. He said he knows they do not because the crops are not in and there are a lot of them.

 These are the things that tug on my heart.  I can say no to request for money to school because I do not have money extra to give out but how do I say no to food. The boys are so thin so I know it is true they are not eating everyday.  Bud said it right last night.  We do not know what it is truly like to be hungry  REALLY hungry.

 Bud and I try to stretch our food money out as much as we can to have money left to try to feed others.  Right now our finances show that December is going to be a tough month for us yet I just can't say no to hungry people.  I have decided it is not wise to give out money for food.  So as part of our ministry here I have asked my friend Nonam to come to my house each morning to receive enough rice to feed his workers for the day till the crops come in and they can make it on their own.  I share this with you our supporters because I want you to know how we use the money you give to us.  We try at every opportunity to use the money God has blessed us with to help others but we have to say no so often because the money runs out before the need.  Our chickens have begun to lay eggs and we will be able to share them as well.

My teaching is opened so many doors to opportunity to interact with different people.  One young man in my class shared with the others during a discussion time how he left Voodoo and came to Christ because of my English Class and what he learned about Jesus there.  Praise the Lord.

Another one of my students works with the children in Prison here.  Yes children in cells right next to the adults.  These kids start at age 14. I am praying about what God would have me do about these kids. Please pray for God's guidance for me as well.

Saturday will be our first Bible Study at Nonam house. We will be studying the book of John.  Please pray for fair weather and this meeting.  I do not know how many will come but I am expecting a lot.  I am going to buy some Bibles this week. I know many cannot read by some can and we will read to each other.

The drums are loud and I am told there will be no school beginning tomorrow because it is a holiday of celebrating the dead. Whatever that means. I will be still teaching and sharing about Jesus and the Life He gives.

I continue to take a taxi to work everyday and Bud uses the borrowed car to get to work.  We try to to drive it a lot because it is not ours and it is old. I have to admit it is nice not to have to drive in heavy traffic when I am tired. I just sit back and my taxi driver deal with it.  I do have to admit the ride sometimes is quite interesting.

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we have so much to be thankful for.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Praying For You All

As Hurricane Sandy makes her way north up the East coast we are praying for you all. We spoke with our daughter Gretchen who has been involved in emergency services for most of her life. She is telling us that they [emergency management] has already warned that they should be ready to assume full time operations starting Monday as the storm arrives with flooding and possibly knocking out power for hours, days, or even weeks.

Sandy made her way by Haiti starting on Wednesday with off and on showers. Thank God that they were never hard and spared the north of mudslides and major flooding. Thursday we stayed inside through waves of morning showers but ventured out for some groceries in the afternoon and were greeted with bright sunshine. Friday the President cancelled all school classes and work but we did not get word until Jane had already left for class. She said that all of her English students had showed up and class went on.

Missionary Flights International had postponed their Thursday flight stranding teams and returning missionaries in Florida until Saturday. It was late on Friday as they were still trying to contact the airport at Exuma, Bahamas to see if they were open to purchase fuel on their way.

We appreciate your prayers for us in times of storms like these but this time the shoe is on the other foot. Most of us here are used to living with little electricity or have invested small fortunes in ways to generate and store our own, something that is unheard of in North America. Now with your lower temperatures and threat of downed power lines it may cause many people some severe hardships.

The one casualty here with the cooler temperatures and rainy weather gave Jane a head cold which has slowed her down since Wednesday. Hopefully she will be back up to full speed in a few days.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's a Beautiful Saturday Morning

The sun is rising, oatmeal cooking on the stove. The electricity had been on most all night and has our battery banks fully charged and will keep the fridge and a fan running until 6:00PM. The chickens have just come down from their mango tree roost and are begging for their June Bug [beetles] treats. The bugs are attracted by the scores to our security light during the night and end up in a tub of water below.

Last Sunday at English Bible Fellowship, I met Allen & Terri from SonLight Power Inc. SonLight is a ministry of it’s own, installing solar systems around the world to help meet the needs of schools, churches, and ministries in developing countries with clean renewable power. They were here to do an installation for fellow missionaries Hudson & Lucy Hess. Immediately I recognized SonLight from the three solar projects that our friend Jim Pankratz had installed here. Allen invited me down to review Hudson’s project when they get it finished, possibly Tuesday afternoon, and I asked if I could tag along when they go out to review Jim’s projects. I was excited about the ability to get some hands-on exposure to Solar power and learn some basic trouble shooting.

Monday was spent getting information for parts for LifeWater and also getting the OMS tractor to do a cab and bed change on their truck.

Tuesday morning we were able to do the truck change over and be ready to head for the typical airport run for MFI at 10:45. As it turned out the plane was delayed and we ended up unloading in between bouts of rain about 4:30PM, finally heading home at 6:30.

Wednesday I had planned to tag along with Allen & Terri to check on Jim’s three projects but they were busy till noon with Hudson’s project and we would go in the afternoon. It was good to spend time with them and “pick their brains” about solar, visiting two churches/schools out in Bau-Limbe that I not been to in a couple of years due to the distance and difficult roads.

Thursday it was back to the airport for MFI, Allen was anxiously waiting for an inverter that was being rushed in to finish Hudson’s project as the one that originally was shipped was incorrect. I rode back with Hudson & Allen to look at Jim’s third solar project as it was near the airport, then it was off to the streets of Cap-Haitien to pick up some last minute electrical parts to complete the project. We were finally able to fill our shopping list but not before school let out causing traffic jams, Cap’s own version of “rush hour”. At the airport I had volunteered if I could be of any help to SonLight with getting their project finished I would be glad to help as I had the rest of the day free. Allen said that would be great as they had at least 4 hours of work ahead and due to the wrong part snafu had already extended their trip a few days. We finally were back to the Hess’s at about 4PM, they had left for the airport at about 9:30 AM so after a meal it was off to work. After some direction I was able to start doing some wiring changes to the main service panel while Terri and Allen were connecting up the replacement inverter. Soon we were working by flashlights trying to get the power connected. By about 6:30 Terri was doing some final checks and slowly turning on the system while doing multiple tests. Soon we had lights again, we were running off of what the sun had stored in the batteries during the day. A local friend of Hudson’s took two of us home, it was dark and raining but a great sense of satisfaction that the Hess’s were back up and running. They have not opted to connect to EDH [the power company] due to the high cost for a connection where they are and small amounts of time that it might be on.

Friday I finally was able to install a new water pump and timing belt in the Isuzu Rodeo that T-Lewis has so graciously lent us. The information that came with the belt showed it to be a 4 hour job but, here in the yard, lacking a few tools, and saying many prayers, Geslin & I were able to get it finished in 6.

Maybe today Jane & I can get down and visit the Hess’s, finish tightening a few electrical connections with the proper size allen wrench that we had been lacking on Thursday.

God continues to show each day were we can be involved with the Haitian people and come along side of the other missionaries here in whatever their ministry may be.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

The right people at the right time

As Bud and I continue to work out our transportation needs, God as usual has been faithful in providing the right people at the right time to help us.

 I was in need of a cab driver, but it is a little scary relying on someone you do not know to take you from place to place and it would not take much to them to speak in a way that I would not understand what was going on.

 So I asked a friend of mine to recommend someone. He did and just before he was to begin to work for me he changed his mind. Now what do I do. So My friend contacted another young man. When he came to meet me he seemed nice enough and spoke English which was a blessing.

 The first morning he came to get me Josianne my Haitian  friend who helps me with cooking on my crazy days looked out the door to see who I was getting into a car with. She is so protective.  She was so excited to see it was Frantz Seide. She has known him and his parents for years. She yelled to me. It is okay he is a wonderful Christian man.

As we were riding into town and I use the term lightly because this car was barely running at times, I asked him where he learned English. He told me he finished 3 years at Emmaus Seminary and that he had a wonderful teacher he adored. Ms Marylou. He asked me if I knew her and I was pleased to say I did.  He told me he wanted to do his fourth year but did not have enough money to go back to school yet. That was why he was driving taxi.

 I am so glad that the money I am paying him will help him to finish his dream to be a Pastor.  He is my driver 4 days a week and everyday he says to me "do not worry I will take good care of you"   Taxi from my home to where I teach and back  is about $35 a week.

Conversations in the car are great because on the way home we pick up other people and I am meeting more and more people but today a familiar face entered the cab.  Mdm Ramond runs an orphanage and a church.  Her husband  was the leader but he died.  As we enter my driveway she asked if she could join my English classes too.  Actually several Pastors have come to me and asked me to do a special class for them.  There is always more work to do.  I am not sure how all of it will work out but I am sure it will.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just a quick note

I just came from a walk in the awful heat and I just wanted to share with you what I saw today. Nonam helps us here with our chickens and garden and covers when Geslin is off on Sunday's. Today he took me to meet his family.

 Nonam does not live next door as I thought but a ways down the street and so we walked down the main road and then up the windy narrow path surrounded by cactus to his families homes.  His wife and children, brothers and sisters and his cousins all live there.  Not a house has a decent roof and the older family home is falling down.  It gives the Leaning Tower of Pisa a run for it's money.  They took me in and paper bags were stuffed in the holes to keep the rain out.  Across from this home was another in better shape but not finished. Most of the roof was not on yet and what was on was made of old rust roofing and leaked.

 Nonam had a home partially built for his family but the roof was not on yet.  It has stood this way for 8 years. I asked Geslin what it would cost to finish this home.  To add the roof and it would cost about$1500. American dollars.  So little but way more than I can afford to do.  The three houses surround a courtyard where we have decided will be a great place to have a small group. (which will be a very big group) for Bible Study and worship.  So many of the people here do not go to church because they do not have clothes to wear to church.  So we are starting a come as you are service.  I have asked Damas a young man who is attending Seminary with our help to come and help with the study and He has agreed. This will be a great experience for him. 

As I was leaving I found out in the same area lives Mdm. Joseph. She worked at the Holiday House with me and also another family that works for 4VEH.  We shared our plan with them and they were so excited.  I know this puts me in a position where I will be constantly begged for money and expose me to a lot of people, but I did not come here to hide behind the walls of my home or the walls surrounding it.  I came here to serve a God who loves people and I want to share my love for him.   It has been a good day.  Jane

True Worship

That was the title of my devotion this morning.

 Last night I had a hard time falling asleep which has not been a problem for some time now.  My mind kept going over the faces of the people who have come to me lately and their needs.  Lesson plans filled my head and how do I teach the children better who are struggling and just my day in general.  So I got up and decided to check out face book and see how my friends were doing and post a couple of quick Praises there. I also wanted to write a quick note to a supporter who is so faithful to us and I had not written to her in a while.

 As soon as I turned on my computer there it was an email from her and an encouraging note.  Then as I check my face book another prayer partner instant messaged me to pray with me.  We had a wonderful time sharing what God has laid on our hearts and praying for each other. I praise God for those little moments when people reach out to us here.

When we came back to Haiti We were asked by so many to work with them but my prayer was Lord show me what work you have for us to do here, especially for me.  I was searching for my place here. I just wanted to serve the Lord and complete my purpose here.  I know that evangelizing
 children in still a part of it but God has given this to me. My job is to Worship Him in everything I do. My devotions say to ask the question " Lord what can I do for you, you name it it's yours, Whatever I can offer you, please let me know." And that is what my days are like and Bud's as well. 

One young man came to me yesterday and he is having very serious dental problems and is in a lot of pain. I can only offer him a little money to buy the a mouth rinse and special tooth paste to help him. But what he shared with me was that he had asked others for help and they said they did not have the money to help they were sorry and walked away.  He said what meant so much to him was even though I also cannot give him the money to have the dental work done I joined him in praying for a solution and am standing with him trying to help him get through this.  Another young man was lead astray by a cult and he is very confused.  I ordered a book for him explaining this cults believes verses what the Bible says.  God had showed me this book while we were home. I did not know it was because I would be faced with helping someone understand they were going down the wrong path.  Together we are looking into God's Word.  I asked him to read the book and come back to share his feelings with me.  He shared that in the past others told him he was not welcome around them any more because he was going to this church.  He was grateful that I cared enough to help him understand what he was doing.  He still has not made a decision on what he is going to do.

I tell you these things not to point to what I am doing.  I am sharing that God is teaching me what He wants from me.  To use my gift of hospitality, time, and my availability to come along side whoever he brings into my life and be Jesus in their life.  To Worship Him in everything I do. Josiann shared with me that the Haitian people know that I love them and she encouraged me to continue to do what I am doing.  That I have no idea the effect it was having on people.  I praise God for bringing her into my life, she is wise council. She made this comment after working in our home one day and seeing how many people came to my door during that time just to talk things over with me.

I loved working with teams when we were with our other mission assignment.  Now God is requiring me to use the same passion I had for the teams to care for the Haitian people and other missionaries here as well. Relationships are so important and that is what we were called to do no matter where we live.  It was always there the call I was just not ready. My mission in Haiti.  To serve the Lord, and use whatever I have, material, or spiritual to worship Him. " God just let me know what I am to do for you today".
Bud will be blogging soon.  God is working on him as well.  Jane

Monday, October 08, 2012

Trying to Understand Why

Today I have been asking questions trying to understand why somethings like the death of these children happen here.  More people are coming to me and tell me about some bad men killing children.  Although we do not know all the fact of these deaths I did ask a Pastor today if these deaths could be a result of a religious practice.  He said there are those who believe in order to win at the lottery or to gain money, jobs or wealth they must make Satan happy.  Sacrifice is the way you do it.  That means different things to different people.  He truly believes that Satan is behind so many of these things that happen in this country and that we need to be very diligent in our prayers and very diligent in our work to reach people for Christ.  I asked my Pastor here if he would be visiting the families in this area and if they were going to go could I come along.  This week we are going to meet to talk about a children's program and evangelizing in this area as an outreach of the church we work with here in Haiti.  In the meantime I am spending time in prayer about this very matter.  God is changing Haiti one person at a time.  There are so many wonderful Christians here. I think of the young men at Emmaus seminary and the work they are doing.  The churches here.  The individuals here who love working for Jesus.  So many.  Please pray for them as well.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Our hearts are breaking

Today is Sunday and we have been to two wonderful services that were so uplifting.  Then during prayer time the Pastor of the school I work at announced that he had recieved word that two of the children who were to begin school tomorrow have been murdered.  They are between the ages of 3 and 8.  They are from a region in the mountain where the school had offered free education to some of the countries poorest children.  We do not have all the facts but we know that evil is surrounding all of this.  We know in our hearts that Satan is definitly a part of this but I know that God the creator of all things will turn this into something that will bring honor and Glory to himself and advance His kingdom. 
Satan is very much a part of this country and we are at war spiritually here everyday.  Our prayer is for our walk to be so close to our Lord and Savior that we are prepared for the battle everyday. We need to put on the full armor of God each and everyday.
Please pray for these families and the Pastors as they minister to them.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Great Respect

I am sitting here nursing a sore back and drinking a coke after a morning of washing sheets in a tub outside using as little water as I could because of the lack of rain and praying that the power comes on so we can pump water.  How spoiled we are.  When I think that Haitian women do this kind of work everyday my heart goes out to them.  Yet since Bud and I have changed how we live and we live more like the community around us we see a difference in how the Haitians look at us.  It has given me opportunity to share that we are not special. The Haitians are always running to help me and say that I should not have to work so hard.  One day I asked why and was told because I am a blanc woman.  He told me Blanc women cannot work like Haitian women and should not have too. WHAT!.  When did we become better than the people we work with. Because of this I want to work more beside my sisters and build relationships with them as we work.  I wish I lived closer to the river and I would love to help them do their laundry.  What a great way to build relationships and open opportunities to share Jesus.
Yesterday I drove into the city to help with sign ups for our English Classes. I had an opportunity to meet a man who is Haitian and lives part of his time living in Fort Lauderdale.  Pastor and I had a chance to share with him our dream of a children's club ministry here.  He was so excited and felt he could help us find play equipment for the kids. After a little while I went for a walk with Pastor through the streets of Cap.  I can remember being a little apprehensive of just walking around but God is showing me that this is a new place of ministry for me.  I have time between my classes I am teaching.  There are so many women working in the streets and so many opportunities to build relationships with them.  I told Pastor I wanted to go out alone and talk with the women.  He told me go ahead but I saw him watching from a distance.  It was wonderful. The women are so anxious to talk we me. My Creole gets stronger everyday because it has too.  If I can spend a few minutes each day sitting and talking with them I might be able to build a discipling relationship with them.
I went down to OMS to sign certificates for my students last year in English and God showed me that my work with them is not finished either.  So many asked for the opportunity to visit with me and spend time talking with me.  My mind went to an overload of fear of being overrun with people wanting my time.  But then isn't that what I am here for.  To build relationships, sharing Jesus and working alongside our church building a group of disciple for Christ. I praise God he has given us our evenings that are quiet and peaceful and we get restful sleep.  Yesterday Bud was working with a man Ti Blan.  They are getting along great.  While they were working a friend of Bud called out "aren't you taking a lunch break" Bud responded why the Haitians aren't."  I can tell you Bud comes home at 3:00 and he is dead tired but loving what he is doing.  He is working along side men he can influence everyday by building relationships.
Jeslyn just came and and told me my clothesline broke and all my laundry is lying in the grass.  Praise God for grass and not mud.  The Haitian Women never have this problem because they hang their clothes over their cactus fence.  Silly me using a clothesline.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another Week

It’s 8:40 Saturday morning, the breakfast dishes are washed and our little generator has been charging our inverter batteries and running our little chest freezer for almost two hours now. My little MP3 player is tuned to Horizon (4VEH) which is rebroadcasting Christian radio out of Montgomery, AL. through the computer speakers it fills our living room with music. Jane has been gearing up for English class inscription (registration) staring Monday.

Last Monday I met with Susan Rakoczy with LifeWater Int. and John Beasley from the Dominican about helping out with the ongoing maintenance of a fleet of German military trucks used throughout Haiti by many different mission organizations. Tuesday I was able to spend five hours with John and their Haitian mechanic getting to know the inns and outs of these vehicles. Wednesday Jane and I made our way to immigration to start the annual renewal process of our Permis De Sejours (Visas) along with picking up some needed items and groceries from Cap. Thursday it was airport day; it has been exciting to see the ongoing renovations at the Cap-Haitian International airport. The terminal has had many changes, and now the runway is being lengthened and built new from scratch in sections all while the airport continues to function. I was told at MFI on our return that I would not recognize the airport and sure enough it is changing each week into a very modern day facility. Friday, Jane had a meeting about English class and we took the Rakoczy’s up on their offer of a few free chickens. We boxed up two pullets and a young rooster for our yard. Upon arriving home I started to open the box and Jestlin our yard keeper said NO! against his better judgment I let the young chickens escape, they took off in three different directions. I can remember that my parents kept chickens when I was a preschooler but I never really knew much about their care. Enel showed up just as we started to try and round them up. He went on to exclaim that you need to tie a string to their ankle and keep them leashed for a period of time until they come to understand that they are to stay in their new safe place. Well between “No-name” the neighbor, Jane, Jestlin, and I we were able to get the three back together in our yard, some feed, water and after a few hours found that it would be their new home. Jane named them Rudy the rooster, Matilda & Betsy. They seemed to like to hide beneath the cactus thicket fence by our house. They would hang out and eat together in the cooler times of the day checking out the yard. At about 15 minutes before sundown I watched Rudy fly up into a small mango tree in our front yard then making his way to higher branches to roost for the night. The girls were out behind our garden wall but were making their way around the house to where Rudy had been. Betsy could hear him and when she spotted him got excited and also flew up to crotch in the tree about six feet and made her way near Rudy. Matilda tried her best to fly up but only got about three feet off of the ground and clung to a lump on the trunk there. Poor Matilda was desperately looking at the other two and knew that the daylight would soon be gone. She jumped to the ground and once again tried but to no avail. I was able to slowly lean a piece of bamboo up to the crotch of the tree and stepped back, Matilda flapped and climbed the bamboo to safety with the others. Jane & I laughed at how all had turned out throughout the day.

Continue to pray for Haiti, they have been in the grip of a long drought. Many of the water wells here have dried up and the better wells are struggling to keep up with the strain. We have heard stories of long waiting lines at some wells and how one Pastor has been trucking containers for miles to keep his congregation in safe drinking water. Susan told me Thursday that they have fifty requests for new wells and ten came in the last week. The Haitian crew continues to drill new wells along with keeping existing wells repaired.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Frist Sunday in Church

Praise God a dear friend of our Louis loaned us a car to go to church and use for a while.  Right after he did that another friend Pastor Gary came and told us his car was ours when we need it till we can find transportation.  What a blessing.
 We attended church at Zion and today was a very special day.  Pastor Franzy ( believe this is how it is spelled) was ordained as the Hospitality Pastor of Zion.  He will be working with families under Pastor James and Pastor Migueloson.  There  were over 100 people crammed into that little church and it was hot but a very meaningful  service.  I met with the Pastors earlier in the week to see where we can be a help in the church to advance the vision they have for their community and school.  One of the things I will be doing is teaching English to the congregation and working in the school. This year they are taking on kindergarten and Pastor James feels the school will have 80 children this year.  Having English offered in the school will make this christian school more attractive.  There are new challenges now that there is free education here in Haiti.  I can not believe it is here but one of the Pastors told me he checked and it is so.  This will hurt the Christian schools here and it will take more to get parents to invest in a Christian education for their children. In a land where Satan is attacking from all directions, children need this type of everyday discipleship in their lives. 
Next week we will have inscription for English Classes that I will be teaching along with Pastor John Alex in Cap Haitian.  We will be teaching four days a week for 2 hours a day using Christian materials.
Yesterday we finally got rain and it came down in buckets.  It made sleeping so much easier.  A friend of ours who is a master gardener came and they began the process of planting a garden for us to share.  God sent the rain to water it. 
Bud and I were so deeply touched by a man who is very ill and up in years.  He was a watchman for OMS until he became ill.  He was our favorite.  We were so touched when we saw him standing at our gate.  The walk up this road is tough on Bud and I because we are on the side of the mountain but up he walked just to greet us and bring us fruit.  He also wanted to make sure we were in a safe place. Others brought more fruit throughout the day.
Gifts keep coming but Bud and I do not understand why these people use what little they have to make us feel welcome.  We are so humbled by all of this. 
Monday Bud meets with a man to talk about working with him on trucks. In the afternoon we will be attending a funeral for Edric's mother who died suddenly. 
In the afternoons I try to spend time with some of the workers here trying to get to know them and perhaps it will give me an opportunity to share with them about my faith and what Jesus has for them. We have so many neighbors around us and I have been praying about how I should approach them and how do I share with them in a safe way.  In church today I kept thinking about how I should be sharing the Gospel with my neighbors and how I could do it with my limited creole which gets stronger everyday.  It has to because everyone one around us only speaks creole now. Bud and I both feel at peace and that we are where God wants us to be.  It is a very different way of living then what we had at OMS but we seem to fit right in.  There is no safer place to be than where God puts you.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


It’s hard to believe we have been here for an entire week and God’s Blessings are piling up. Here is just a taste of what we’ve been experiencing since leaving home.

Upon arriving at MFI (Missionary Flights International), Bud and I took notice of the van packed full of all of the things that we had acquired to make our new house a home. Things like a small generator, counter top, chair, clothing and even a small freezer that a dear friend generously provided for us. I began to worry that we wouldn’t have enough money to pay the cost of freight and we hadn’t even added our groceries yet!

After running some errands for MFI, I finally got a chance to stop into the office to pay for our tickets and arrange the freight. I began with “We might have to leave some of this behind so I can pay for it later” but before I could finish the secretary informed me that someone had anonymously put one thousand dollars on our account that very morning. What a blessing! This enabled us to take everything in one trip! We did not know who did it but we are so grateful.

When we arrived in Cap a Pastor friend was at the airport. He did not know we were coming but quickly lead us through customs and made all the arrangements for our cargo to make things easier for us. Then he followed us to our home. Susan from Life Water was also there to pick us up with two trucks for all of our belongings. We are so blessed to have good friends here. When we arrived at our cottage our landlord and friend was just dropping off the last of the things she had stored for us. There it was all piled in the middle of the living room/kitchen and the front yard. Where do you begin? I quickly began to set up the bed with Pastor John Alex’s help and Bud started working on getting us electricity.

Quickly we found out we did not have any water. The over-head storage tank was empty and I had a very dirty house. Soon, our yard worker was up the tower and with a couple of his friends in tow they began to fill the tank, bucket after bucket in the oppressive heat. When Bud found out what they were doing, he asked why that way? They told us the local power company had not sent power in a while and this is the only way to do it. We asked them to stop as it was simply too hot to do it now. We would wait for power or the cooler evening and neither came that night. Finally the power came and they were able to fill the tank.

Since we have been here the power has only been on during the last two days. Word is the people are doing their version of “communication” with the power company by throwing rocks and bottles. While it may not be the best way, we have to admit it seems to be working. Gasoline is $5.00 a gallon and our generator is burning about 10 gallons a week when the power is not on.

Since we arrived the Haitians have been streaming to our home with eggs, pineapples, oranges and other gifts. One man came yesterday and noticed my shoe was coming apart and took it to repair it. A friend of ours brought us a car to help us with transportation for 3 days and another came to help us set up our connection for power. We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from the Haitian people.

We have a young man who lives here in a small house outside of ours to help with security. He is wonderful. His name is Jeslyn. He is learning to eat American because I feed him and that is all I know how to cook.

Another Haitian friend has offered to loan us a vehicle. Please pray with us that God would open a way to a more permanent solution in this area as I will need transportation to begin working.

On October 1st Pastor John Alex will be opening a school to teach English in Cap Haitian and I will be working with him. We are using this as a tool to evangelize and to raise money for another project he and I have been dreaming about. We want to begin a kid’s sports club called Junior Athletes for Christ. We will be using sports and games to bring the good news of Christ to these children. Three Saturdays a month we will bring children to the church to play games. We will need soccer balls, tennis rackets, volleyballs, basketball and a net. The first hour will be singing, Bible lessons and such and then the games begin. It is our desire to have 4 to 5 hundred children participate, each in a group that meets once a month during the school year. In order to feed these children we need people to sponsor a child at the cost of $15 per year. This does not seem like a lot of money but multiply it by 500 kids. If you would like to help with equipment or food please contact me at and I can tell you how.

I will be teaching English four afternoons, plus two mornings each week. That leaves lots of time for other things as well. I am still trying to get with Pastor Migueloson and Pastor James to see how we can become active in what they are doing. We will not be working at the orphanage as we first thought because they have successfully found Haitians to watch over the children affording the current missionaries a chance to go home for a visit. I will though be teaching sewing to the girls there. We are still working that out.

Bud met with another organization that has a job for him to do which will benefit several other mission organizations. He will be organizing supplies and assisting a mechanic who comes into the country to work on a specific kind of vehicle. All this is still in the planning stages so I will let you know how that goes.

Today we walked a little over a mile and a half to attend a meeting and it was so much fun seeing old friends along the way!

God is good and we are so excited. Our home is finally settled and we are so comfortable. I used to love the mountain that was behind the OMS compound but it was hard to see. Now we live at the foot of it and I look at it from my porch every day. What a great place to pray.

As you pray for us, please remember our dear friend John who has been diagnosed with a very serious form of cancer. He’s a big part of our small group back home and it’s so hard being here and not there with them. Please join us in praying for a miracle.

Can I share one more blessing? We are so thankful for one of our wonderful daughter Gretchen who is our lifeline. We live in a place where it is hard to get anything done but a call to her and it is handled. Thank you Gretchen and thank all of you for standing by us. Jane

Friday, September 07, 2012

Developing Patience

Hi Everyone,
After two long days on the road we finally arrived in Spring Hill Fla. We had a safe and enjoyable trip but not without a few bumps along the way to test our faith & patience. Over the past 18 months we have relied on our "smart" cell phone to give us GPS navigation as we travel and also keep us connected with e-mail. Somewhere during our first day on the road the maps started to disappear from the navigation screen, when Jane got that remedied, the turn by turn voice disappeared and we were getting notices that we need to download an app. that we already had. Having an atlas in the van and because we had traveled this well know route to Florida many times before we were confident about the trip. After making some arrangements through our daughter Gretchen with Verizon we would be stopping in Gainesville, Fla. to have the phone repaired.
Somewhere near Savannah, Ga. we received a mass e-mail from Missionary Flights Int. that the Cap-Haitian airport was proceeding with plans to close for the next five weeks for runway repairs. "MFI" has a team in "Cap" negotiating a solution and would advise us later on Friday. We had known that Cap-Haitian had been extending the runway for over a year now but this may be putting a kink in our travel plans. You can imagine the thoughts that started through our minds of alternate ways to get "in", none being very efficient or inexpensive. We know that God has a plan and this bump in the road did not surprise Him. We know that down the road we will look back and marvel at how He worked out the details.
After stopping in Gainesville for an hour, Verizon was able to re-set the phone and get it working properly again. They believe that somehow some of the software got corrupted and it was no longer able to recognize the memory card.
At 10:00 PM we receive an e-mail of a possible airport solution, a common saying is "well, remember this is Haiti" when things just don't go smoothly.
We plan to enjoy our weekend here on the Gulf Coast with friends and let God work out the details.
Thanks for your prayers, we will keep you posted as long as we have Internet access.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Our Home In Haiti

On our way

The van is packed and we are heading for Florida tomorrow morning. We will be in Florida for several days visiting the First Baptist Church which has been standing behind us as we have served these past few years. It will be exciting to visit some of our friends in the Spring Hill area. We will be flying into Haiti on the 11Th our 41st anniversary. Our first few weeks will be settling our house and arranging transportation. We also have some government paperwork we need to do. Our Visa will expire soon.

We are very excited to share that we will be working with Grace Zion Church in Haiti. This church has formed a partnership with Grace Church in Erie. We will be helping them establish some children's programs and help them develop their school. We will be exploring ways we can help other churches from Erie with work they are doing in the Cap Haitian area as well.

Bud's head is spinning as he tries to work out all the details of how we are going to hook up stoves and electricity. We are working on ways to use as little as possible to keep our expenses down. We will not have the Internet for a while but as soon a we do I will post picture of the work he will be doing to create us a home in Haiti to work from. For now here are some pictures of our little cottage in Haiti. Jane

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It is hard to believe it is August already. Where did our time here at home go. Soon we will be packing for Haiti as well. Our new landlord in Haiti has shared with us some special things they have done to our little cottage. Bud and I have been looking at all we have and deciding if there are things we can buy that do not require electricity. Our new little cottage is very much like a Haitian home. Our water is heated by the sun and we will not have electricity except for a few hours a day. Today we found out we have a car to look at when we return to Haiti. It is an older vehicle but God has blessed me with a husband who can fix cars. Praise the Lord. We also plan to buy a motorcycle for around $1200. This will make it possible for Bud and I to go in two different directions as our ministries require. Bud and I are being asked by several different people to get activly involved with the work they are doing in Haiti. There are so many needs but Bud and I want to seek God in what he would have us to do. It is so easy to get burned out in Haiti trying to help everyone. Our time here at home with our grandchildren and children has been wonderful. For the first time in 3 years Bud and I have not had to travel a lot to raise support. We have actually had a chance to just forget about Haiti and rest. In the next few weeks I will continue to work on materials for the English Program that I will be helping with for Radio 4 VEH. I would appreciate prayers for both this program and the radio station. We have had great vistis with Kate from Haiti. She has been staying with us off and on this summer. She will be returning to Haiti in Aug. Wadner is here in the states now. For those of you who do not know him, he and I work together in Haiti. He is one of my Haitian translators. Better yet he is a dear friend and has now married a great friend of mine from my home church. Please allow me to share another praise with you. During our time at camp 14 children gave me the privilage of leading them to the Lord and one of my grandsons also prayed and committed his life to Jesus. Bud and I take very seriously our responsiblities as grandparents. This is why it is important to us to have this time here at home with them in the summer when they are out of school. Next summer we will take another 3 months home. Part of that time we will return to Seneca Hills Bible Camp and work as resident missionaries and of course we will take some of our grandkids with us. Our desire is to be in Haiti on Sept 11 but our mission board has informed us that our account does not have enough support in it or enough Faith Promises set up to show that we will have the income we need to return. In order to leave the beginning of Sept we need to have our account healthy by Aug 15. We ask that all of our supporters make this a matter of prayer. Please contact us if you are having problems transfering your support from OMS to World Outreach Ministries. Thank you so much to all of you who have already given to us in prayer and support. God has blessed us with a wonderful team. Praise the Lord. Jane
Bud and I are so very excited to share with all of you that we are now affiliated with World Outreach Ministries. You can find us on their website at Bud and I will continue to live in the Vaudreuil area. God has opened so many new doors for us and shown us how He would like us to continue to serve Him in Haiti. Not all paths are clear yet but our call to serve Him in Haiti is still very clear. I will continue to work with children in Haiti and teaching English as a second language. One of the new ways I will be teaching English is on the radio 4VEH using Christian music as a tool for teaching God's Word. Not all is clear on how I will be working with children other than it will include street ministries and involvment in a local churches children's programs. God has shown me new ways to work with children like story telling that I am hoping to develope with Haitians who will be working with me. Bud will be helping Missionary Flights International two days a week unloading planes. He will also be helping other missionaries in the area with mechanical needs. Bud has also made himself available to continue to help OMS with their generators as well if needed. Together we are planning on helping in different ways with a local orphange. As our roles there develop we will be updating you. This move has opened two opportunities for us. One is to live more simply and with less overhead than we have had in the past. God through our supporters has so graciously provided the things we need but it has been a struggle to meet all the financial requirements of our past mission board. This move cuts our base budget in half. Secondly this move changes our status from being employees of a mission board to a relationship where we have an affiliation with a mission board and accountability and more freedom to follow the dirction we feel God is leading us in. We have been so blessed by our supporters who have followed us to our new mission home. When all the changes have been made and we see that we have all the support we need to return to Haiti we will. Our goal is to arrive in Haiti on Sept 11, 2012. Please pray with us that our support will be at the level we need by Aug 1 so we can plan our return. Presently Bud and I are working at Seneca Hill Christian Camp in Pennsylvania as guest missionaries teaching children about missions. We will return home on Saturday, but will come back to camp in July for another week of working with these kids. Our email address has not changed. We would love to hear from you. Each month I will update our blog as to what we are doing and how God is working in our lives. We want to be better accountable to you our readers as to what God is doing through us in Haiti.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Blessing

Monday morning after men's bible study I was at our office touching base with everyone and lining up my week. Brett our Field Director happened to mention that our van would need to go to Port-au-Prince to get some paperwork corrected. The plan was to leave on the 25th and tentatively return on Wed. the 28th.

This caught my attention, Jane & I have been trying to get our Haitian drivers licenses completed for the past 2+ years. Our paperwork had been started here in Cap-Haitian but due to the earthquake & other problems, everything was at a standstill.

While seven of us had flown to Port-au-Prince for the day in November 2010 working on our Permis-De-Sejour (Visas), after completing early, we went over to the drivers license center to see if we could get ones there quicker. There we found long lines but were helped by a man that said he could get the process started. They made copies of our current state side licenses and took our information. A month later we found that we would need to return to "Port" for photos and completion.

It all seems easy enough except when you figure $200 US dollars each to fly down for the day along with meals, guide & taxi, it can become very expensive. But now I find that our van is making the trip, that would shave off $400 right away, but 3 days lodging & meals at the OMS Villa Ormiso is still an expense along with a driver/guide.

We spent the week getting things in order here including any required paperwork & official numbers that we might need to finish. Kate Zlotnicki was making phone calls with a former English student now police officer in Port getting everything ready for us on that end. Jane's "Port" paper work had been lost so it was being started from scratch long distance.

We figured that with no glitches and if the van paperwork is completed that we would be making the 7+ hour trip back North on Wed. arriving late afternoon, none too soon as our daughters Gretchen and Marcia are flying in at 9:00AM on Friday.
If things didn't come together the plan was to hitch a ride with a friend or fly back.

On Wednesday evening we heard that the Cap-Haitian license center was once again processing some applications, but it seemed that you needed to know someone that knows someone that knows someone to get in line. Our Haitian paperwork person for the mission had been running a couple of days getting everything on this end in order for us for the trip.

On Friday morning at 11:00 while in a meeting we received a message, "come quickly to the licensing office for your photos" the previous paperwork had been found. We rushed right in and were able to complete our licenses.

What a relief, we now would not need to make the trip to Port, we could stay and continue to get things accomplished here, be ready for the arrival of our daughters and save some much needed support dollars.

We continue to marvel as to how God meets our needs here. We also know how our supporters sacrificially give and how each dollar needs to be guarded and used to its fullest to bring glory to God.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two Months Have passed and so much has Changed

One of the joys we share on this field right now is having new people here to share the load. Bud, Cindy, Carol and Rick have joined our team and soon Cammie and Sam will be here as well. With all the new faces it has made it possible for our field to do so much more in Haiti. I hear all the time of new visions in all areas of our work. The seminary has plans to grow and better their ways of training pastors and Cowman School has plans to add a high school this next year.

My work here also has expanded. I no longer work with the sponsorship end of Starfish Kids. I now work more with special programs for the children. One program we are looking at is an academic challenge for our schools. This program will set up competitions between our schools at 3 levels. This is still in the works. We will have to raise money to cover the expenses of awards and materials for this competition. Other expenses will be to house 60 students who will attend our version of nationals here at the OMS compound. We will be looking for people who would like to get behind this program in the near future. We still do what we used to call "Jesus Parties" but now refer to them as school evangelism parties. These are parties where we show flannel graph Bible Stories and share the Gospel with the kids at school. We love to give out wordless bracelets to the kids which through colored beads tells the gospel story. We end our party giving our bags that people have raised money for full of school supplies and toiletries.

I continue to try to help our Pastors in the Starfish Kids Program as much as possible. They have so many challenges within their schools. I'm also trying to find time to spend with kids who are not in school including a group of children in the Plain du Nord area. I go there and sit with about 70 kids and read them Bible stories.

On Fridays I have a group of about 22 teens who come over from the Catholic school to practice English with me. I told them I would only do it if we could do it by reading God's word in English and have a discussion about what we read. They love to come and I love to spend time with them. I continue to teach English 4 times a week to adults and share the Gospel with them. I presently have 60 students in my level one and 55 in my level 2.

These past 2 months we have had lots of teams visiting us here. We have had the privilege of taking them out to distribute radios and share the Gospel door to door. I plan to share some of those stories with you in a future blog.

This past month in my spare time I am helping with the reorganization of our clinic. Dr Rodney has new visions and plans for the clinic but before we move ahead we need to do a lot of reorganization and do things to make the clinic run more effective. It is always good to look for ways to do things better and raise the bar for ourselves and improve how we serve first our Lord and then the Haitian people. It is great to see the changes.

Bud has been very busy too. He now has two other missionaries who help share in the maintenance work. Bud handles most of the mechanical work. He continues to meet with several Haitian men three times a week for Bible Study. He was sharing how exciting it is to watch them grow from week to week. His work never seems to end but God is faithful and keeps on showing his power and He provides all that we need each day.

Praise God for all His blessings. Please continue to pray for our needs and my health as I continue to have some digestion problems. Please pray for Bud's needs for parts and for wisdom in some of the vehicle problems we have been having. Please pray for our financial support as well, God has given us all we need for the next 8 months but we are still waiting to see what He has planned for the months after that.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Hi Everyone

Tuesday January 3
Jane & I are flying slowly over the Atlantic on our trip from Ft. Pierce, FL to Cap-Haitian on our return. While we fly peacefully along I am listening to soft music and reflecting on our time away. The immensity of it all brings tears to my eyes, How God would allow us to be involved in something so much bigger than ourselves, how so blessed we are to have such a wonderful and understanding family. We think of how God has called so many of you to give of yourselves in so many ways so that we may go. You continue to lift us up with your prayers and gifts of support.
Jane & I have had a wonderful time “out” seeing family, friends and traveling and sharing with supporters as to what God is doing in Haiti. It was a good time of refreshment and relaxation along with doctor visits, tests and Jane’s recent surgery.
We are anxious to get back to our jobs in Haiti, to pick up where we left off and to hold “Down the Fort” while Bud & Cindy Lenker head back to headquarters for a month of training.
Yesterday when we dropped off our luggage at Missionary Flights International they mentioned that Brett Bundy had stopped by earlier in the morning to do the same. Brett is our Field Director in Haiti and he and his family had been on home assignment since April and are returning on Thursday. With a few phone calls we were able to find where they were staying, we hadn’t seen their kids since April and wanted to surprise them as we are kind of their stand-in grandparents & they are our stand-in grandchildren while in Haiti. It was a great reunion with lots of hugs and squeals when we knocked on their door.
I often think while in Haiti that I get wrapped up in our work that I lose sight of the big picture. I think back to the saying “when you are up to your neck in alligators it’s difficult to remember that your objective was to drain the swamp”. So often I forget that God is in control and when I get sidetracked with emergencies or outcomes don’t meet my expectations I feel defeated not realizing that this is part of His plan of growing me.
It will be good getting back but know that we will be hitting the ground running, buying groceries & unpacking. I’m sure that there will be a steady line of Haitian well-wishers stopping by to greet us, happy for our return, Lunia will have the house spotless, Mono will have the yard manicured and so many more not to mention.
Well we are back and unpacked and ready for Wednesday. Thank-You for all of your love & prayers.