Friday, August 05, 2011

Thanks For Your Prayers

Thanks everyone for your prayers. The recent tropical storm Emily was set to cause much distruction in Haiti with torential rain, something that Haiti just can not bare at this time. We only received some moderate rain yesterday afternoon for about an hour and heard some light rain during the night. We see on the internet this morning that Emily was delared dead at 5:00PM last evening. Bud
There is a team here doing daily vacation Bible school, The first day 120 children came. The Pastor was dicouraged that their invitation was not accepted, but as the singing began and the laughter of the children filled the streets, other children peered in through doorways. After a short time the child would leave and return clean, and dressed in their finest. Day two we are up to 176 children and 47 of these street children accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Today is day 3 and the parents are invited to attend. We are praying for God hand to move and to reach the parents for Jesus. This a little church and with the 176 children in there, there is no room to move. Today we will double that attendance with grown-ups and watch God move. I will catch you up on all of this later Jane