Saturday, July 16, 2011

Time to Veg.

Well it's time to relax a little. We had the Gross family here for two weeks checking on how their children would adapt to living in Haiti. Well they didn't want to go home, really enjoyed trantula hunting after dark, playing Wii and their Haitian playmates. We took them to catch their flight this morning and picked up Matt, Stacey, Lily & Sophie as they came back. Dave & Marylyn Graffenburger are at the bus station awaiting a new team arriving through the Dominican Republic. They will be doing daily vacation bible school this next week. Jane & I have been catching up on some down time and getting some paper work completed. Tomorrow after church we plan to keep a low profile while the Graffenburgers take the team to lunch. Steve & Melissa Gross are both school teachers and feel called to join the staff at Cowman International school here.
Steve, after helping with bible school volunteered to help me with some mechanical repairs. I cautioned him that it would be hot & greasy but he jumped right in with both feet. A week ago Friday we were able to once again repair the John Deere mower. Monday & Tuesday we spent changing a rear main oil seal on an ailing generator out at the transmitter site at Petit-Ance (Little Inlet). This was a great relief for me as this project has been on my to-do list for 11 months now but we had to wait for a special installation tool to be sent in which arrived June 2. Since then it has been one thing or another delaying the fix. Thursday evening a new generator end arrived to replace a bad one at the radio station, once again Steve jumped right in and Friday afternoon we were able to rig the generator into place and get it bolted to the engine. Monday will be getting all of the electrical connections made and preparing it for automatic operation.

Jane has been very busy with teams, Starfish, VBS, and you name it. She has been wearing many hats this summer in keeping things working smoothly. Edric is putting the final touches on the new Plaine-DeNord school we were able to tour last Thursday evening. What a beautiful facility.


Friday, July 01, 2011

How did we cram so much into June?

We have been back for a month now and it feels like months. So much has been crammed into this very short time and we both feel like we are running on God's strength alone. Two teams have come and gone. Our third team is here and two more are coming in over the weekend. Last week we had 28 visitors on the compound.

The main focus for the summer is VBS. Each team coming in will be working with local churches to assist them with VBS. Each church is planning for at least 200 kids. It is very much like the VBS in the states including all the same songs only in a different language. The last team did two VBS back to back. What a great team. Not only did they help with classes but took the time to clear a better soccer field for the children of Vaudriuel Church.

There has been a lot to do and we only have 5 missionaries on the field. At our prayer meeting this week we prayed for strength and endurance to get through the rest of the summer. We have no down time till the end of Sept. I am reading a book called" Too busy NOT to pray' and it has been a real blessing for me. It has reminded me that if we are to have the strength and guidence to do what need to do we need to take time for rest and Prayer. We also need to ask God what things are important for us to be doing and what things are just things we think God wants us to do.

One thing I have been tring to put into my day is time to sit and talk with the Haitian who come to my door asking for help. It is a steady stream of people. This month was my last classes for English as a second language. I held to graduation parties for my two classes. Some of my student need some extra help this summer and others want time to just come and spend time practicing language. It adds to my work but it also gives me a chance to sit and really get to know them and help them to know Jesus better.

We continue to build schools. Right now we are working on a new school for Plain du Nord, which is not far from our compound. The children in the neighborhood are so excited. Other areas are getting new toilets and water, both are needed to help fight deases like Cholera.

Our schedule for the fall when we will be out raising support is filling up and we are praising God for the opportunity to share God's blessing on Haiti with them. We continue to Praise God for the people He worked through to keep us in the black financially.

We are so excited the Lenkers will be joining us soon. They are new missionies from Oregon and are packing as we speak. We have seen how God has worked to open doors for them and we are so excited. We will have two maintenance men named Bud at that time. What a blessing for my Bud.

We are seeing a rise in theft in the area and we feel it is because of the rise of food prices. People feel desperate. That is a common feeling among people who feel they have no where to turn for help or any hope. We are so greatful that we have a Savior who is always preparing a way for us. Thank you for your prayer on our behalf. We feel them and appreciate them more than you know. Jane