Thursday, April 07, 2011

Looking ahead and Making Plans

For the first time in a long time we can actually make plans farther ahead then the next day. Throughout this election everytime we plan to do something in the back of our minds was if there is peace. Now the election is over and I haven't spoken with one person that has told me that they are unhappy with the outcome. Wow what an expression of excitment we heard coming from the street when the annoucement came as to the winner. It went on for hours and it was a joy to hear how happy the people were. My English classes are coming to an end. My students will enjoy a nice long break while we go home to Erie for a rest. We have been saving for this time and for the first time in a long time we are actually going home to rest. All of our trips home have been to raise support but this time we are leaving our financial challenges in God's very capable hands. Bud and I are both tired and have recently had some health problems which I believe fatigue has brought on. Bud's first request when we reach the states is to have a hot fudge sunday. We have a lot of work to finish before we leave. I have been spending a lot of time preparing letters to go out for Starfish Kids, leading teams and doing some special programs for the children. Almost every afternoon I continue to work on Language. It is truly my hearts desire to begin to teach children with out an interpretor. To be able to sit with a group of children and share Bible stories with them. Bud has had am extremely heavy schedule. He has had construction teams here as well as his normal routine. yet today in my devotions I read these words. "Wherever I cause my name to be honored, I will come to you and bless you". Exodus 20:24b Isn't it wonderful that God permits us to be blessed by what He is doing around us. We do not make it happen. God does and He permits us to be a part of it so we can recieve a blessing. Wow. Today I also recieved some help from God on another thing that I find very difficult to deal with here and that is the constant flow of people knocking on my door asking for money. God spoke to me about changing my attitude about it and impressed upon my heart to practice praying and writing prayers in Creole so that I can take these opportunities to pray for them and share Jesus with them. I was looking at all them as a problem and an interuption in my work, but God showed me this is a perfect opportunity to do His work. Please pray for my ability to speak in Creole.