Sunday, February 13, 2011

You really don't mind being used, When it's God

It seems like eternity since I have had the chance to sit down and blog. Every moment I get to relax a little I have a Creole Bible in my lap and a dictionary, trying desperatly to learn this language. I really love Evangelising, (always have) but it is difficult when there is a language barrier, yet God continues to open doors.

A couple of weeks ago, Brett needed to go to Port au Prince to help a missionary couple, who are here to build homes, settle in. I had asked to go along and try to meet with a man who makes some very special bowls for our gift shop.

We have a small shop here on the compound for teams to buy things to take back home. The gift shop helps to benefit our work here. Little did I know that God had another plan in place. I have been trying to email this man for months with no success. I now know why God had it planned for me to meet him face to face.

During our time together something was said that opened the door for the conversation to turn twords me having the opportunity to share my faith with him and introduce him to Christ. Satan did everything to try to stop it. That morning no decision was made but we agreed to meet again later to finalize the order. I prayed throughout the day that God would not allow anything to stop our meeting and to permit me the chance to speak with him again. He told me everything inside him told him he needed to speak with me again but everything was happening to prevent it. It was like something was holding him back from showing up for our meeting. He did arrive 4 hours late and he accepted Christ. I have never heard someone pray with such honesty. What a privelage to share that prayer with him. Wadner was with me both times and I could see him over the man's shoulder praying for him. The man asked me why when so many have come to buy his products had no one ever talked to him about Jesus. I told him you must not have been ready to receive. God's timing is everything. The man asked if we would send someone to share with all of his employees. We did and they are now setting up Bible studies there twice a week. Isn't God amazing.

Later that week I asked my English students to write me a short story about something that happen to them in their life. One of my students came to me and asked me to read his right away. It was a plea for me to introduce him to Christ. Even tho I face a language barrier that is slowly lowering, God knows how much I love to share about Him and He opens the doors.

The last few weeks have been exhausting and there are days I get home and I am too tired to eat, but I do. And there are nights, I take tylenol Pm to get to sleep and sooth my tired legs. But one thing that keeps us going are the looks of appreciation that fill the eyes of those who find Christ because we are here following God's lead.

Another team comes in tomorrow and another week begins. Starfish kids is growing everyday. Last week we I assigned 112 kids to sponsors. Our foster parents have been doing a fantastic job. We are finishing up school photo's to be sent out with report cards. We lost another child this week to Cholera and it has made us all the more determined to try to build toilets and proper sanitation for our schools.

We are in the process of building a school in partnership with "The Joy and Hope of Haiti" Another school will be started in April. We have 4 more that need to be built immediately but lack of funds makes that impossible right now. A 10 room school cost approximatly 60,000. Three schools that need to be built need to be a church and school combination and that adds another $25000, but how efficent is that to have a building that is a church on Sunday, with great Sunday school classrooms and is a school the rest of the week.

Please pray about helping us build churches, that can be used as schools here in Haiti. Well it is 11:00 at night and I need to try to shut off my mind and get some rest. I'm sure tomorrow holds a few surprizes. Most days do. Jane

Catch A Breath

It has been a very busy month! On Feb. 3 a team of 3 people from Pennsylvania along with 2 from Indiana, also on the plane was our 3500 lb X-Ray machine from Erie, Pa.

We were able to unload the plane and move the machine to our storage depot for a March installation. The team's goal was to repair & re-roof house #9, no small job. We spent Friday getting organized & started with a plan on the re-roof. Saturday three of the team did some sightseeing while two of us worked on a linen shelving unit for Jane.

At 6:15 AM on Monday the phone rang that the generator at Petite-Ance would not start and that the radio station was off the air. Along with filters & tools three of us made our way through Cap-Haitien to get things running. When we found that the spare fuel filters that we had were not the right ones we were able to get the back-up generator running, by 9:30 we were back up on the roof. We spent five days roofing in 90 degree weather, much different that the weather that we were hearing from back in the US.

By Thursday evening we had just a little bit to complete on the roof but was closed in from weather and the Pa. team of three would be flying out the following morning.

On Friday morning, I received another phone call at 7:30 that there had been a fire at our duplex 1/2 mile away and that there was water deluging down from the ceiling. Racing down I found that our tenant Doug had been changing a propane tank and some how there was a massive propane leak and it was ignited by the nearby hot water tank. A neighboring missionary was able to put the fire out with Doug and his wife Susan suffering 1st degree burns to their faces and arms.

The concrete wall was charred black and the heat could still be felt radiating from it for quite some time.
When we turned the water back on, we could see that some plastic waterlines in the attic had melted and kept the fire from extending in through the open eaves. God had caused this to work the same as a sprinkler system to save the roof & building. Needless to say two of us spent the whole day making repairs to the melted plumbing and relocating the hot water tank.

Tomorrow will be finish the duplex, the roof project, change a pully & fanbelt on one of the vehicles, and meet the new team arriving in the morning.

The Dave Shafferly team is going to be starting an addition to the clinic. Bud & Cindy Lenker will be here, they are currently funding to come back full time to help with maintenance & office work. Doug Ries is coming in to install a new air conditioning system at the x-ray room and change some compressors at the radio station. I'm hoping to shadow Doug and get an education on air conditioning to be able to maintain them.

After a packed out church service, it was a couple hours of rest then off to a farewell party at the Christoph for two missionaries leaving the field.
Tomorrow morning Jane is off to the airport and I will be trying to finish up some things before the team arrives at 10:00.