Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time has Been Flying By

It doesn't seem like a month since my last post.

Jane hosted Christmas Dinner here, it was a great time to get together.
On 12/30 we left on a four day get-a-way with the Bundys to the Dominican Republic to relax and also meet our 90 day visitors requirement while we wait for our "permes" [Visas] to be completed.

New Years day on the beach. [the white is sand, not snow!]

Upon our return on Monday it was time to gear up for the Cowman Int. School roof replacement project. Wed.-Sat.

Since then we have only been able to work on Jan.12 and Saturdays so as not to disturb the students. We hope to finish in a couple more Saturdays weather permitting.

Hanna and her mother Julie left last Monday. Hanna just finished serving here at the clinic for a year, and what a year it was! We will miss her.

Jane left for Port-A-Prince yesterday with five others to get some paperwork done on her drivers license and purchase some of the famous Einstein Bowls for the gift shop.
They will return tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow is also my brother's birthday..... miss you Bruce!