Thursday, December 08, 2011

We will be returning to Haiti soon

Bud and I are praising the Lord and for answered prayer. I had to have my gallbladder removed yesterday and because it all went as planned Bud and I are planning to return to Haiti on January 1. We will spend a couple of days in Florida purchasing some needed things for our freezer and home in Haiti. January 3 Bud and I will be back to the work we love.

Although we have loved being with our family, we miss our work in Haiti and the Haitian people as well. We had a special treat this past weekend. Prudence and her husband came to Erie for some speaking engagements at our Church. Prudence works in our clinic. While she was here we received sad news that one of our employees in our clinic (a young man)died suddenly. This is so sad but far too common in Haiti. Another employee who works with Bud also has just recovered from Cholera and some complications. PTL.

Our Heavenly Father is ever present and is always working on our behalf. We have so much to be thankful for this Christmas. We are so looking forward to being with our family. We are also busy making plans for our return to Haiti. God has laid so much on my heart for Starfish Kids. Cindy is taking over much of the office work freeing my time more to work with our schools and the children. In order for Starfish Kids to do all that we feel we are to do for the children of Haiti, I need to visit the schools more often and find way to help our School directors run our schools well. We want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. My freind Prudence told my church. "Please do not be so busy decorating your house, that you forget to decorate your heart with Jesus" God bless you. Jane

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Wow Can't Believe So Much Time Has Passed

It is hard to believe it is November. For those of you who are so faithful to follow our blog I am sorry I have not written in awhile. We have a lot of things to catch up on. August was filled with visitors, report cards and making preparation for the next school year.

The month began with our final Vacation Bible School of the summer. Over the summer we saw over 100 children come to Christ.

Each of the teams prepared a flannel graph story for each day and taught the children through skits and songs. Each day ended with a meal of Beans and rice. Many of the children who come to these Bible Schools have never been inside the church.

When we began VBS in one of the villages we had so much fun watching the children. One the first day there was about 50 children but as we would sing and begin our program the children would be peeking in the windows and doors to see what was happening. Soon they would return dressed for church. By the end of the week we had over 250 children. On the last day we invited the parents to participate for the who program and they all came. The building held about 200 people so to accomadate all the children and their parents we gave the benches to the parents and put blankets on the floor for the kids. As we sang and taught we had to step over children. What a great day. Over 70 children accepted Christ on the last two days.

One of Bud's projects for the summer was to finish putting a roof on Cowman international school and oversee the construction of two schools. Plain du Nord school will open in October.
Flavil is still underconstruction and will open soon. What an exciting thing it is to see the children's faces when they come to see what the workman are doing. One day while the visiting team finished some painting at Plain du Nord I sat on the edge of the porch and read a story to the children about how much God loves them. When I asked the children who Jesus was some of the children responded "He is Life for me" other children did not know. That is where my heart is teaching Children that Jesus loves them and that they can have hope in a place that seems so hopeless.

The children do not seem to realize how hard life is for them because this is the only life they know. They do not know there is a whole world out there that lives differently. They laugh and play and make toys out of junk they find along the road. One of the village that I visit often to read to and play with the children is a place where the people go to make their sacrifices to Satan. The Pastor's wife came to me and told me the people in the neighborhood have been talking about the white woman who comes to read to the children. She asked me if we could do something with her church to set up a time for the neighbor children to come like a kid's club. i told her I would love to help her do this but it would be the members of the churches job to sustain it. It would be an outreach to children who do not attend our Christian School and who parents do not know Christ. It is my hearts desire to reach these children and their parents as well. As you can see in the picture each of our schools now have a toilet. Each building holds two toilets. This will be the biggest prevention along with teaching the children to wash thier hands to fight Cholera and other diseases that take the life of our children.

Bud and I are presently in Erie Pa our home. We are off the field until January 1 when we will return to the field. One of the greatest blessings we have right now is Bud and Cindy Lenker have joined our team. Bud Lenker will be a partner to my Bud. Cindy will be working with me in Starfish Kids.

While Bud and I are home we will be traveling around Pennsylvania raising support. Our support is not enough to carry us through the next 5 years. Although see our children is at the top of our favorite things to do when home, visiting the people who support us in prayer and financially is alway fun. We have met so many wonderful people on our trips and they alway pick us up and give us such encouragement. Thanks to all of you who are so faithful to us. God Bless

Friday, August 05, 2011

Thanks For Your Prayers

Thanks everyone for your prayers. The recent tropical storm Emily was set to cause much distruction in Haiti with torential rain, something that Haiti just can not bare at this time. We only received some moderate rain yesterday afternoon for about an hour and heard some light rain during the night. We see on the internet this morning that Emily was delared dead at 5:00PM last evening. Bud
There is a team here doing daily vacation Bible school, The first day 120 children came. The Pastor was dicouraged that their invitation was not accepted, but as the singing began and the laughter of the children filled the streets, other children peered in through doorways. After a short time the child would leave and return clean, and dressed in their finest. Day two we are up to 176 children and 47 of these street children accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Today is day 3 and the parents are invited to attend. We are praying for God hand to move and to reach the parents for Jesus. This a little church and with the 176 children in there, there is no room to move. Today we will double that attendance with grown-ups and watch God move. I will catch you up on all of this later Jane

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Time to Veg.

Well it's time to relax a little. We had the Gross family here for two weeks checking on how their children would adapt to living in Haiti. Well they didn't want to go home, really enjoyed trantula hunting after dark, playing Wii and their Haitian playmates. We took them to catch their flight this morning and picked up Matt, Stacey, Lily & Sophie as they came back. Dave & Marylyn Graffenburger are at the bus station awaiting a new team arriving through the Dominican Republic. They will be doing daily vacation bible school this next week. Jane & I have been catching up on some down time and getting some paper work completed. Tomorrow after church we plan to keep a low profile while the Graffenburgers take the team to lunch. Steve & Melissa Gross are both school teachers and feel called to join the staff at Cowman International school here.
Steve, after helping with bible school volunteered to help me with some mechanical repairs. I cautioned him that it would be hot & greasy but he jumped right in with both feet. A week ago Friday we were able to once again repair the John Deere mower. Monday & Tuesday we spent changing a rear main oil seal on an ailing generator out at the transmitter site at Petit-Ance (Little Inlet). This was a great relief for me as this project has been on my to-do list for 11 months now but we had to wait for a special installation tool to be sent in which arrived June 2. Since then it has been one thing or another delaying the fix. Thursday evening a new generator end arrived to replace a bad one at the radio station, once again Steve jumped right in and Friday afternoon we were able to rig the generator into place and get it bolted to the engine. Monday will be getting all of the electrical connections made and preparing it for automatic operation.

Jane has been very busy with teams, Starfish, VBS, and you name it. She has been wearing many hats this summer in keeping things working smoothly. Edric is putting the final touches on the new Plaine-DeNord school we were able to tour last Thursday evening. What a beautiful facility.


Friday, July 01, 2011

How did we cram so much into June?

We have been back for a month now and it feels like months. So much has been crammed into this very short time and we both feel like we are running on God's strength alone. Two teams have come and gone. Our third team is here and two more are coming in over the weekend. Last week we had 28 visitors on the compound.

The main focus for the summer is VBS. Each team coming in will be working with local churches to assist them with VBS. Each church is planning for at least 200 kids. It is very much like the VBS in the states including all the same songs only in a different language. The last team did two VBS back to back. What a great team. Not only did they help with classes but took the time to clear a better soccer field for the children of Vaudriuel Church.

There has been a lot to do and we only have 5 missionaries on the field. At our prayer meeting this week we prayed for strength and endurance to get through the rest of the summer. We have no down time till the end of Sept. I am reading a book called" Too busy NOT to pray' and it has been a real blessing for me. It has reminded me that if we are to have the strength and guidence to do what need to do we need to take time for rest and Prayer. We also need to ask God what things are important for us to be doing and what things are just things we think God wants us to do.

One thing I have been tring to put into my day is time to sit and talk with the Haitian who come to my door asking for help. It is a steady stream of people. This month was my last classes for English as a second language. I held to graduation parties for my two classes. Some of my student need some extra help this summer and others want time to just come and spend time practicing language. It adds to my work but it also gives me a chance to sit and really get to know them and help them to know Jesus better.

We continue to build schools. Right now we are working on a new school for Plain du Nord, which is not far from our compound. The children in the neighborhood are so excited. Other areas are getting new toilets and water, both are needed to help fight deases like Cholera.

Our schedule for the fall when we will be out raising support is filling up and we are praising God for the opportunity to share God's blessing on Haiti with them. We continue to Praise God for the people He worked through to keep us in the black financially.

We are so excited the Lenkers will be joining us soon. They are new missionies from Oregon and are packing as we speak. We have seen how God has worked to open doors for them and we are so excited. We will have two maintenance men named Bud at that time. What a blessing for my Bud.

We are seeing a rise in theft in the area and we feel it is because of the rise of food prices. People feel desperate. That is a common feeling among people who feel they have no where to turn for help or any hope. We are so greatful that we have a Savior who is always preparing a way for us. Thank you for your prayer on our behalf. We feel them and appreciate them more than you know. Jane

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Busy Time

It has been a very busy time here in Haiti. We have been back just over two weeks but seems like months.

A Resounding Hope team from Columbus, Indiana were here with Kate Michelle doing evangelism and distributing solar powered radios for the radio station. They were a lot of fun and a great asset as are all of the teams.

The team helped dig up and replace a weeping waterline that has been keeping a driveway wet. This had been a big concern of mine for over a year.
Dave & Marylyn Shaferly were covering for us while we were home, completing many of my mechanical items on my To-Do list. It was good to spend a little time with them as they are a great inspiration, sharing some 40+ years of Haiti experience.

Wednesday we took the team to the airport early and then spent the day ordering parts and getting caught up on little projects.

Late in the day Maxi from the Seminary called and said that our John Deere mower had a broken hose and was making a strange noise. Thursday I grabbed my tool box and headed out to work on the mower. Upon first look, a breather hose had become brittle from time & heat. We were able to make one from a piece of rubber hose until one can be flown in. Upon starting the engine there was still the noise, with a closer check, a head gasket had blown. While we were home Edric had replaced that cylinder head with a new one because of a problem that we had a year ago and had been running on a temporary fix all of that time. Knowing that there was an extra head gasket back at the Vaudruiel shop (5 miles away) I prepared to go get it.

Abel said wait a minute, “T-Louie” was here the other day and said that we have an electrical problem, pointing to the main power transformer atop the utility pole behind the shop. I could see long lengths of insulation hanging from the now bare wires and dangerously close to shorting out against the transformer. Maxi told me that he and John had to wrap the tops of the wood utility poles with metal because of the wood peckers, and now they were destroying the insulation on the wires!

One more thing, Abel said leading me to the “motor house” the float in the “day tank” that regulates the diesel fuel to the generators was slowly leaking and causing it to overflow and creating a puddle on the floor. That one was a quick fix with a close of the valve and instructions to keep it closed when the generators are not running. I made a quick trip back to Vaudruiel for a gasket and the “hot stick”. Upon returning we pulled the fuse on the transformer and covered the damaged wires with lengths of garden hose. I was able to get the engine disassembled and the parts cleaned up for the new gasket but when starting to torque the head bolts I found that one had stripped the threads in the block, after measuring I found that possibly a longer bolt would catch some good threads further down in the block, we called it a day.

Thursday night I was able to find and download a service manual for the engine with torque specifications and sequence to make sure that all would be Ok. On Friday morning I was able to find a longer bolt and returned to finish the job. Again starting to tighten the head, a second bolt stripped out so another round trip to the shop for more long bolts. Finally I was able to get the engine finished and Maxi was able to start mowing at 4PM, it’s a good thing as the grass was getting very long. During one of the trips I left instructions in Creole to go buy 100 goats which got a good laugh.

During the engine assembly, “T-Louie” had called that the generator at the radio station had overheated again and Edric would try to take care of it. After Maxi was mowing away I headed back to Vaudruiel, stopping at the radio station, Edric was standing by with another radiator to change. The generator overheated again and so we started a quick change out, releasing the boiling water onto the floor, me in sneakers and he in flip-flops we danced around and in about 10 minutes we were ready to start-up. Quickly we found that a hose clamp was leaking and now the thermostat wouldn’t open causing it to overheat. Again the boiling water and a very hot removal of the thermostat. Soon the generator was running again at a cool 170 deg. We will install a new thermostat when we get the second radio station generator up & running, parts expected in a week.

It’s now 5:30 PM and we are both grease to our elbows, it’s time for a shower and call it a day. A new team arrives Sunday afternoon, only God knows what next week holds.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

We Are back to Work

We have been back for a week and we started off running. Bud has been trying to catch up on all that was done while we were gone. Yesterday we had a big rain storm and it took out our security lights so he was working his way around the compound trying to find the problem. The construction of Plain du Nord school began while I was out and so I have been very busy working out communication problems on it. We have wonderful Haitian workers here and their work is great but sometimes communication can add to problems. This is very common when you have two different cultures working together.
Monday and Tuesday I gave the final exams for my English classes. We also have a Resounding hope team here as well. They are here to learn about missions and do radio distribution. I have been under the weather for the last two days. I spent yesterday in bed all day and today I am much better. The body aches have stopped since my fever has broken but I still have no strength so Bud is taking the vistors to the beach by himself. I am grateful for Dr Rodney being here. Yesterday he made a house call for me. Next week we have teams coming in to do vacation Bible school for two of our churches. We have teams coming in to do VBS for the next two months. Please pray for my health to be restored so I can do the work I was called to do. Jane

Monday, May 09, 2011

A Visit Home

Bud and I are so fortunate to be able to have a break at home with our family. We will be returning to Haiti on June 2. This pictures were taken Mother's day I am teaching my grandchildren how to make pizza's for their mothers for Mother's day. It was a wonderful day and I feel so blessed to be with my daughters and grandchildren on such a special day.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Looking ahead and Making Plans

For the first time in a long time we can actually make plans farther ahead then the next day. Throughout this election everytime we plan to do something in the back of our minds was if there is peace. Now the election is over and I haven't spoken with one person that has told me that they are unhappy with the outcome. Wow what an expression of excitment we heard coming from the street when the annoucement came as to the winner. It went on for hours and it was a joy to hear how happy the people were. My English classes are coming to an end. My students will enjoy a nice long break while we go home to Erie for a rest. We have been saving for this time and for the first time in a long time we are actually going home to rest. All of our trips home have been to raise support but this time we are leaving our financial challenges in God's very capable hands. Bud and I are both tired and have recently had some health problems which I believe fatigue has brought on. Bud's first request when we reach the states is to have a hot fudge sunday. We have a lot of work to finish before we leave. I have been spending a lot of time preparing letters to go out for Starfish Kids, leading teams and doing some special programs for the children. Almost every afternoon I continue to work on Language. It is truly my hearts desire to begin to teach children with out an interpretor. To be able to sit with a group of children and share Bible stories with them. Bud has had am extremely heavy schedule. He has had construction teams here as well as his normal routine. yet today in my devotions I read these words. "Wherever I cause my name to be honored, I will come to you and bless you". Exodus 20:24b Isn't it wonderful that God permits us to be blessed by what He is doing around us. We do not make it happen. God does and He permits us to be a part of it so we can recieve a blessing. Wow. Today I also recieved some help from God on another thing that I find very difficult to deal with here and that is the constant flow of people knocking on my door asking for money. God spoke to me about changing my attitude about it and impressed upon my heart to practice praying and writing prayers in Creole so that I can take these opportunities to pray for them and share Jesus with them. I was looking at all them as a problem and an interuption in my work, but God showed me this is a perfect opportunity to do His work. Please pray for my ability to speak in Creole.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Madam Jane This little girl can't talk

A little over a week ago one of our pastors came to me to ask for help for a little girl in his church. He said suddenly she could not talk. It was if she had no control over her mouth. She could not make a sound. I sent Amos to pick up this little girl and bring her to the clinic. Dr could not find anything physically wrong with her but was concerned enough to question her separately. What she wrote in a discription is very much like a ritual that is done in voodoo but she said it was while she was a sleep. This child was surrounded by prayer. A couple of days later in her sleep he ability returned to speak but the pastor noticed when she would try to sing praises the problem would return. During a play time during church the child began to cry and kept saying see the man in front of me is trying to make me eat what is in his hand. But the Pastor's wife said there was no one there. Emmanuel and I went to the home of the child but the grown ups in the household chose not to be there. Pastor told us that the father was not a Chrisitan and was afraid that they wanted to take the child to a witch doctor. We prayed over this child in her home. But she was not alone. Several children followed us into a small room not much bigger than a small bathroom which was there house. We prayed over all of the children. One young man was about 14 and asked to recieve Jesus in his heart. What an afternoon. I plan to return to this house again. I hope to take a book with me to read Bible Stories to these children. I want them to learn that Jesus loves them and can protect them from the evil that surrounds them. It has increased my desire to reach children outside of our schools as well as those inside. Everytime I visit a school I see eyes peering through the wall wishing they could come in and sit down. I want to begin preparing to reach these kids. I know the Lord wants us here and that our present financial problem is going to be solved. I know that there are others out there who have a love for these children as well and are waiting for the opportunity to partner with us to keep us here where God has called us to be. We serve an amazing God. I am reading a book called Limiting God and It has opened my eyes to how we limit God everyday through things like unbelief, fear, disobedience, and pride. I have sat in each camp many times in my life and I am striving to not visit it anymore and God is here to help me.

Friday, March 11, 2011

"Lord we need a pair of pants"

Did you ever pray what we call a popcorn prayer in the process of doing something? Well that is just what I was doing as I walked down our hallway hoping for a small miracle. A friend of ours had forgotten to bring dress pants on a recent visit here to Haiti. I had forgotten he had mentioned it earlier in the week. Here we are Friday and suddenly his wife remembers. All kinds of thoughts are going through my head. How was I going to have time in the middle of the day to buy pants? Shopping here in Haiti is an experience in itself. A thought came to me and I heard myself say to my friend “Maybe we will get lucky and someone may have left a pair of pants behind in one of our guest bedrooms.” This does happen sometimes but the clothing left is usually well used work clothes, so my hope of finding something was very low. Suddenly as I reached one of the bedrooms I noticed one pair of pants hanging in the closet. Not only were they brand new but exactly the size our friend needed and his favorite brand and color.
That is exactly how God has taken care of us over the last 18 months. He is always faithful and right there when we need him. I am writing this as a reminder to myself as well because Bud and I are facing an empty closet right now looking for that pair of pants we need. At the beginning of our work here in Haiti we were given an amount of money we were to raise to keep us on the field. We praise the Lord for all of you who have sent us support monthly and for those of you who have given as the Lord has led. Through your commitment to the Lord and to us, we have been able to remain on the field to this point. Now we face the possibility of having to leave the field for an extended period of time to raise support in order to continue work here in Haiti.
God has allowed us to be a part of so many great things happening here in Haiti.
• Bud has been working with several teams that have come in to work here at the compound. Not only has God provided the workers, but also the funding that was needed to complete these tasks. In the past several months, Cownman International School and one of our homes has received a new roof. Also an addition is being added to the medical clinic.
• Bud has been training under a man who God sent in to help us with air conditioning problems in both the medical clinic and 4VEH.
• Starfish Kids continues to grow and we are preparing for another teachers training in the spring. School pictures have been taken and will be going out this summer with report cards. We have received several reports of children coming to the Lord as a result of Bible classes.
• Last Friday we took a team out to one of our schools to present two flannel graph stories and the gospel to the children. 16 children came to Christ. We are planning more and more of these kinds of programs.
• Today we will be going out to share the gospel with a small community near Cap Haitian. I think it is a wonderful way to celebrate Mardi Gras.
• I continue to work with over 100 adult students teaching English and sharing the Lord with them 4 days a week.
• Every Friday morning I teach English to seventh graders in one of our Starfish Schools to help meet the government requirements of having Junior high classes now.
• Bud continues to come along side of our Haitian workers by participating in a men’s Bible study 3 times a week.
• We praise God that we are completing the construction of a new school in the Fort St Michel area.
In this letter you will find a small card that outlines ways in which you can keep us on the field to continue doing the things God called us to do. Please prayerfully consider the options and return the card to OMS in the envelope provided. God bless you! We’re so happy to have you on our team.

Looking for that pair of pants

Jane Dennington

For those viewing this on the internet you can go to and find our account Dennington #802374 or you can send a check to One Mission Society P.O. Box 1648 Monument CO 80132-1648 You can send a letter and mark it one time gift or that you wish to give monthly and the amount you wish to give each month. Include you name address and contact number. Please mark all gift with Dennington#802374

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Can you help the Dennington's

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the powerful Name of our Lord Jesus! Today I am writing this letter on behalf of Bud and Jane Dennington. Bud and Jane play a critical role on our field here in Haiti. Bud keeps the place running physically through maintenance work and oversees new construction. Jane works as a key member of our Starfish Kids team as well as serves as hostess for our numerous Men For Missions teams.

Bud and Jane find themselves in a crisis at the moment—their support has dropped significantly. At the same time, the field is at a critical juncture as well. Several key people have scheduled furloughs and others have finished their careers in Haiti. These vacancies make it very difficult for them to leave before reinforcements arrive.

But here is the good news: more people are coming! Praise the Lord He is continuing to send workers into the harvest field. We have several new missionaries scheduled to arrive in September that can cover for Bud and Jane while they are away. So, after a time of transition, Bud and Jane should be able to leave for a few months by October to share in churches and increase their support.

Can you help us get to October? Their current funding level will fall $10,000 short of being able to stay until October. Can you help us overcome that shortfall? Your special gift will help sustain the work of Starfish Kids, Bethesda Medical Center, Radio 4VEH and others through the hands of Bud and Jane Dennington.

Thank you for your help!
God bless,

Brett Bundy, field leader in Haiti

Sunday, February 13, 2011

You really don't mind being used, When it's God

It seems like eternity since I have had the chance to sit down and blog. Every moment I get to relax a little I have a Creole Bible in my lap and a dictionary, trying desperatly to learn this language. I really love Evangelising, (always have) but it is difficult when there is a language barrier, yet God continues to open doors.

A couple of weeks ago, Brett needed to go to Port au Prince to help a missionary couple, who are here to build homes, settle in. I had asked to go along and try to meet with a man who makes some very special bowls for our gift shop.

We have a small shop here on the compound for teams to buy things to take back home. The gift shop helps to benefit our work here. Little did I know that God had another plan in place. I have been trying to email this man for months with no success. I now know why God had it planned for me to meet him face to face.

During our time together something was said that opened the door for the conversation to turn twords me having the opportunity to share my faith with him and introduce him to Christ. Satan did everything to try to stop it. That morning no decision was made but we agreed to meet again later to finalize the order. I prayed throughout the day that God would not allow anything to stop our meeting and to permit me the chance to speak with him again. He told me everything inside him told him he needed to speak with me again but everything was happening to prevent it. It was like something was holding him back from showing up for our meeting. He did arrive 4 hours late and he accepted Christ. I have never heard someone pray with such honesty. What a privelage to share that prayer with him. Wadner was with me both times and I could see him over the man's shoulder praying for him. The man asked me why when so many have come to buy his products had no one ever talked to him about Jesus. I told him you must not have been ready to receive. God's timing is everything. The man asked if we would send someone to share with all of his employees. We did and they are now setting up Bible studies there twice a week. Isn't God amazing.

Later that week I asked my English students to write me a short story about something that happen to them in their life. One of my students came to me and asked me to read his right away. It was a plea for me to introduce him to Christ. Even tho I face a language barrier that is slowly lowering, God knows how much I love to share about Him and He opens the doors.

The last few weeks have been exhausting and there are days I get home and I am too tired to eat, but I do. And there are nights, I take tylenol Pm to get to sleep and sooth my tired legs. But one thing that keeps us going are the looks of appreciation that fill the eyes of those who find Christ because we are here following God's lead.

Another team comes in tomorrow and another week begins. Starfish kids is growing everyday. Last week we I assigned 112 kids to sponsors. Our foster parents have been doing a fantastic job. We are finishing up school photo's to be sent out with report cards. We lost another child this week to Cholera and it has made us all the more determined to try to build toilets and proper sanitation for our schools.

We are in the process of building a school in partnership with "The Joy and Hope of Haiti" Another school will be started in April. We have 4 more that need to be built immediately but lack of funds makes that impossible right now. A 10 room school cost approximatly 60,000. Three schools that need to be built need to be a church and school combination and that adds another $25000, but how efficent is that to have a building that is a church on Sunday, with great Sunday school classrooms and is a school the rest of the week.

Please pray about helping us build churches, that can be used as schools here in Haiti. Well it is 11:00 at night and I need to try to shut off my mind and get some rest. I'm sure tomorrow holds a few surprizes. Most days do. Jane

Catch A Breath

It has been a very busy month! On Feb. 3 a team of 3 people from Pennsylvania along with 2 from Indiana, also on the plane was our 3500 lb X-Ray machine from Erie, Pa.

We were able to unload the plane and move the machine to our storage depot for a March installation. The team's goal was to repair & re-roof house #9, no small job. We spent Friday getting organized & started with a plan on the re-roof. Saturday three of the team did some sightseeing while two of us worked on a linen shelving unit for Jane.

At 6:15 AM on Monday the phone rang that the generator at Petite-Ance would not start and that the radio station was off the air. Along with filters & tools three of us made our way through Cap-Haitien to get things running. When we found that the spare fuel filters that we had were not the right ones we were able to get the back-up generator running, by 9:30 we were back up on the roof. We spent five days roofing in 90 degree weather, much different that the weather that we were hearing from back in the US.

By Thursday evening we had just a little bit to complete on the roof but was closed in from weather and the Pa. team of three would be flying out the following morning.

On Friday morning, I received another phone call at 7:30 that there had been a fire at our duplex 1/2 mile away and that there was water deluging down from the ceiling. Racing down I found that our tenant Doug had been changing a propane tank and some how there was a massive propane leak and it was ignited by the nearby hot water tank. A neighboring missionary was able to put the fire out with Doug and his wife Susan suffering 1st degree burns to their faces and arms.

The concrete wall was charred black and the heat could still be felt radiating from it for quite some time.
When we turned the water back on, we could see that some plastic waterlines in the attic had melted and kept the fire from extending in through the open eaves. God had caused this to work the same as a sprinkler system to save the roof & building. Needless to say two of us spent the whole day making repairs to the melted plumbing and relocating the hot water tank.

Tomorrow will be finish the duplex, the roof project, change a pully & fanbelt on one of the vehicles, and meet the new team arriving in the morning.

The Dave Shafferly team is going to be starting an addition to the clinic. Bud & Cindy Lenker will be here, they are currently funding to come back full time to help with maintenance & office work. Doug Ries is coming in to install a new air conditioning system at the x-ray room and change some compressors at the radio station. I'm hoping to shadow Doug and get an education on air conditioning to be able to maintain them.

After a packed out church service, it was a couple hours of rest then off to a farewell party at the Christoph for two missionaries leaving the field.
Tomorrow morning Jane is off to the airport and I will be trying to finish up some things before the team arrives at 10:00.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time has Been Flying By

It doesn't seem like a month since my last post.

Jane hosted Christmas Dinner here, it was a great time to get together.
On 12/30 we left on a four day get-a-way with the Bundys to the Dominican Republic to relax and also meet our 90 day visitors requirement while we wait for our "permes" [Visas] to be completed.

New Years day on the beach. [the white is sand, not snow!]

Upon our return on Monday it was time to gear up for the Cowman Int. School roof replacement project. Wed.-Sat.

Since then we have only been able to work on Jan.12 and Saturdays so as not to disturb the students. We hope to finish in a couple more Saturdays weather permitting.

Hanna and her mother Julie left last Monday. Hanna just finished serving here at the clinic for a year, and what a year it was! We will miss her.

Jane left for Port-A-Prince yesterday with five others to get some paperwork done on her drivers license and purchase some of the famous Einstein Bowls for the gift shop.
They will return tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow is also my brother's birthday..... miss you Bruce!