Thursday, November 25, 2010


It is Thanksgiving evening and I am sitting here beside Bud as he reads me the unbelievable statistics on this Cholera epidemic. They are saying on CNN which he is reading online, we will be in it for years. 60,000 have been sickened. 25,000 hospitalized and over 1400 dead. We have had so much going on here. Violence has been occurring in the streets these days. Also we have elections going on and that has set off disruption in the past. The people are deeply in need of prayer. They are tired, discouraged, hungry and now sick or know someone that is sick. Fear is a terrible thing and it can make any of us do things we do not want to do. As we slipped away to enjoy dinner together it is sobering to think that just a few yards away one of our houses is filled with children hooked to IV fighting Cholera. We have 13 pt right now and expect more tomorrow. Julie, Hannah and Dr Rodney have done an amazing job setting this up. Bud and I helped to facilitate and set up the clinic. We are using whatever we can find to take care of as many as we can. Tomorrow we will look for more beds and set up more rooms. The cases increase more and more each day. You have to wonder how much more can this country take. We ended our day singing to the children and praying with them along with their parents. Talk about a helpless feeling. In times like this it is easy to feel inadequate. Praise God His is. We need all of your prayers once again. It is amazing in the mist of all of this just mention the name of Jesus to those who believe and see their faces change. This is another opportunity to help others to find him.

We are thankful

Praise God for a healthy family, Good friends, and a faithful God. We also are thankful for all of you who have stood by us to help us be a part of the work here. Thank you is such a small word for how we feel. God bless you

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Retreat Begins

Today is the first day of our spiritual and team building retreat. Right now we should be on a bus heading for the Dominican Republic, but like all things here in Haiti nothing is for sure. Violence has begun here in the country. The word on the street is the people are blaming the UN for bringing Cholera in since one of the troops here is from a country infested with Cholera. Elections are also just around the corner so that could be part of the problems.
Cholera is definitely here with us. We hear stories of death everywhere. We are staying close to home because the violence has stretched all the way from Cap to areas past us. Please be in prayer about all of this.
On a happier note we just had a wonderful week with a team that truly came here to serve. Their hearts were set on being a blessing here in Haiti and they truly were. Not only did they work with several different ministries while they were here they also found ways to help the missionaries in their homes. We were blessed with freshly painted walls.
One afternoon I took the team out for a walk in our area to visit, and pray with the people. What a blessed time we had. We managed to speak to several families before the rain returned. I carried my creole Bible with me and I am happy to say it now is in the hands of a beautiful young woman who I had the privilege of sharing Christ with. She is now my sister in Christ. One of our schools also shared with us that they had a Starfish kid accept Christ during devotions on day last week. I do not have the name yet but I will be thrilled to share that news with their sponsor.
I just finished two weeks of answering letters and assigning new children to sponsors. It is a great job to have to do but it is overwhelming at times because it take a lot of time. Marcie is here from Canada and she and I spent time together working on ways to spread some of this work out between her and I. I also have a partner in the US now. Beka who is helping me as well.
This leaves me more time to work on programs for children and taking teams out to work with our schools. What a blessing they both are. Our new books will be here soon which a Bible stories and scripture in Creole. Each teacher will be given a book and a plan for teaching Bible lessons on a child's level. I will be happy to share with you soon some new and upcoming projects for Starfish kids. May I share some prayer request with you. Please to continue to pray for all of our ministries: Seminary, Medical Clinic, English as a second language, Radio station, Schools, Starfish kids and our missionaries. None a funded where they need to be especially the Radio station and our missionaries. God is faithful and we know He has a plan. We are praying that individuals are willing to hear it. Bud has been really busy as you see from his blogs. I praise God that he has kept him safe through all of this. I also praise God because we are about to begin construction on two new school. Ft St Michel #2 and Plain du Nord. I can't wait to see the children move in. Between the two schools we have 912 students. We have 4 more schools yet to be built. Praise God for those who helped provide this money. We are praying for all of our supporters and blog readers. We may not be able to name everyone but God knows you and He know what is in our hearts for you. Jane

Monday, November 08, 2010

Well We Almost Dodged The Bullet

Friday was pretty uneventful with a slight breeze and some light rains. Saturday morning the team was waiting for word if their flight was still on. By 10:30 we received word that they would not leave until Monday. Gary asked if it was my day off and if I wanted to tackle stringing a new service wire to the aids clinic.
Being that we had the extra help we went for it and by 3:30PM it was up and running just as the wind started to pick-up and the rains started to come down.

Jane had already made plans to have the team over to our house for a pizza party (homemade of course) and for a time for them to get better acquainted with Erica Thompson. We had a great evening but the wind was howling, leaves & limbs and who knows what else was blowing by. At 8:00 PM Edric shut down the power (due to the winds) and we continued the evening on inverter power & security lights.

By morning things were quiet. The team was getting ready to leave for early church at Pastor Gary's and needed to leave at 6:00AM. At 5:30AM before sun up, I was doing an inspection of our power lines for limbs or damage prior to starting the generator.

Up by the Holiday House a tree had fallen across a guy wire that supports the corner utility pole, severely breaking it about half way up, essentially the wires were keeping it from falling over. After pulling a few pole fuses we were able to isolate that particular pole and turn the power on.

To keep a close eye on things here, Jane & I decided to listen to a pod-cast that I had in my computer from back home while the team was away. After Brett and the team returned at 10:30 we started the task of installing a new utility pole, straightening the old one and securing the two together. By 4:00 we were finishing up, It was a long day, a long weekend! It was so good to have all of the help, while the guys worked outside the ladies cooked us up a great lunch American style, hamburgers & french fries along with birthday cake.

Trever & Chad

Preparing the hole (disregard the "Haitian style metering" to outside customers)

Manning the Lines

Passing the high voltage line over the top

Today the team headed one last time to the airport leaving Trever & Peggy to stay on until Saturday. I remember Dr. Chad say that this week he got to work on generators, wiring, rigging & many other things that he normally doesn't get a chance to do and he loved it. Chad was also able to bless Stacey with medication for her continual "Morning Sickness". Today Trever & Amigo were up sawing up the fallen tree while I stayed home, my day off.


Friday, November 05, 2010

Was a peaceful day

I guess we dodged the bullet. We have received only light rains off & on throughout the night & day with only a slight breeze. OMS campus here has been very quiet as the Haitian staff was off today in anticipation of Tomas. Part of the day Trever & I worked in Pastor Lukner's house with some inside work readying it for his upcoming wedding. Gary spent the day wiring in the office. I spent this afternoon tracking down and sealing a few pinhole leaks in our roof along with changing a fan in Eric's refrigerator. The ministries here were closed today and everyone was getting caught up on their to-do lists. Jane & Carl Henry painted our kitchen, while the rest of the team was readying medical supplies in the holiday house. It continues to rain slowly this evening.

Thank-You for all of your prayers, Cap-Haitian was spared the storm.


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Waiting & Watching

It looks as if Tomas is headed this way. We have been preparing and studying the Hurricane web sites. The portion of the current team that were going to evacuate yesterday on a commercial airline were not able due to a snafu in flight plans or paperwork. Last night MFI notified us by e-mail that they are planning to send in one plane today for our typical Thursday freight & missions passengers.

Yesterday Edric hired a local man to climb two palm trees next to our house and remove about 1/2 of their leaves and all of the larger coconuts. I've climbed a lot of steel in my career but was amazed by this guy. With bare feet and a machete he was able to climb up and onto the top and then hack away. The locals soon were cutting open some of the coconuts for it's water within and a couple of girls gathered a huge sack of the rest probably to sell on the street. I'm glad that these will no longer be a threat to my roof!

Today will probably be a typical work day with an anticipated arrival of Tomas tonight. Edric & I have readied generators & saws, Olin & Amigo replacing some bad security lights. The team has been painting and installing some security systems along with working at the clinic.
Jane has been busy with Starfish Kids along with two huge English classes of about 60. Pastor Miguloson became a dad again on Sunday to a little girl!

Well I must get ready for the day.


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Busy Week

Everyone has been busy. The Gary Glabe team arrived on Saturday from Texas and they have been very busy since. Yesterday they blessed Jane with painting our living room, dining room and hallway before lunch. Gary was reviewing a long awaited security system to be installed in the office. Chad & I went to Sakinville to install the last remaining parts that Malcolm, Stacey's dad brought in and we were able to get the second generator up and running. Today the team did tours of some of the different ministries here at OMS while Gary and I reviewed some work that needs to be done down at the Aid's Clinic.

Here in house #3 we live with an infamous toilet that has a long history of plugging up so at times we kept it on a liquids only diet. Well for 7 months it has been on good behaviour but now with a team in and 4 additional house guests you guessed it, it stopped up. I got to spend some time today removing it and "snaking" out the pipes to get the roots & grease moving again.

We have been watching tropical storm Tomas very closely. Yesterday we decided that we had better fuel up the vehicles & generators and prepare to batten down the hatches later this week. Two years ago Gonaives was hit very hard with a large loss of life and washing out the main North-South route, cutting off our supply of fuel from Port-au-Prince.

We have already been informed that flights will probably be cancelled later this week interrupting the team's scheduled departure on Saturday. Some have decided to evacuate tomorrow and some to stay until flights resume whenever that may be.
It is hard because they are just getting to know these fascinating people but have to leave early due to schedules & families back home.

Jane & I have never experienced a hurricane before, Cap-Haitian is usually pretty safe from them but this time looks to be different. I have been doing some roof patching on our house in preparation of the expected rain. We also are readying chain saws for the possibly that we loose some of our power lines from falling trees & limbs. Inside of our OMS compound we are the power company so making repairs after a storm is up to us. For safety sake we are anticipating shutting off our main power system, operating only our security lights during the storm, although powder outages here are a way of life.

We are already brainstorming and making plans for the what-ifs. Only God knows what will happen as he is in control. Our biggest concern is for the Haitian people because they are the ones least prepared or able to deal with such a storm.

Continue to pray for Haiti as this approaches.