Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Busy Team

Last Monday afternoon we had a team arrive from Waterdown, Ontario for two weeks. They have been prepping and painting Cowman International School for the upcoming school term. So far they have applied eleven gallons of paint and expect to finish after about five more. Thursday they spent the afternoon in the neighborhood of one of the Haitian churches just practicing English with some of the English speaking residents there. To break up the work ( and heat), we took in a beach day on Friday and then painted till noon on Saturday, English speaking church on Saturday night. Julie and Hanna took them to Haitian church today and then to lunch in Cap-Haitian. This next week they want to get more involved in the community after the painting is finished.

It was good to see Kate, Erica, & the Bundys get back safely this past week. Jane and I have been finishing up travel arrangements for our time home starting Sept. 6. Tim Bell our OMS North Eastern Representative has been very busy filling our calender with multiple speaking engagements every Sunday that we are home. We will be spending time with family and friends during the week and then packing the miles on our van each week-end. We really couldn't do it without Tim, we praise God for him!

Dave & Marlyn Graffenburger have extended their stay here until next Saturday to allow for more time for "changing of the guard" from Dave to Brett. Please pray for our leadership that God would grant them wisdom as times become more difficult here in Vaudreuil.

Jane continues to be busy with Starfish report cards, school supplies, construction budgets, new students, new sponsors, and preparing for her time away. She is also very committed in finding time to work on her language, that's more than I can say for myself. I am now able to speak a good amount of broken creole, but still have difficulties hearing and understanding sentences. Edric & Amego are patient with me and continue to tell me the "correct way" to say what I'm trying to get across, if only I could remember. I could really appreciate being a pre-schooler again, with their ability to soak-up vocabulary.

This week finishing Cowman School then hopefully a week with Dave Shaferly working on diesels & generators before heading out.



Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time Flys By

Just as back home, the summer time flys by but here it is year round. Days run into weeks and weeks months, it's hard to believe that we are fast approaching our one year mark already. It has been reaching the mid 90's each day with about 90% humidity which feels like 105+, we look forward to a good thunderstorm about 5:00PM to cool things off and water the parched land.

Edric [Ed-reese] and I spent Monday & Tues. installing a new generator at the Petite-Aunse transmitter site. I look back on how God was preparing me through my career as an Ironworker with rigging experience for just this time. On Wed. we returned for 1/2 day to familiarize ourselves with the computer controls before leaving it to the 4VEH technicians to operate daily. This new addition comes none too soon as the other generator has been without a backup for at least two years now and is in desperate need of a new rear main oil seal. Upon returning to OMS at noon I received a call that the only running generator at the seminary had stopped and would not restart, so off in the other direction. After an hour of changing filters and purging diesel fuel lines we were able to find an air leak at a defective fitting and get it back in working order. Before we left, Abel made sure to bring to our attention a leaking hydraulic hose on the Bobcat that needs changed and is almost inaccessible. Dave Shaferly is on his way in September as we believe the other seminary generator is in need of an overhaul.

Thursday was a run to the airport with the tractor to lift two 1000 lb diesel engines that had arrived for another mission, move a disabled mower for the airport and receive our cargo shipment. Friday we were able to finally get the brakes back together on our Mitsubishi Montero that has been sitting since I believe May. We were never able to find the correct brake shoes so had to do a little revising on the adjusters to make the new ones fit. We installed a new universal joint and now only need to weld up a cracked portion of the frame.

Monday we have a team coming in from Canada to help with work on the Cowman school with roof repairs, painting, and preparing for the upcoming school term.

We have had Raymond & Islande as our house guests this week, they are here with Madam Sampson for a week of special prayer meetings.

Jane has been spending long days to get 1800 report card letters out to Starfish sponsors. A small group of people have been writing, stuffing & mailing them all by hand.

This next week we look for Kate, Erica, Brett & Angie to return with Dave & Marylin going out. Matt & Stacy returning the week after and Jane & I leaving for 6 weeks on Sept. 6.

We will be returning home to see family & friends and speaking in Churches about our work here. Jane & I continue to be amazed by God's provision. Much like the story in the Bible where the container of oil never went dry, each day there was just enough for that day. It seems like our support account is the same, continuing to meet each month's need.

Continue to pray for Haiti, each day we have been seeing spiritual warfare raging right here in our neighborhood.

Just as I was finishing up writing, Julie called," when I went to feed Erica's cat there is water coming up through a grout joint in her laundry room floor and it wasn't there yesterday!" After shutting off the water, breaking up three 8" x 8" granite floor tiles and removing a five gallon bucket of deteriorated concrete and sand I found a broken plastic water line. Three hours later all was fixed except for replacing the concrete and floor tiles, that will wait for someone else on a different day.
Just another typical day here in Haiti.


Sunday, August 01, 2010


Our internet is up and running. I cannot imagine what it was like for the missionaries who came before internet. We have become so dependent on it for ministry as well as communication that when it is not working it really effects us all.

This past week has been a tiring week but also a great blessing. We have two teams overlapping right now and they have been such a joy to have here. Their focus has been VBS and evangelism. Many radio's have been passed out in the last week and many people have heard the Gospel for the first time. One of our visitors is a business man. His focus for his seventh trip to Haiti is to help Starfishkids. We have been traveling around looking at some of our schools that need some serious repairs. Others need to be rebuild. The ones that need repair will be finished before school begins. At this time we have 6 schools that need to be replaced. His goal was to help me in making plans for these schools. I am thankful for Craig and Les who have given of thier time to help me with this work. We have some remarkable Haitians here that will be taking on this task. An organization called JOY of HOPE is raising the money for this project. Their home base is Canada. We also looked at some problems like the one Belinay has. Everytime the heavy rains come the river rises and floods the village including the church and the school. We are going to be asking some engineers to look at this problem and see if we can come up with a solution for this. We would love to see the river held back from the area surrounding the church and school. Not only will it keep our church and school dry but provide a rescue area for the neighbors to go to when the waters rise.

I would also like to share with you a little story of how God helped Craig and I to be in the right place, at the right time. The two of us had gone out to look at the land for the new school. As we passed by a home of one of our starfish kids my car was recognised. The Pastor was with us in the car. As he left my car and started to walk down the road the mother came out to tell us that her daughter was very ill and that she was a starfish kid would we help her. The child was burning up with fever. We took her to our clinic where she was found to have malaria. Two days later I returned to her home to take her back to the clinic for a recheck and found two more sick children. We were able to get all of them medical help and God provided the funds to pay the bill.

Also on this trip I tried to share the Gospel with the man who will be living next to the new school in Plain de Nord. He just kept telling me that this is not a good time for him to accept Christ. He even stopped me from sharing with his family saying this is not a good time for them either. I hope to return to speak with him again someday. I am praying we will find a good time to reach him for Christ.

It is a sad time in Haiti. The month of July is when the voodoo fets are going on. Many people are wearing the colors of the demons and making their sacrifices. We have been told that the people we are seeing are a much lower numbers than in past years so this is encouraging. Others have told us that they believe that the presentage of Christians in the country has gone from 20% to 40%. Praise God we are seeing His hand move here in big ways.

Our starfish kids office has been busy preparing report cards and getting things ready to send out with the summer newsletter. Those of you who are sponsors will be recieving it soon. Thank you for all of your prayers we are seeing the results of them.