Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hi Everyone


Hi Everyone,
I’m trying something new, writing in Word at home to transfer to Blogspot when I get online.
Our Internet connection to the satellite stopped working last week and we are traveling the ½ mile to Radio 4VEH each morning to retrieve our mail. Yesterday I sent an e-mail to the local Internet representative here to ask for his help.
We have been very busy to say the least. A new “Generator End” came in on Missionary Flights Int. two weeks ago and we now have it installed on our engine bringing our generators back up to two here at our main campus. It’s a good thing as stating this last week-end our local power provider which was up to about 22 hours each day has cut back to a few hours each night. Jane has been scrambling to order school supplies whenever she can get onto the Internet.

Over the July 4th weekend Jane and I took a trip to Sosua, Dominican Republic for a get-a-way and also meet Haiti’s 90 day visitor’s requirement. There we were able to do some Scuba Diving which we have not been able to do since coming here last September. It was a long but comfortable bus ride. Once there, we found this quaint little town a beautiful place. The ocean was full of colorful fish and a healthy reef system and a dive shop that was very accommodating to our every need. The first day I found that something was in the toe of my dive boot so investigating with my hand I had a scared tarantula ran up my arm.

Yesterday the Internet at 4VEH was slow and was not able to post this, will try again today.

I spent the day working on adapting a new portable x-ray machine’s “head” to the ”mast” of our old dead x-ray machine. I located some aluminum and able to build an adaptor plate on the lathe. Today I will run some wiring for the darkroom, a waterline for the new processor and mount the vertical “Bucky” to the wall for chest x-rays. The team that provided this equipment is arriving tomorrow to train our current technicians on its use.

We are anxious to make plans for Air Conditioning up-grades in the adjacent room to pave the way for the larger more sophisticated X-Ray machine coming from Erie, PA. Between the two machines the people of northern Haiti will have access to more advanced health care.

Each day here is a challenge, making do with limited resources. God continues to amaze us with his answers to Haiti’s needs.

Continue to pray for Haiti, now that the distraction of World Cup soccer is over, the realization of difficult times settles back in for many.