Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yes I do exist

Your probably wondering if I am here because all of the blogs have been from Bud lately but it seems by the end of my day the last thing I want to do is pick up a computer. It has been a very busy time for us here in Haiti. Of course we had the Crusade and the team that came to be a part of it. Then we had two more teams come in to do evangelising and all kinds of wonderful things to help spread the Gospel here in Haiti. It is so wonderful to have all of them here but it also comes with a lot of work for Bud and I. This week we do not have a team here and I really miss them. It has been a great week to get a lot of letters written and spend extra time working on Starfish Kids. Praise the Lord we have 4 new foster parents who are trying to find sponsors for 60 of our children in the states. I am praying for 100 new sponsorships before school starts next year. We are entering a time of school repairs and building new ones. Thanks to a wonderful organization in Canada some money has been set aside to begin repairing and building schools. We pray that others will contribute to these funds as well. We have 5 schools that need to be built because they failed inspection after the earthquake. Their was not damage from the earthquake. These school were needed before the quake but now the government is shutting them down because they are unsafe. The last thing we want is our children in unsafe schools. Many of these schools are buildings that were the best the people could find to hold church and school in. Now we are able to help them. While the teams were here we visited a couple of our schools and took along balloons, beads and paint to give them a great day of fun. The team tied the balloons into animals and the beads were made into bracelets that tell the Gospel story. The paint of course was for painting pictures on the kids.
My English classes have ended and 35 out of 50 of my students passed. Our year ended with a pizza party at my house. I am getting pretty good at making pizza from scratch. The students showered me with gifts which was so humbling because many of them have so little but they wanted to show their love for me. The greatest gift as I told them was their friendship. Many still come to have conversation with me in English. Many times those conversations are about the Lord and His Word. Today is Saturday and it is the first day in a long time that Bud and I had nothing we had to do. So I studied language and baked cookies and Bud prepared our dive gear to do some scuba diving over the fourth of July. It will be the first chance we have had to do it since we came to Haiti. It will be a nice break. Jane