Monday, May 31, 2010


That's how you pronounce Crusade in Creole. Last night was the first night of crusade in downtown Cap-Haitian. This is to help celebrate Radio 4VEH's 60 years of Christian broadcasting here in Haiti. Pastor Wayne Barber & Evangelist Harold Coomer along with 8 team members arrived on Thursday to prepare for this Crusade that has been Wayne's vision for three years. The site is in the centrally located park. All of the arrangements have been being made over the last month with Jane helping coordinating much of it. Saturday night the team spent time praying at the location for God to do a great work here through the Haitian people. Yesterday we really didn't know how things were going to start, the massive stage was complete with final details being put in place. People were starting to gather, the weather was a typical warm summer evening.
As the worship time proceeded and special choirs sang the park filled up with maybe 5,000+ people. It was fantastic as we were told that it would probably be our lowest turnout during the 8 evenings planned.
Harold with "T" Lewis interpreting were both quite animated and right to the point about our need for salvation and not being guaranteed tomorrow.
It was a wonderful evening and we look forward to each coming evening.
We know that God is moving in a miraculous way here and we thank-you for your prayers!

Radio 4VEH is broadcasting live on the Internet each evening from 6-9PM EDT with Harold speaking about 8:00


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tough Week

As my last writing, the exhaust tower went together without a problem. With the new exhaust pipe in place we changed the generator's oil and pressure washed the radiator as normal maintenance. On Thursday morning we loaded the dump truck to travel across Cap-Haitian to the radio station's transmitter site to repair their generators broken exhaust pipe. After a slow ride there through heavy traffic we arrived and went right to work cutting and fitting the new pipe. When we were ready to weld, we went to grab our little Lincoln Mig machine and it was gone. After checking we believe that it was taken from the truck as we were in traffic, although all of our other tools were still there neatly placed up front, away from the edges. What a bummer, back to the shop to struggle with the stick welder. Later on Thursday the generator that we worked on the day before overheated & shut down. We patched a small exhaust leak that may have been allowing soot into the radiator fins and got it going again. On Friday we were dealing with power inverter problems in the office and Don ended up reviving a computer that was experiencing major problems. It seems that a virus may have been going around our network affecting many computers. About noon the generator overheated again! After washing the radiator and restarting, everything seemed fine again. About 3:00PM Angie called, the van was down at the school and wouldn't start. After getting it back to the shop we find that the starter is shot. Edric had just returned from Cap-Haitian with a repaired alternator for the Isuzu Trooper and would try to locate a new starter for the van and the generator was overheating again. 5:30 AM on Saturday I went and degreased & pressure washed the radiator and started the generator for the day, all seemed good at 10:30 and so we left for town. Arriving back about 6:00 PM, the city power had been on but soon went off in a thunder storm. I went and started the generator but it overheated soon after. I even tried putting the garden hose in the radiator on low but it would still over heat, so off with the generator at 8:00PM and soon the city power came back on until 4:00 AM. Don, Edrice & I started at 6:00 AM today, removed & flushed the radiator, removed and inspected the water pump, all hoses and the thermostat. All seemed fine except we replaced the old fan belt, and left the tired looking thermostat out. After a five minute warm-up & check we put it under full load at 7:40 just in time for the 8AM church service.
The engine temperature remained good all day, hopefully we resolved the problem, we will know tomorrow when the electrical demand is higher.
With only Monday left, Brett was joking with Don as this may be the first year that he will be leaving with fewer vehicles running than when he came!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I've found that serving here in Haiti is all about challenges and how we deal with them in a God honoring way. From leaky faucets & deteriorated window screens to smoking wires and major power outages that we must solve. Vehicle problems such as alternators that won't alternate, starters that won't start, brakes that won't brake.
Every day is a new challenge with a list that continues to grow longer.
Don & Debbie Sweatman have come in for a few weeks to lend support. They have been coming to Haiti for short terms for 11+ years and were the team leaders of our first trip. Don have been giving me a hand down in the mechanic shop, it's been great to have a second set of eyes and ideas. Times can be discouraging when you struggle with things like a slow Internet when you need to order parts then waiting for them to come in. But then Sunday when we worship in a church jam packed with jubilant people the efforts of the week take on a different aspect. We remember the good things that did go right, a completed solar project to provide lights for a school, our generator powering the church out front so that they can have special evening services and the many faces that the clinic has served that week
For two days now Don and I have been fabricating a new exhaust system for one of our generators. Tomorrow we will try to straighten up and brace a leaning exhaust "tower" threaded up 25' through many electrical wires. Once straight then we will install a new muffler and piping.
When that job is complete there is another exhaust pipe to repair at the radio station's transmitter site, two vehicles and two lawn mowers waiting for parts and a new electrical panel coming for the clinic's x-ray room.
Each day we get to see how God is going to meet the needs next.