Saturday, April 24, 2010

7 Months

Seven months into our first year we are convinced that this is where God wants us to be. God has been so gracious and faithful in everything. So many have been praying for us and sending words of encouragement which helps us get through our days. Sometimes it feels like we are running on God's strength alone and that is all sufficient. So many of you have also made financial gifts that have helped us stay financially ahead of our expenses and you do not know how much that means to us. The teams that have come also encourage us and give us a lift with their presents and help. We are seeing the hand of God moving. I can't help but think we are in the last days and God is doing everything he can to reach out to man all over the world to reveal himself and give everyone one last chance to accept him. We see this in Haiti. Thousands are seeking Jesus and finding him. Now we have a new challenge to disciple all these new believers and help them to grow. The spiritual warfare is very evident and we need to stand strong for Christ. For those who pray for Haiti, your prayers are being answered and I believe a new Haiti is emerging. Thank-you everyone, who have given to OMS Haiti Relief. You have helped us help so many but the job is not finished. We have a lot of children from Port au Prince now attending our starfish Kids schools and are not able to pay tuition. Any money given to OMS Haiti Relief and marked as for Starfish Kids will be used to help the schools who have taken in these children. Many are orphans, others are children being raised by relatives because their families are no longer able to care for them since of the earthquake. I have been deeply touched by how our churches and schools have stepped up to help their own people. They have truly been the hands and feet of Christ, and scarified for those who have been hurt by what has happened here. They are a good example of the scriptures that state that our fruits will show what is really in our hearts.There are many other needs here as well. OMS Haiti Relief funds are our best resources to get what we need to help the people the most. May I ask as well please share with others the need for keeping our missionaries in the field. We can't afford to loose anyone because their funding has run out. We are so thankful for those who have answered God's call to support missions. Together we will reach the world and do the work God has laid before us.

4VEH Fundraising Race

This year was the second annual race held in Cap Haitian by Radio 4VEH. What a wonderful day, watching all the happy faces of the Haitian. They were having so much fun and you could tell that they were proud to be a part of the race. It brought tears to my eyes, to see how much the people enjoyed this event. These people have few things in this country to make them laugh. Radio 4VEH broadcasted the event and called out their names as they crossed the finish line. Each runner recieved a metal for finishing the race and they were so proud. The race began with prayer and giving praise to the Lord. The Gospel was heard and this was truely a God honoring event. Several of our OMS employees ran in the race. One of our friends who is 49 years old ran and tho he was one of the last to finish everyone cheered for him. I know I could not have run a 10K. After the race I helped drive some of the injured from the hospital to their homes. Satan tried to put a damper on the event by giving us a lot of problems especially with one of our trucks but God always comes through in amazing ways. We are so grateful to the Canadian team who came to help and all the prework they did to get this all arranged. Also we are thankful for the Radio staff who coordinated this event under Bretts leadership.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Thank-You Grace

Thank-You Grace for sharing Pastor Al & Marie, Susan & Kayla. What a blessing to have them come in at a time with Dr. Meg here also.

It was a great week showing everyone the ministries, local sites, and just what we do each day. Susan was very busy working at Milot Hospital & Bethesda Clinic while Kayla helped Kate at Cowman school and the clinic.

Al then led a four day retreat for all of the missionaries. It was a great time reflecting on our spiritual walk and deepening our relationship with God and each other as a team.

Each night the local power company would continue to be on and we found ourselves up late just enjoying catching up. It seemed that all of our young (male) Haitian friends wanted to teach Kayla creole that week! Before we knew it it was time to say good-by.

Kate at the Citadel

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Evangelizing In Saccenville

I praise God for the privilege of leading someone to the Lord for the first time in Creole. It is my prayer to continue to improve in my skills so I can share more about what a wonderful God we serve.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Pictures of one of my schools Gaudin

One of the things I love about my work here is going to visit and interact with the children in my schools. This school has 168 children in it with only about 1/4 of them sponsored through the Starfish Kids program. Presently there are 24 children waiting for sponsors. This little church began under the Mango tree that you see here and that is where they met until there present church was completed. They have been in spiritual warfare since day one. They claimed an area for Christ that Satan and his demons have ruled for a long time. They are winning the battle because the God we serve is more powerful than anything Satan can send. Praise God the children here are doing well. They are truly the future of Haiti.