Friday, March 12, 2010

HI Everyone

Jane & I continue to keep busy here with our daily projects and language study. Last week Dave Graffenburger and I spent three days traveling to Port-Au-Prince to reinforce a church building in Gressier.

After packing the truck with all of our materials, tools, portable welder & ladders we set out on Wed. morning headed for OMS Villa near Carrefour ( pronounced Car-foo ). Thursday we spent the day adding X-Bracing and repairing some parts of the structure that had been damaged in the quake. It is a metal building probably 30' x 50' which had cement block walls between the columns providing rigidity. The quake crumbled the walls and now the building was not very stable. It was a long and productive day including a great Haitian lunch provided by the ladies. The whole group had lost their houses and were living in a tent camp next to the building. At the end of the day it was very gratifying to see how God had brought two of us along with 10 Haitian men to provide this safe meeting place which is allowing their school to start again last Monday.

This week I was in for a new experience. Thursday Missionary Flights Int. would be bringing in a DC-6 loaded with cargo and would need our tractor with high-lift and forks to unload.

It was off to the airport at 8:30 winding my way through Cap-Haitian's crazy traffic, tight spots and rutted roads with tractor and trailer in tow. The plane was scheduled to first go to "Port and then arrive at "Cap" at 10 which ended up being 12:00. As it landed it dwarfed MFI's DC-3 that was already on the ground dropping off passengers. It was a thrill to be there watching this behemoth turn around there on the apron, it's four huge radial engines loping along in an off -cadence beat much like hundreds of Harley Davidsons at idle. It was music to any "motor head's" ears! Now it was off to work, unloading 20 or so pallets loaded with supplies that many missions groups had been waiting for. Wednesday night in the back of my mind, I kept thinking, "what if" something happens and I harpoon the plane with the forks, well everything went off without a hitch, two hours unloading the plane, loading the baggage train then unloading it at the terminal and so on. Meanwhile Jane was inside the termial sorting out the 800 lbs. of OMS freight. By 3:00 everyone's freight had cleared customs, was being loaded onto trucks and this big bird was taking off for a slow lengthy trip back to Florida. MFI is our life-line here, their mission keeps us supplied with everything that we cannot obtain locally, twice a week flying our mail, cargo and many passengers. They put in long days so that the missions here can continue to be effective. I was proud to be able to be part of that team yesterday.

DC3 & DC6

God continues to amaze me how each day he is building His kingdom with regular, ordinary people.