Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Busy Friday

On Thursday afternoon Missionary Flights International brought my needed oil seal to reassemble our John Deere lawn mower. Also my Haitian mechanic partner picked up the re-wound field coil from the re-builder for a medium sized generator that we are repairing.
On Friday morning my partner had to fly to Port-Au-Prince to take care of some business so after our morning men's bible study I asked a young man that helps around with odd jobs to be my assistant for the day as it would entail some heavy lifting.
We started with the assembly of the mower engine, it having been dis-assembled by a visiting team mechanic, we had to back up a few times in the order of re-assembly. By noon we had the engine back in the mower, new drive belt, greased and ready to mow, none too soon as the grass had been growing for a few weeks with it being out of commission.
After lunch we started the tedious job of generator re-assembly. Three of us (Dave Shafferly included) had dis-assembled it 10 days ago. We carefully installed the exciter coils, bolted up the end plates, and guided in the armature. Now we had to connect up the twenty some odd wires from a diagram scribbled on a piece of cardboard, so far so good. What makes this more exciting is the literal dozens of hungry mosquitoes that hang out in the confines of the shop and shaded areas.
Once assembled we carted the 200 lb generator outside to start the attachment to the diesel engine. By 4:00 we had all together, new battery in place and was ready to start testing.
After a few starts we had determined the output leads of the generator and connected up the wiring to the control panel. Now the computer would allow the engine to keep running, seeing that there is power being produced.
It had been a very productive day for both of us, my young partner now wants to learn to be a mechanic, and he helped me all day with teaching me the missing creole words in my sentences. I only wish that I could speak creole as well as he speaks English!
After putting the tools away and a good shower, I noticed that the water pressure was low.
Could it be the transformer fuse that I had replaced two days ago that powers the old seminary and one our water pumps? After a walk across campus I find that there was power at the pole but not to the pump. I saw a wisp of smoke and could hear crackling sounds coming from the conduit that leads from the pole to the well. It is 6:00 PM and dusk so a quick pull of the transformer fuse will save this problem for another day.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When discouragement comes God sents encouragement

The last couple of days have really been rough for Bud and I. We have been discouraged and at times disappointed and angry at things we cannot control. Last night I was really feeling down and kind of weepy. I was missing my kids and my own weaknesses were getting the best of me. Believe it or not Bud and I are not perfect and we have flaws and weakness that we let get the best of us. But what I am really trying to say is God knows just what we need to keep us going and not give up. Last night as I sat on the couch thinking of all the things I could be doing that would be a lot more enjoyable with my life and fighting with our lousy Internet an email got through. It was from my friend Cindy. She was sending me an email to encourage us and she shared with me a passage of scripture that had jumped off the page at her during her devotions. As I read it, it brought tears to my eyes. It was the very verses that God had used to call me to follow him in service here in Haiti. Just like back then the words spoke to my heart and I knew just what those words meant to for me in these times. Thanks Cindy I needed that. Oh today I am still tired but stronger. God has used several people to keep us going since we came to Haiti. Our children who send us encouraging notes and little gift of love, our friends who drop us a card, our churches who send us a note to let us know they are thinking of us, and our partners who for the third month is a row have given to us up and above what they had promised to give. For the third month in a row our support has exceeded our expenses. On paper that should not be happening. Today because of a video that we sent out that will not open for viewing, we heard from two Pastors who encouraged us. Pastor Huntly and Pastor Bell. Lord I thank you for not letting them work, we needed to hear from them. Yep we are going to be fine, we will get past the low days and be back up on that mountain again. Thanks friends for allowing God to use you to pick us up and keep us going. We love you Lord and friends we love you too. In April, Bud and I are going to make a quick trip home to get some much needed hugs from our family. We praise God for making that possible as well. May I ask you to pray for a fellow missionary friend of ours? Her support is very low and we can't have her leaving the field to raise support right now. Please pray for our friend Joetta Lehman. Jane

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

50 Thousand or So Marched Yesterday

The counters say 50 Thousand or so Christians marched in Cap Haitian as they Prayed and Praised the Lord. It was a prayer walk for Haiti. It stretched for miles. We are told 3 of Satan's possessed people showed up to chant for Satan but could not be heard above the prayers to Jesus. It was wonderful to here the singing instead of the chants of Mardi Gra. More and More stories are coming to us from Haitian who can't wait to tell us all the great things that are happening. The name of Jesus is being raised everywhere. We are here in amazing times. We are very excited that our Pastor Al Detter will be coming here in a few weeks to lead us all in a time of prayer and refreshing. Kate, and ourselves are all from the same church so this means a lot to us to be able show him the work we are doing at God's leading.

Another Step in Following God's Plan

One thing we are all learning more about is waiting on the Lord for wisdom and strength. Monday a school collapsed here in Cap Haitian because of a landslide. It has been raining hard. We have heard of at least 4 children being killed and someone told me they heard of a teacher dying. Several other children were hurt. It could have been worse if it had happened earlier in the day. Several of the children were in the process of leaving school when it happened. The government has also called for inspections of all school building since the earthquake. 2 schools have already been closed because they have been deemed unsafe. These are not Starfish Kid schools but non the less these children are out of school. I feel that some of our schools may be closed as well. Some of our building are old and in serious need of repair. Inspections are a good thing for the safety of the children but we pray that the inspectors will be fair and accurate. We also pray for God's wisdom and guidance in what we should do if this occurs. We are expecting things to be tough and unpredictable for a while and we know that at times we are going to feel helpless and discouraged. One thing for sure we will never feel alone. Each step we take will be one of faith especially when we don't know exactly where that step is taking us. We also know that if we keep our eyes focused on him we will never wonder of in the wrong direction. It is all in God's strength that we keep going. Your prayers continue to lift us up. Thank-you Jane

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The News gets better and better

Everyday is filled with more and more good news. We have reports of Witchdoctors bringing all their evil things to Christian meetings and asking that they be destroyed for Christ. We have been told by people in Port that at prayer meetings ( which replaced Mardi Gra) that thousands are coming to Christ. We know the churches here in Cap are packed. We have also heard that the people are calling for a new president, who is a follower of Christ and who will lead this nation in a different direction. ( I would love to see this one come to Christ and I am praying for him, Jesus loves him too.) I have seen so many changes and we may not get to confirm all these claims but the Haitian people are eager to share how their country is changing. Over 500 people have now come to Christ on a mountain overlooking our villa. This is the area where our clinic was held and our seminary students counseled over 3000 people. They want a church to be planted there for them. One of our young seminary students have come forward and feels that this is what God wants him to do. What a place to meet Christ on a mountain side. It sounds like something right out of the Bible. We are hearing from the people how in these times of trouble the Christians reached out, when others did not. We are in the midst of a revival and the rest of the world is watching. What is really amazing is so many have come to help the Haitian people, and going home changed because of what wonderful things they have seen here. The Church is strong and Haiti is no longer a dark place. Haiti is for Christ and Christ is for Haiti. We need to pray for Haiti and all these new believers. Satan is not going to go down without a fight but we know that the ONE in us is stronger than he. God is blessing Haiti and I know God is bless by what He is seeing here. Haiti is not hopeless, It has Christ.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Finally Pictures of our Clinic in Port au Prince

Praise the Lord 2243 lives were touched in the name of Jesus and 373 decisions for Christ in 9 days. This little one I am holdings mother threw her out the window to save her life during the earthquake. She was 3 days old. Mom made it out after that. Mom was having problems nursing and was very traumatised by all of this. We helped feed the baby formula as mom counseled and became stronger. Mom is now nursing, baby has improved by leaps and bounds and both are smiling and happy. Still no home but we helped them for a little while. The little boy came to us with an injury to his leg. We saw several cases of pneumonia and dehydration.

More pictures from our clinic

Washing sheets after surgeries and procedures. This little boy fell into a cooking fire. He had been treated by someone else but needed more to fix his burns. The tents are our medical exam rooms. I worked in the pharmacy, coordinate food for everyone as well as helped with some dressings. Dr. Gavin and Julie headed up our team.