Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello from Port

I am presently in Port with a small clinic we have set up here to help in a small community of about 1,000 families. Most of the people are living in tents made of bedsheets. Many of their homes are standing but are badly damaged and not safe to stay in. 1,220 patients were seen this past week and 198 came to the Lord. Many others rededicated their lives. We did not hear a lot of questions like "Why did God let this happen?" but more of "Praise God He saved me". At night we do not hear riots and fighting, we hear worship services and people praising God. I have not heard any voodoo drums. Many of the things we see in the clinic are simple but I recognize that parents need to hear that their children are okay. Our clinic is on top of a mountain and we have the most beautiful view of the city and the ocean. As I sit there unwinding from an exhausting day, I like to spend that time sharing my feelings with God. They are so mixed, from feeling of joy to feeling of helplessness. At the beginning of the year a question was presented to me as to what humanly impossible thing would I ask God to do this year. I know now what it is. God is ever faithful and we are counting on it more and more each day. I am feeling totally dependent on him for my future here. Today we walked down the streets of Port. Everywhere we looked we saw destruction. Some buildings looked fine until be got up close and could see they were cracked like eggs. We saw one body still pinned in the rubble. The people are so hungry. There is food everywhere but they have no money to buy it. Those who had jobs no longer have them. Those hit the hardest are the children and the elderly. One blessing God gave me this week is I got to feed a newborn close to death, everyday and watch the child improve. He was suffering from dehydration. I also got to share the Gospel with a UN soldier from Texas. It the mist of all of this their is still much beauty here and it is found in the Haitian people. They are so appreciative of all we do. All they could pay us with was their hugs and many were given. The smiles were bonuses. Serving under His Grace. Jane


It has been non-stop busy since December, getting the Seminary finished and then the earthquake.

Finally today I've been slowing to catch up some things around the house. Jane is taking some R&R at the Villa along with Dr. Gavin, his wife Julie, Wadner along with I believe a few seminary students after a grueling but fruitful week up at the temporary mountain top clinic. They saw 1200+ patients last week along with 197 people accepting Christ as their personal savior and about that same number re-committing their lives to Him. Thursday evening while talking with Jane on the cell phone I could here the locals singing their hearts out in the background behind her at their worship service.

Last Saturday we had a medical team of 11 doctors & nurses fly in and were trucked to the mobile clinic at 5:30 Sunday morning. Yesterday they arrived back at 2:30 PM. Dr. Eric & Dr. Chris are flying back to Kentucky today. It was a pleasure to have them stay overnight here and to get to know them.

A team of I believe fourteen medical personnel fly in today. I am not sure where they will be serving yet whether it is here in Cap or down to Port. The clean sheets are hanging on my line and a load of towels are in the washer. The sun is shining brightly as we await the new arrivals.

Also this week I've had Les Babcock and Jim Gehrels from as my house guests. Les has been coming to Haiti since 1974 and served with OMS for some time. It has been interesting to learn about Haiti's history, culture and the water wells being drilled and maintained here.

Currently OMS has been working through the local churches here in the North furnishing food to feed the many refuges that are staying with friends & family. Yesterday we unloaded our third truckload of (100) 110lb bags of rice along with 100lb bags of beans and cases of cooking oil.
These are the staple foods of Haiti, each day pastors come with pick-up trucks to supply the growing needs.

Dave Shafferly came in to help set up the mobile clinic and has spent the rest of the week helping here in Cap. He is a former field director and the original "MacGyver". He can fix anything.
I have been able to pick his brain and learn a lot about everything here from him, not to mention Gordon Wallace was here three weeks ago for the seminary dedication. He had spent three years building the seminary and educated me on it's workings.

Maury has been helping in the office here for close to a month, he was having trouble arranging a flight out. Friday he would have to take a bus to the DR, overnight and then fly out on Saturday. Thursday evening he was offered a free flight out of Cap on Saturday, the return flight of a private Leer Jet. Can anyone see the miracle?????

God is so good, I am continually amazed as to how he supplies our needs when really we have nothing to offer [Him]. He is only asking that we offer ourselves and He will take care of the rest.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clinic Up And Running

Jane and a team of doctors and nurses along with translators left for Port-Au-Prince 5:30 AM on Sunday. We got word that they arrived safely at 1:00 PM making the trip in good time. They have established a mobile clinic on top of the mountain above Carrefour overlooking Port-Au-Prince bay. They are using a vacant missionary guest facility.
Jane called last night at 4:30 and said that after getting set up they saw 257 patients and 20 made decisions for Christ. This morning Jane called at 7:30 and was asking for an evangelistic team and bibles.
We already were planning to send the dump truck to them with needed medical supplies along with a driver, cook, & 5 seminary students, bibles, rice, beans, flower, bicycle, charcoal, water and pots & pans. We had to use some old doors as "side boards" in order to get everything shoehorned into this truck. Every time we thought that it was full, someone would bring a few more boxes to put on. It finally left about 11:15 AM. I've lost track of the truckloads but we are averaging one every other day.
There have been many people moving North to Cap-Haitian. OMS has been partnering with the local churches supplying them with food to help feed these displaced people.
Each day is spent getting shipments ready for both "Port" and "Cap" and making sure that the trucks are ready to return.
Through this devastation churches are packed, many testimonies of God doing miracles and lives being changed. We thank-you for your many prayers and e-mails of encouragement.
We believe that God has placed us here for this exact time.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Day

Well it's Thursday.
The team from Salem, Or. is going out today, Dr. Gavin, Dave Safferly [former field director] and a medical team will be arriving.
Yesterday we spent time servicing vehicles for travel, making Internet repairs, and accomplishing a few more items on the teams maintance "To Do List". After dark last night the first of our two trucks arrived after leaving for the Dominican on Monday with needed supplies for Port. We immediately unloaded and then reloaded it for the 5:00AM send-off this morning. It was loaded with medical supplies, metal panels for roofs, 27/110lb bags of rice, hundreds of bags of water, cloths, bread, Haitians, lumber, and even a goat. They will pick-up live chickens along the way to be sure that this truck looks like all of the others on their way to market. About 8:30 PM the second truck arrived with medical supplies and a weary crew after three days on the road.
Today is service the second truck, reload it with medical supplies to mobilize a medical team south tomorrow.
We continue to pray for Missionary Flights Int. as they are flying all three of their planes along with two more from Hendricks Motor Sports [NASCAR]every day with supplies to Port.
Thank You for your prayers for strength.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Use whatever gifts God has given to serve.

As you can see we have claimed a verse in 1Peter 4:10-11 as our verse. Little did we know how many of our gifts God would ask us to use. We knew that maintenance and helping others would be part of it but we did not know about all the others. For the past few months we have been praying for strength in unity among our team that the Lord would draw us together in one accord. We had no idea how much we would need that. Last night I stayed up studying language, I am working on medical terms. My background as a paramedic, I believe it, will be one of the talents God is going to ask me to use. Already God has asked me to use my ability to plan events for large groups of people. Several Missions are sending teams and family members home. Because of the situation they need to fly out of Cap Haitian. We have become a rescue mission for those traveling through. Yesterday Bud, The team, and I set up beds for 25 people plus we have guest rooms in the missionaries homes. Our Haitian staff has been a wonderful asset to us and so good about responding on a moments notice. Today we have a lot of sheets and towels to wash. We have 45 guest on the compound right now. Sometimes God urges us to do things and we think it is our own idea. Saturday I decided I would make a lot of Spaghetti Sauce and freeze it so I could have some meals ahead. I also baked several loaves of bread. That evening we received a call asking us to take in 38 people. Our Haitian staff is off on Sunday and they had not prepared food for this many people. So guess what they had for supper. All the missionaries here are working many long hours. With the Internet down most of the time it has made it difficult for us to communicate with our loved ones and that is so hard. Our neighbor has been sharing their phone with all of us. I am not including pictures because it takes to much band with on our Internet and we are sharing with the radio station. Yesterday in church, we stood with the Haitians and sang "It is well with my Soul". Tears streamed down my face as I looked around the room. Not one person in the room was not affected by this terrible tragedy. Yet they stood hand in hand singing from their hearts. This country is so small and it will effect so much. The worship in Port and here in Cap has not stopped. Missionaries from OMS have been working here for over 50 years, trying to build a strong and healthy church among this nation. I wish all those who answered the call of our Lord to serve here could see this. All their prayers and labor were not in vain. The church here in healthy and through this trial and tribulation their faith is strong and others are coming to Christ because of it. Miracles are happening everyday. God is faithful and He is here working in Haiti. The Christians here have been praying for a new beginning. It may be here. Our prayer request are for the gift of language, endurance, patience, grace for each other and to always be available for our brothers and sisters. The Haitians need to talk, there are so many questions. They need good strong Christian council and the Lords strength to go on. Pray for wisdom for us from our Lord and His strength for all of us. Pray that we will have good discernment as to what to do next and pray for Brett, Joetta, and Mary Lou our leaders in this crisis. They are doing an amazing job. God bless you, we sure are.

We Are Fine

As you know Haiti was hit by an earthquake last Tuesday in the south near Port-Au-Prince.
We felt the quake while having a Prayer meeting. Many people had just flown out that morning and a team from Salem Or. flew in. Due to bad weather here they almost aborted their landing and would have had to go to "Port" putting them in the disaster.
We did not realize the magnitude of the quake until later in the evening when reports started to come in of the devastation. It has become a very quiet and somber place as many stores have closed, all schools, banks and many gas stations. Four people left for Port on Wed. to check on our facility near the epicenter which only had part of it's perimeter wall fall. This first four returned on Friday and immediately started to load a truck of materials, food, water, medication which left for Port 5:30 AM on Saturday. Last night we received a bus load of 38 missionaries that will fly out today.
The Internet has been very limited, we have started to conserve propane & diesel fuel.
Today we are sending two trucks to the Dominican Rep. to try to purchase supplies.
We expect to send trucks back to Port with more needed supplies to help.
It is a very busy place here keeping all of us running. We expect many injured refugees to be finding their way North.
Everyone that you talk with here has family and friends that were in Port or effected.
Well I must go for now,