Thursday, December 23, 2010

God Contiues To Amaze Me

Tuesday there was a light rain all night long. I awoke at 4:15 to the sound of the little security light generator running down in the motor house. I was able to automate it two weeks ago so that it would start automatically when EDH (Electric Da Haiti) would go off. This morning though EDH was also on, maybe my generator controls went "haywire". I took a walk down to investigate. Along the way I see that the weight of the rain had brought down a weak tree limb across our power lines, burning one in half and the other two were arcing a little with the limb still suspended about 15 feet in the air. When one of the main fuses blew the little generator did exactly what it was supposed to do. I shut down the power and started to gather tools and get ready for dawn & some help. With the tractor, ladder & chainsaw ready, Brett showed up on his morning jog and together we removed the limb. We then set up at one end of the wire span to take down the broken wire and were brain storming about how we would splice the wire back together as we knew we were lacking in clamps, length of wire and were afraid that a splice would fail again if another limb fell. At 6:00 Olin showed up and shortly behind him Edric brought a roll of exactly the same wire on his shoulder. After rolling it out, about 200 feet, we find that we had about 20 feet extra, just right! (Thank-you God) After connecting the one end, it was off to the other, come-a-longing the slack out and connecting it, all of this 30 feet in the air. At 8:30 we were finally able to turn the power on. The Haitians down at the furniture shop were patiently waiting for power, the clinic was just finishing with devotions and ready to start seeing patients. Time for a shower & breakfast. I marvel at how God meets our needs and gives us the strength and wisdom for what ever is in store for each day.

Julie Briggs headed home yesterday to be with her family as her Grandfather is quite sick. She had come in as a Physical Therapist for one year. She was very instermental in the mobile clinics and cholera clinic, we will miss her as she returns to Northern Ireland.

We are patiently waiting for Christmas but missing that special time with our kids and family back home. Jane is hosting Christmas dinner here for the remaining missionaries.

Have a Blessed Christmas,

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Hi Everyone

Due to the election announcement yesterday, there have been reports of unrest in the streets again and we have been asked not to leave the campus. We have a team here with us and we have been able to get much accomplished this week. We are thankful that part of the team was able to give eye tests & distribute over 1000 pairs of glasses between yesterday & today. Many of the team have been working down at the cholera clinic along side of the staff there. This evening everyone is sobered with the loss of three cholera patients today (first ones here), it makes it hard to focus on the 103 that have been treated & released. Please be in prayer for the team, staff and families of these precious people here.


Saturday, December 04, 2010

Catching UP

I am not sure I am familiar with this phrase any more. Some days I feel like I am getting close to the end of the tunnel and then something happens and it sets me back a day or two. I think the most difficult thing is not feeling like anything in your life is under your own control. Even simple things like having control over when you get up, privacy, what you eat, or how your money is spent, are things that most of the time are out of your hands. Even when you plan some time off, you are not really off. For Americans it would be like working for a place that never closes and the door to your apartment is just inside the front entrance. Sometimes we watch old TV show we brought from the US to escape and shut out the activities of the street. Bud and I live close to the road so we are constantly aware of the activity around us. There are times we hear wailing, fighting, gun shots but also the laughter of children. Never a day goes by there is not a person at our door begging for help. I find myself wanting to find a different way to get into my house other then the front door to by pass someone there waiting for me. It is not because we do not want to help them. It is because we can't. It breaks my heart to have to tell them that I have no money to give you. Most of the time they are looking for money for food or medicine. Some are people who are telling the truth, others are truly in need but they try to make their story more desperate to get you to take pity on them. Bud and I have always been people who love to give to others and many times at the expense of our own needs. This is not always a wise thing to do. That is what has happened to us here. We came in with a plan and a budget but much of that is gone now. We always feel we have a better chance of recovery than the people around us. Our problems are nothing in comparison to theirs. This month we have had to pay out a lot of money from our support account for Visa, driver licenses, and now higher medical insurance premium. It all adds up to a couple thousand dollars we had not planned on. This also adds to stress because we know all that money will have to be made up. In my heart I know God will meet this need but the human part of me wants to see how it is all going to work out now. God has brought us through very difficult times in our life and you would think I would be able to just not think about it. But that is not who I am, I am a planner and organizer. I like to be prepared for what lies ahead, I have peace when I feel I can walk away from a job that has all it's ducks in a row, then I feel I have been successful. God is still working on that part of me. The last few days I have really been feeling tired. Not physically but the emotional stress has taken it's toll. My body has always had signals that tell me I am emotionally drained and the stress of living with the constant problems of others has taken it toll, yet I am drawn to this kind of work. I thrive on it, but there comes time I have to give my body a break. We were home for a few weeks but they were not a time of rest but a time of work and heavy schedules of raising support. Come January Bud and I are going to try to take a time of rest in the Dominican if it is at all possible. I was reading this morning a blog of four of our missionaries who are on holiday in the DR and I realize how much Bud and I need to get away as well. Last July we went for a three day holiday and it really was good for both of us, We spent time scuba diving, which really takes you out of this world and puts you in another. It is truly an escape. We are not unique. Many missionaries live like this all over the world. But let me say this it is by the Grace of God we are able to do this. He keeps pulling us through each day. As I think back I can reflect on little perks that God has given us that came out of the blue to pick us up. Little things like a free helicopter ride from Port. A surprise package in the mail. A support check or a gift of money that we did not expect. A friend sending us something we need or bring a us a special food we have been missing. An encouraging word from someone. Or a Haitian telling you how much you have blessed them not by money but because you gave them a little of your time. Or a little time away from work. An English Student getting a job because you helped them learn English. Best of all a recorded book in the mail from your 8 year old grandson and the love of our family. It is all good. But nothing is better than serving God wherever He has chosen for us. The most encouraging thing is when I read His word and He talks to me through it. It is a feeling that He set that time aside especially for me. We all need to feel special.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


It is Thanksgiving evening and I am sitting here beside Bud as he reads me the unbelievable statistics on this Cholera epidemic. They are saying on CNN which he is reading online, we will be in it for years. 60,000 have been sickened. 25,000 hospitalized and over 1400 dead. We have had so much going on here. Violence has been occurring in the streets these days. Also we have elections going on and that has set off disruption in the past. The people are deeply in need of prayer. They are tired, discouraged, hungry and now sick or know someone that is sick. Fear is a terrible thing and it can make any of us do things we do not want to do. As we slipped away to enjoy dinner together it is sobering to think that just a few yards away one of our houses is filled with children hooked to IV fighting Cholera. We have 13 pt right now and expect more tomorrow. Julie, Hannah and Dr Rodney have done an amazing job setting this up. Bud and I helped to facilitate and set up the clinic. We are using whatever we can find to take care of as many as we can. Tomorrow we will look for more beds and set up more rooms. The cases increase more and more each day. You have to wonder how much more can this country take. We ended our day singing to the children and praying with them along with their parents. Talk about a helpless feeling. In times like this it is easy to feel inadequate. Praise God His is. We need all of your prayers once again. It is amazing in the mist of all of this just mention the name of Jesus to those who believe and see their faces change. This is another opportunity to help others to find him.

We are thankful

Praise God for a healthy family, Good friends, and a faithful God. We also are thankful for all of you who have stood by us to help us be a part of the work here. Thank you is such a small word for how we feel. God bless you

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Retreat Begins

Today is the first day of our spiritual and team building retreat. Right now we should be on a bus heading for the Dominican Republic, but like all things here in Haiti nothing is for sure. Violence has begun here in the country. The word on the street is the people are blaming the UN for bringing Cholera in since one of the troops here is from a country infested with Cholera. Elections are also just around the corner so that could be part of the problems.
Cholera is definitely here with us. We hear stories of death everywhere. We are staying close to home because the violence has stretched all the way from Cap to areas past us. Please be in prayer about all of this.
On a happier note we just had a wonderful week with a team that truly came here to serve. Their hearts were set on being a blessing here in Haiti and they truly were. Not only did they work with several different ministries while they were here they also found ways to help the missionaries in their homes. We were blessed with freshly painted walls.
One afternoon I took the team out for a walk in our area to visit, and pray with the people. What a blessed time we had. We managed to speak to several families before the rain returned. I carried my creole Bible with me and I am happy to say it now is in the hands of a beautiful young woman who I had the privilege of sharing Christ with. She is now my sister in Christ. One of our schools also shared with us that they had a Starfish kid accept Christ during devotions on day last week. I do not have the name yet but I will be thrilled to share that news with their sponsor.
I just finished two weeks of answering letters and assigning new children to sponsors. It is a great job to have to do but it is overwhelming at times because it take a lot of time. Marcie is here from Canada and she and I spent time together working on ways to spread some of this work out between her and I. I also have a partner in the US now. Beka who is helping me as well.
This leaves me more time to work on programs for children and taking teams out to work with our schools. What a blessing they both are. Our new books will be here soon which a Bible stories and scripture in Creole. Each teacher will be given a book and a plan for teaching Bible lessons on a child's level. I will be happy to share with you soon some new and upcoming projects for Starfish kids. May I share some prayer request with you. Please to continue to pray for all of our ministries: Seminary, Medical Clinic, English as a second language, Radio station, Schools, Starfish kids and our missionaries. None a funded where they need to be especially the Radio station and our missionaries. God is faithful and we know He has a plan. We are praying that individuals are willing to hear it. Bud has been really busy as you see from his blogs. I praise God that he has kept him safe through all of this. I also praise God because we are about to begin construction on two new school. Ft St Michel #2 and Plain du Nord. I can't wait to see the children move in. Between the two schools we have 912 students. We have 4 more schools yet to be built. Praise God for those who helped provide this money. We are praying for all of our supporters and blog readers. We may not be able to name everyone but God knows you and He know what is in our hearts for you. Jane

Monday, November 08, 2010

Well We Almost Dodged The Bullet

Friday was pretty uneventful with a slight breeze and some light rains. Saturday morning the team was waiting for word if their flight was still on. By 10:30 we received word that they would not leave until Monday. Gary asked if it was my day off and if I wanted to tackle stringing a new service wire to the aids clinic.
Being that we had the extra help we went for it and by 3:30PM it was up and running just as the wind started to pick-up and the rains started to come down.

Jane had already made plans to have the team over to our house for a pizza party (homemade of course) and for a time for them to get better acquainted with Erica Thompson. We had a great evening but the wind was howling, leaves & limbs and who knows what else was blowing by. At 8:00 PM Edric shut down the power (due to the winds) and we continued the evening on inverter power & security lights.

By morning things were quiet. The team was getting ready to leave for early church at Pastor Gary's and needed to leave at 6:00AM. At 5:30AM before sun up, I was doing an inspection of our power lines for limbs or damage prior to starting the generator.

Up by the Holiday House a tree had fallen across a guy wire that supports the corner utility pole, severely breaking it about half way up, essentially the wires were keeping it from falling over. After pulling a few pole fuses we were able to isolate that particular pole and turn the power on.

To keep a close eye on things here, Jane & I decided to listen to a pod-cast that I had in my computer from back home while the team was away. After Brett and the team returned at 10:30 we started the task of installing a new utility pole, straightening the old one and securing the two together. By 4:00 we were finishing up, It was a long day, a long weekend! It was so good to have all of the help, while the guys worked outside the ladies cooked us up a great lunch American style, hamburgers & french fries along with birthday cake.

Trever & Chad

Preparing the hole (disregard the "Haitian style metering" to outside customers)

Manning the Lines

Passing the high voltage line over the top

Today the team headed one last time to the airport leaving Trever & Peggy to stay on until Saturday. I remember Dr. Chad say that this week he got to work on generators, wiring, rigging & many other things that he normally doesn't get a chance to do and he loved it. Chad was also able to bless Stacey with medication for her continual "Morning Sickness". Today Trever & Amigo were up sawing up the fallen tree while I stayed home, my day off.


Friday, November 05, 2010

Was a peaceful day

I guess we dodged the bullet. We have received only light rains off & on throughout the night & day with only a slight breeze. OMS campus here has been very quiet as the Haitian staff was off today in anticipation of Tomas. Part of the day Trever & I worked in Pastor Lukner's house with some inside work readying it for his upcoming wedding. Gary spent the day wiring in the office. I spent this afternoon tracking down and sealing a few pinhole leaks in our roof along with changing a fan in Eric's refrigerator. The ministries here were closed today and everyone was getting caught up on their to-do lists. Jane & Carl Henry painted our kitchen, while the rest of the team was readying medical supplies in the holiday house. It continues to rain slowly this evening.

Thank-You for all of your prayers, Cap-Haitian was spared the storm.


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Waiting & Watching

It looks as if Tomas is headed this way. We have been preparing and studying the Hurricane web sites. The portion of the current team that were going to evacuate yesterday on a commercial airline were not able due to a snafu in flight plans or paperwork. Last night MFI notified us by e-mail that they are planning to send in one plane today for our typical Thursday freight & missions passengers.

Yesterday Edric hired a local man to climb two palm trees next to our house and remove about 1/2 of their leaves and all of the larger coconuts. I've climbed a lot of steel in my career but was amazed by this guy. With bare feet and a machete he was able to climb up and onto the top and then hack away. The locals soon were cutting open some of the coconuts for it's water within and a couple of girls gathered a huge sack of the rest probably to sell on the street. I'm glad that these will no longer be a threat to my roof!

Today will probably be a typical work day with an anticipated arrival of Tomas tonight. Edric & I have readied generators & saws, Olin & Amigo replacing some bad security lights. The team has been painting and installing some security systems along with working at the clinic.
Jane has been busy with Starfish Kids along with two huge English classes of about 60. Pastor Miguloson became a dad again on Sunday to a little girl!

Well I must get ready for the day.


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Busy Week

Everyone has been busy. The Gary Glabe team arrived on Saturday from Texas and they have been very busy since. Yesterday they blessed Jane with painting our living room, dining room and hallway before lunch. Gary was reviewing a long awaited security system to be installed in the office. Chad & I went to Sakinville to install the last remaining parts that Malcolm, Stacey's dad brought in and we were able to get the second generator up and running. Today the team did tours of some of the different ministries here at OMS while Gary and I reviewed some work that needs to be done down at the Aid's Clinic.

Here in house #3 we live with an infamous toilet that has a long history of plugging up so at times we kept it on a liquids only diet. Well for 7 months it has been on good behaviour but now with a team in and 4 additional house guests you guessed it, it stopped up. I got to spend some time today removing it and "snaking" out the pipes to get the roots & grease moving again.

We have been watching tropical storm Tomas very closely. Yesterday we decided that we had better fuel up the vehicles & generators and prepare to batten down the hatches later this week. Two years ago Gonaives was hit very hard with a large loss of life and washing out the main North-South route, cutting off our supply of fuel from Port-au-Prince.

We have already been informed that flights will probably be cancelled later this week interrupting the team's scheduled departure on Saturday. Some have decided to evacuate tomorrow and some to stay until flights resume whenever that may be.
It is hard because they are just getting to know these fascinating people but have to leave early due to schedules & families back home.

Jane & I have never experienced a hurricane before, Cap-Haitian is usually pretty safe from them but this time looks to be different. I have been doing some roof patching on our house in preparation of the expected rain. We also are readying chain saws for the possibly that we loose some of our power lines from falling trees & limbs. Inside of our OMS compound we are the power company so making repairs after a storm is up to us. For safety sake we are anticipating shutting off our main power system, operating only our security lights during the storm, although powder outages here are a way of life.

We are already brainstorming and making plans for the what-ifs. Only God knows what will happen as he is in control. Our biggest concern is for the Haitian people because they are the ones least prepared or able to deal with such a storm.

Continue to pray for Haiti as this approaches.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Frog In The Shower

This morning I found a visitor with me in the shower. With bits of shaving cream still on my face I grabbed the camera, shorts, dustpan & plastic bowel to safely return this little but fast guy back to the wilds of our front yard.
Last evening the Bundy clan shared their bar-b-que with us, seems that Alana had asked her grandma to send hot dogs & marshmallows but grandma could only send the marshmallows in the mail for obvious reasons. We happened to bring in some of Erie's famous Smith's hot dogs so we got together and had a great time with the kids.

We have been getting settled back into the swing of things again. When we arrived on Tuesday we were continually greeted by everyone happy to see us back. Jane is busy again with Starfish and English classes and I have spent three days at the seminary.
This is the way that Missionary Flights International flew in our two new diesel engines.

On Wednesday, team members Gailin & John along with Edric, Ti-Blanc & myself were able to unload both engines and change out the first one.
On Thursday Gailin & I continued to finish up connections and review pre-start details while the rest of the group changed out the second engine. By 2:00 pm the first one was running and starting to make power.

We found it easier to remove the generators from the motor house to make the change. This is the first unit ready to move back inside.

First unit finished and running.

The second unit is ready short of a new radiator hose and circuit breaker that are coming soon.

Continue to Pray for Haiti as we now are facing a growing Cholera outbreak. Each day we get new information from the Internet news and word of mouth from local agencies.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jane's Reflections on our time at home

Bud and I sit here side by side on the plane heading for our home in Haiti. It has become that for us. The only thing missing for us there are our friends and family which we sadly leave behind. The highlight of our trip home was spending time with our family and some very close friends. The family gatherings as well as the little time we had to spend with each of our children filled our hearts. I am so grateful for each of them. Our children had a calendar made for us with all of their pictures in it. The front is what meant the most to me. It had a picture of as many of our grandchildren as they could get together. Some of them were born to us others God placed in our lives in very unique ways but the caption says something like this. “It doesn’t matter who’s name you have…It’s who you call family.” That is exactly how it is with us. We are so blessed with so many to love. Other than the visits with our children the greatest pick up for me, was the time I spent with close friends. We did not get to see all of our friends, the time went by so quickly. I am thankful for the ones who allowed me to share what was in my heart and came back with good and spiritual advise. I appreciate these times of reflection and growth.

The words of my 8 year old grandson come to mind. “ Gramma how long are you and papa going to keep on doing this going back to Haiti.” Good question! We do not know only God knows the real answer. All I can say is until God sends us home. When we left Haiti I have to admit I was exhausted and a little discouraged because so much of the problems we were having with computers in the Starfish kids office. One of my goals while we were out was to try to find solutions. For the first couple of weeks I had a lot of trouble sleeping and at times feeling very anxious. I had a lot of trouble getting my mind of Haiti. Getting on the road and traveling to churches was not something I was looking forward to, but all of that quickly went away.

Our first trip was to Queens in New York City. We spoke at a Korean Church. The Pastor was a graduate of the OMS seminary in Korea. He shared in length with us and the member of his church his love for the OMS organization. How the missionaries in Korea lead him to Christ and where he is today. It was our first experience in an oriental church. The Korean food was wonderful and the members treated us with such grace.

I had the opportunity to travel to OMS headquarters and spend some time there with friends and the staff. My goal was to find ways to have better communications with sponsors and take some of the work off of me in Haiti, so I can be more efficient. I also wanted to find ways to make things run smoother for teams coming into the country with MFM. I feel I was able to accomplish all of this during my stay.

I arrived home on Friday. Bud and I jumped into the car on Saturday and traveled to Mentor Ohio, to speak at a church of a young man who came on a team to Haiti. What a wonderful church with a great heart for the things of God. Thank you, Aaron for inviting us. Immediately following the morning service we left for Hamilton Ontario and shared with St James Church. This invitation came from another team. They held a Haiti night, where they shared their experiences in Haiti and they gave us opportunity to share as well.

I had the same goal with OMS Canada as I did for my time at Headquarters. We took 2 ½ days and spent time meeting with the Canadian staff and also visiting with sponsors. Several Sponsors had meetings in their homes and gave us opportunity to share what has been happening with Starfish kids as well as our work. We always have a very warm welcome in Canada and it is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to visit. The Olsen’s graciously opened their home to us. They have made several trips to Haiti themselves so it was nice to share stories with them.

After spending a couple of days with our family we were off to W. Virginia to visit some new supporting churches for us. The mountains there reminded me of Haiti and our friends. We spoke at Riverview Church in Parsons and Mt Harmony in Northern W. Virginia. What a passion these two churches have for missions. We never felt we were among strangers. That is how it is when you are amongst God’s people. This trip was followed by 5 days at home and some rest. We did speak on Wed night Community Christian Church just down the road from our daughters. This Church has faithfully stood by us through our first year financially and spiritually. I can think back and remember little notes that come from them from time to time. They truly love their missionaries and God’s work.

Following a week of rest we traveled back to a church we shared in before. In south central Pa. We had stayed with the Weaver’s before so it was great to stay with them again. These churches generously sent soap, tooth brushes and tooth paste to the Haitians to help out. What a blessing it was to have these things to help through a very difficult year in Haiti.

We also visited the very first church that took us on as missionaries. Dorchester Drive Baptist Church. Bud and I attended there for 14 years. We have so many friends there and it was one of our favorite places on this trip home.

Our last full week in Erie we spent with two churches in Corry Pa for a week long missions conference. Bud and I were tired. It had been a long 5 weeks. There we met Vera. She is 95 years old and has been faithfully housing missionaries in her home for 49 years. This year after falling she was not able to do so. She could not come to the conference so some of the missionaries went to see her and sing for her. We went to bless her and she ended up being more of a blessing for us. Her enthusiasm for our ministries was contagious. She picked both Bud and I up and we were ready to begin again. The week was a time of sharing in formal sessions and small group meetings. We now have more friends to add to our list.

Our last week in the States, we spent in Florida. Pastor Barber had invited us to speak at his church near Ocala. He had brought a team to Haiti to do a crusade. Two other churches had sent members on his team. All three churches welcomed us to share what God is doing in Haiti. We had a great time. Some of the members also treated us to a couple of days of visiting local attractions and an airboat ride. What a treat.

As I said at the beginning of this reflection, we left Haiti tired and a little beaten down but after spending 6 weeks not only being loved on by our families, but we were cared for loved and encouraged by God’s people. Our trip was a good reminder to us as well as other what God is truly doing in Haiti. As we shared it brought our hearts back to the love we have for the work God has sent us to do in His name. We return refreshed, eager but also a little overwhelmed with the work that is waiting for us there. It will take a little while to catch up but we are going in God’s strength. We have had time to reflect and talk about some changes we need to make in ourselves and our schedules to be able to continue to grow and not burn out and we eagerly approach to people we have grown to love. Jane

Prayer request: When we left Haiti we needed to raise $1600 per month, After six weeks of speaking we have raised $900 per month we still have a ways to go. That seems like a lot but when you break it down if we had 36 people pledge $25 per month or 18 people at $50 per month, that need would be met. Please be in prayer that all of these faith promise come to light and that more hearts are being touched for the work we are doing in Haiti. We have changed our status. We committed in the beginning for two years with OMS. We are now full career. The direction this takes us in is in God’s hands.

Flying back to Haiti: Bud's thoughts

Well here we are on our flight back to Haiti. We are returning from six weeks in the US raising our funding and visiting family & friends. The time went by so quickly!

As I look back on our speaking schedule, between Jane and I we were able to share God's work in Haiti formally twenty one times. We met so many wonderful people along the way, opening their churchs, hearts & homes to us, we are extremely grateful. I know that there were many people that we did not get to see while home but we were simply running out of time with traveling each weekend. Our van put on thousands of miles to such places as Queens NYC, Mentor Ohio, Hamilton Ontario, West Virginia, South Central & Corry & Erie Pennsylvania, Spring Hill & Crystal River Florida.
We were grateful for the time out but know that the work is waiting for us back in Haiti.

Last June we had one generator at the seminary break down and were making arrangements to repair it when I returned. Five days after we left the remaining generator failed. After many days of long distance e-mail brain-storming and a temporary unit moved into place, another mechanic was able to fly in and get one of the engines back up and running for the time being. Since then the manufacturer has worked with us explaining that they had some defective internal springs in those particular production years and once they fail can cause extensive internal damage. They have sent us two complete new engines as they do not have any factory technicians in Haiti to make this very complicated repair. The engines are flying in today so I have a good idea what my to-do list looks like.
To me this is just another great example of how God continues to meet our needs on a daily basis when it is beyond “us.”

While home we were able to.... take in a local fair, watch Danny & Nick run cross country, have school lunch with Will, birthday parties with Charlie & Josh, Picnic with my brother & sisters, mom & aunt. Help Bruce with his roof, Chris & Lorah with a plugged drain, Kip & Gretchen with a bathroom fan, Tom & Marcia with odds & ends, and an early Christmas party with the grandkids.
I even was able to join in with the Corry First UM men’s group to help with some of the block work for a much needed addition for one of their brothers.

We appreciated our time home but also look forward to our return to where God has called us for this season in our lives, a place where lasting differences are being made in people’s lives as they place their trust in God.

Thank-you for your continued prayers and financial support that we may continue to go.


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Our One Year Anniversary in Haiti

The month of September has always been a special month of the year for us because it is our wedding anniversary, but now it also marks our time here in Haiti.

As I look back on the year, I see how both of us have grown. Our confidence in God has grown as well as our faith. As I reflect on all the times, He has come through for us. I wish I could say I never wavered or worried about how it would all turn out. God has never let us down.

We have had the opportunity to serve him in so many ways. We began with just simply sharing with others how God opened doors for us to follow Him here. We have been through some financial struggles that brought us to our knees. We have began ministries we knew very little about and are finally feeling confident in the jobs we are doing.

We have lived through disappointments in ourselves and others. We took on the challenge of learning a new language. We tried to love the Haitian people through an earthquake. Bud has learned what the word "degaje" means. He has struggled to find parts, answers, solutions and patience in so many areas.

Bud has unloaded airplane, repaired churches, helped finish a seminary, came along side his co-workers to start a Bible study, worked on engines, generators, cars and young men's hearts.

I have helped with a mobile medical clinic, helped work on the seminary, taught English, shared the Gospel, helped organize a crusade, lead the starfish kids program, helped several teams find their place here in Haiti, and now am leading an English speaking service every Saturday night.

We have both grown in our love for the Lord, our family and our fellow missionaries. I can certainly say we have not done everything right. We have both made a lot of mistakes, but what we both agree on is that God has placed us here for such a time as this.

We want to thank all of you for coming along side us through this journey, especially our family. We certainly could not have done any of it with out our team. We are now leaving on Saturday with the Lord's help, to finish our fund raising. We are coming up short because we came to the field short funded. But just like all the other things I have mentioned God will provide this need as well.

We are looking forward to our next year serving the Lord here in Haiti. Jane

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Busy Team

Last Monday afternoon we had a team arrive from Waterdown, Ontario for two weeks. They have been prepping and painting Cowman International School for the upcoming school term. So far they have applied eleven gallons of paint and expect to finish after about five more. Thursday they spent the afternoon in the neighborhood of one of the Haitian churches just practicing English with some of the English speaking residents there. To break up the work ( and heat), we took in a beach day on Friday and then painted till noon on Saturday, English speaking church on Saturday night. Julie and Hanna took them to Haitian church today and then to lunch in Cap-Haitian. This next week they want to get more involved in the community after the painting is finished.

It was good to see Kate, Erica, & the Bundys get back safely this past week. Jane and I have been finishing up travel arrangements for our time home starting Sept. 6. Tim Bell our OMS North Eastern Representative has been very busy filling our calender with multiple speaking engagements every Sunday that we are home. We will be spending time with family and friends during the week and then packing the miles on our van each week-end. We really couldn't do it without Tim, we praise God for him!

Dave & Marlyn Graffenburger have extended their stay here until next Saturday to allow for more time for "changing of the guard" from Dave to Brett. Please pray for our leadership that God would grant them wisdom as times become more difficult here in Vaudreuil.

Jane continues to be busy with Starfish report cards, school supplies, construction budgets, new students, new sponsors, and preparing for her time away. She is also very committed in finding time to work on her language, that's more than I can say for myself. I am now able to speak a good amount of broken creole, but still have difficulties hearing and understanding sentences. Edric & Amego are patient with me and continue to tell me the "correct way" to say what I'm trying to get across, if only I could remember. I could really appreciate being a pre-schooler again, with their ability to soak-up vocabulary.

This week finishing Cowman School then hopefully a week with Dave Shaferly working on diesels & generators before heading out.



Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time Flys By

Just as back home, the summer time flys by but here it is year round. Days run into weeks and weeks months, it's hard to believe that we are fast approaching our one year mark already. It has been reaching the mid 90's each day with about 90% humidity which feels like 105+, we look forward to a good thunderstorm about 5:00PM to cool things off and water the parched land.

Edric [Ed-reese] and I spent Monday & Tues. installing a new generator at the Petite-Aunse transmitter site. I look back on how God was preparing me through my career as an Ironworker with rigging experience for just this time. On Wed. we returned for 1/2 day to familiarize ourselves with the computer controls before leaving it to the 4VEH technicians to operate daily. This new addition comes none too soon as the other generator has been without a backup for at least two years now and is in desperate need of a new rear main oil seal. Upon returning to OMS at noon I received a call that the only running generator at the seminary had stopped and would not restart, so off in the other direction. After an hour of changing filters and purging diesel fuel lines we were able to find an air leak at a defective fitting and get it back in working order. Before we left, Abel made sure to bring to our attention a leaking hydraulic hose on the Bobcat that needs changed and is almost inaccessible. Dave Shaferly is on his way in September as we believe the other seminary generator is in need of an overhaul.

Thursday was a run to the airport with the tractor to lift two 1000 lb diesel engines that had arrived for another mission, move a disabled mower for the airport and receive our cargo shipment. Friday we were able to finally get the brakes back together on our Mitsubishi Montero that has been sitting since I believe May. We were never able to find the correct brake shoes so had to do a little revising on the adjusters to make the new ones fit. We installed a new universal joint and now only need to weld up a cracked portion of the frame.

Monday we have a team coming in from Canada to help with work on the Cowman school with roof repairs, painting, and preparing for the upcoming school term.

We have had Raymond & Islande as our house guests this week, they are here with Madam Sampson for a week of special prayer meetings.

Jane has been spending long days to get 1800 report card letters out to Starfish sponsors. A small group of people have been writing, stuffing & mailing them all by hand.

This next week we look for Kate, Erica, Brett & Angie to return with Dave & Marylin going out. Matt & Stacy returning the week after and Jane & I leaving for 6 weeks on Sept. 6.

We will be returning home to see family & friends and speaking in Churches about our work here. Jane & I continue to be amazed by God's provision. Much like the story in the Bible where the container of oil never went dry, each day there was just enough for that day. It seems like our support account is the same, continuing to meet each month's need.

Continue to pray for Haiti, each day we have been seeing spiritual warfare raging right here in our neighborhood.

Just as I was finishing up writing, Julie called," when I went to feed Erica's cat there is water coming up through a grout joint in her laundry room floor and it wasn't there yesterday!" After shutting off the water, breaking up three 8" x 8" granite floor tiles and removing a five gallon bucket of deteriorated concrete and sand I found a broken plastic water line. Three hours later all was fixed except for replacing the concrete and floor tiles, that will wait for someone else on a different day.
Just another typical day here in Haiti.


Sunday, August 01, 2010


Our internet is up and running. I cannot imagine what it was like for the missionaries who came before internet. We have become so dependent on it for ministry as well as communication that when it is not working it really effects us all.

This past week has been a tiring week but also a great blessing. We have two teams overlapping right now and they have been such a joy to have here. Their focus has been VBS and evangelism. Many radio's have been passed out in the last week and many people have heard the Gospel for the first time. One of our visitors is a business man. His focus for his seventh trip to Haiti is to help Starfishkids. We have been traveling around looking at some of our schools that need some serious repairs. Others need to be rebuild. The ones that need repair will be finished before school begins. At this time we have 6 schools that need to be replaced. His goal was to help me in making plans for these schools. I am thankful for Craig and Les who have given of thier time to help me with this work. We have some remarkable Haitians here that will be taking on this task. An organization called JOY of HOPE is raising the money for this project. Their home base is Canada. We also looked at some problems like the one Belinay has. Everytime the heavy rains come the river rises and floods the village including the church and the school. We are going to be asking some engineers to look at this problem and see if we can come up with a solution for this. We would love to see the river held back from the area surrounding the church and school. Not only will it keep our church and school dry but provide a rescue area for the neighbors to go to when the waters rise.

I would also like to share with you a little story of how God helped Craig and I to be in the right place, at the right time. The two of us had gone out to look at the land for the new school. As we passed by a home of one of our starfish kids my car was recognised. The Pastor was with us in the car. As he left my car and started to walk down the road the mother came out to tell us that her daughter was very ill and that she was a starfish kid would we help her. The child was burning up with fever. We took her to our clinic where she was found to have malaria. Two days later I returned to her home to take her back to the clinic for a recheck and found two more sick children. We were able to get all of them medical help and God provided the funds to pay the bill.

Also on this trip I tried to share the Gospel with the man who will be living next to the new school in Plain de Nord. He just kept telling me that this is not a good time for him to accept Christ. He even stopped me from sharing with his family saying this is not a good time for them either. I hope to return to speak with him again someday. I am praying we will find a good time to reach him for Christ.

It is a sad time in Haiti. The month of July is when the voodoo fets are going on. Many people are wearing the colors of the demons and making their sacrifices. We have been told that the people we are seeing are a much lower numbers than in past years so this is encouraging. Others have told us that they believe that the presentage of Christians in the country has gone from 20% to 40%. Praise God we are seeing His hand move here in big ways.

Our starfish kids office has been busy preparing report cards and getting things ready to send out with the summer newsletter. Those of you who are sponsors will be recieving it soon. Thank you for all of your prayers we are seeing the results of them.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hi Everyone


Hi Everyone,
I’m trying something new, writing in Word at home to transfer to Blogspot when I get online.
Our Internet connection to the satellite stopped working last week and we are traveling the ½ mile to Radio 4VEH each morning to retrieve our mail. Yesterday I sent an e-mail to the local Internet representative here to ask for his help.
We have been very busy to say the least. A new “Generator End” came in on Missionary Flights Int. two weeks ago and we now have it installed on our engine bringing our generators back up to two here at our main campus. It’s a good thing as stating this last week-end our local power provider which was up to about 22 hours each day has cut back to a few hours each night. Jane has been scrambling to order school supplies whenever she can get onto the Internet.

Over the July 4th weekend Jane and I took a trip to Sosua, Dominican Republic for a get-a-way and also meet Haiti’s 90 day visitor’s requirement. There we were able to do some Scuba Diving which we have not been able to do since coming here last September. It was a long but comfortable bus ride. Once there, we found this quaint little town a beautiful place. The ocean was full of colorful fish and a healthy reef system and a dive shop that was very accommodating to our every need. The first day I found that something was in the toe of my dive boot so investigating with my hand I had a scared tarantula ran up my arm.

Yesterday the Internet at 4VEH was slow and was not able to post this, will try again today.

I spent the day working on adapting a new portable x-ray machine’s “head” to the ”mast” of our old dead x-ray machine. I located some aluminum and able to build an adaptor plate on the lathe. Today I will run some wiring for the darkroom, a waterline for the new processor and mount the vertical “Bucky” to the wall for chest x-rays. The team that provided this equipment is arriving tomorrow to train our current technicians on its use.

We are anxious to make plans for Air Conditioning up-grades in the adjacent room to pave the way for the larger more sophisticated X-Ray machine coming from Erie, PA. Between the two machines the people of northern Haiti will have access to more advanced health care.

Each day here is a challenge, making do with limited resources. God continues to amaze us with his answers to Haiti’s needs.

Continue to pray for Haiti, now that the distraction of World Cup soccer is over, the realization of difficult times settles back in for many.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yes I do exist

Your probably wondering if I am here because all of the blogs have been from Bud lately but it seems by the end of my day the last thing I want to do is pick up a computer. It has been a very busy time for us here in Haiti. Of course we had the Crusade and the team that came to be a part of it. Then we had two more teams come in to do evangelising and all kinds of wonderful things to help spread the Gospel here in Haiti. It is so wonderful to have all of them here but it also comes with a lot of work for Bud and I. This week we do not have a team here and I really miss them. It has been a great week to get a lot of letters written and spend extra time working on Starfish Kids. Praise the Lord we have 4 new foster parents who are trying to find sponsors for 60 of our children in the states. I am praying for 100 new sponsorships before school starts next year. We are entering a time of school repairs and building new ones. Thanks to a wonderful organization in Canada some money has been set aside to begin repairing and building schools. We pray that others will contribute to these funds as well. We have 5 schools that need to be built because they failed inspection after the earthquake. Their was not damage from the earthquake. These school were needed before the quake but now the government is shutting them down because they are unsafe. The last thing we want is our children in unsafe schools. Many of these schools are buildings that were the best the people could find to hold church and school in. Now we are able to help them. While the teams were here we visited a couple of our schools and took along balloons, beads and paint to give them a great day of fun. The team tied the balloons into animals and the beads were made into bracelets that tell the Gospel story. The paint of course was for painting pictures on the kids.
My English classes have ended and 35 out of 50 of my students passed. Our year ended with a pizza party at my house. I am getting pretty good at making pizza from scratch. The students showered me with gifts which was so humbling because many of them have so little but they wanted to show their love for me. The greatest gift as I told them was their friendship. Many still come to have conversation with me in English. Many times those conversations are about the Lord and His Word. Today is Saturday and it is the first day in a long time that Bud and I had nothing we had to do. So I studied language and baked cookies and Bud prepared our dive gear to do some scuba diving over the fourth of July. It will be the first chance we have had to do it since we came to Haiti. It will be a nice break. Jane

Monday, May 31, 2010


That's how you pronounce Crusade in Creole. Last night was the first night of crusade in downtown Cap-Haitian. This is to help celebrate Radio 4VEH's 60 years of Christian broadcasting here in Haiti. Pastor Wayne Barber & Evangelist Harold Coomer along with 8 team members arrived on Thursday to prepare for this Crusade that has been Wayne's vision for three years. The site is in the centrally located park. All of the arrangements have been being made over the last month with Jane helping coordinating much of it. Saturday night the team spent time praying at the location for God to do a great work here through the Haitian people. Yesterday we really didn't know how things were going to start, the massive stage was complete with final details being put in place. People were starting to gather, the weather was a typical warm summer evening.
As the worship time proceeded and special choirs sang the park filled up with maybe 5,000+ people. It was fantastic as we were told that it would probably be our lowest turnout during the 8 evenings planned.
Harold with "T" Lewis interpreting were both quite animated and right to the point about our need for salvation and not being guaranteed tomorrow.
It was a wonderful evening and we look forward to each coming evening.
We know that God is moving in a miraculous way here and we thank-you for your prayers!

Radio 4VEH is broadcasting live on the Internet each evening from 6-9PM EDT with Harold speaking about 8:00


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tough Week

As my last writing, the exhaust tower went together without a problem. With the new exhaust pipe in place we changed the generator's oil and pressure washed the radiator as normal maintenance. On Thursday morning we loaded the dump truck to travel across Cap-Haitian to the radio station's transmitter site to repair their generators broken exhaust pipe. After a slow ride there through heavy traffic we arrived and went right to work cutting and fitting the new pipe. When we were ready to weld, we went to grab our little Lincoln Mig machine and it was gone. After checking we believe that it was taken from the truck as we were in traffic, although all of our other tools were still there neatly placed up front, away from the edges. What a bummer, back to the shop to struggle with the stick welder. Later on Thursday the generator that we worked on the day before overheated & shut down. We patched a small exhaust leak that may have been allowing soot into the radiator fins and got it going again. On Friday we were dealing with power inverter problems in the office and Don ended up reviving a computer that was experiencing major problems. It seems that a virus may have been going around our network affecting many computers. About noon the generator overheated again! After washing the radiator and restarting, everything seemed fine again. About 3:00PM Angie called, the van was down at the school and wouldn't start. After getting it back to the shop we find that the starter is shot. Edric had just returned from Cap-Haitian with a repaired alternator for the Isuzu Trooper and would try to locate a new starter for the van and the generator was overheating again. 5:30 AM on Saturday I went and degreased & pressure washed the radiator and started the generator for the day, all seemed good at 10:30 and so we left for town. Arriving back about 6:00 PM, the city power had been on but soon went off in a thunder storm. I went and started the generator but it overheated soon after. I even tried putting the garden hose in the radiator on low but it would still over heat, so off with the generator at 8:00PM and soon the city power came back on until 4:00 AM. Don, Edrice & I started at 6:00 AM today, removed & flushed the radiator, removed and inspected the water pump, all hoses and the thermostat. All seemed fine except we replaced the old fan belt, and left the tired looking thermostat out. After a five minute warm-up & check we put it under full load at 7:40 just in time for the 8AM church service.
The engine temperature remained good all day, hopefully we resolved the problem, we will know tomorrow when the electrical demand is higher.
With only Monday left, Brett was joking with Don as this may be the first year that he will be leaving with fewer vehicles running than when he came!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I've found that serving here in Haiti is all about challenges and how we deal with them in a God honoring way. From leaky faucets & deteriorated window screens to smoking wires and major power outages that we must solve. Vehicle problems such as alternators that won't alternate, starters that won't start, brakes that won't brake.
Every day is a new challenge with a list that continues to grow longer.
Don & Debbie Sweatman have come in for a few weeks to lend support. They have been coming to Haiti for short terms for 11+ years and were the team leaders of our first trip. Don have been giving me a hand down in the mechanic shop, it's been great to have a second set of eyes and ideas. Times can be discouraging when you struggle with things like a slow Internet when you need to order parts then waiting for them to come in. But then Sunday when we worship in a church jam packed with jubilant people the efforts of the week take on a different aspect. We remember the good things that did go right, a completed solar project to provide lights for a school, our generator powering the church out front so that they can have special evening services and the many faces that the clinic has served that week
For two days now Don and I have been fabricating a new exhaust system for one of our generators. Tomorrow we will try to straighten up and brace a leaning exhaust "tower" threaded up 25' through many electrical wires. Once straight then we will install a new muffler and piping.
When that job is complete there is another exhaust pipe to repair at the radio station's transmitter site, two vehicles and two lawn mowers waiting for parts and a new electrical panel coming for the clinic's x-ray room.
Each day we get to see how God is going to meet the needs next.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

7 Months

Seven months into our first year we are convinced that this is where God wants us to be. God has been so gracious and faithful in everything. So many have been praying for us and sending words of encouragement which helps us get through our days. Sometimes it feels like we are running on God's strength alone and that is all sufficient. So many of you have also made financial gifts that have helped us stay financially ahead of our expenses and you do not know how much that means to us. The teams that have come also encourage us and give us a lift with their presents and help. We are seeing the hand of God moving. I can't help but think we are in the last days and God is doing everything he can to reach out to man all over the world to reveal himself and give everyone one last chance to accept him. We see this in Haiti. Thousands are seeking Jesus and finding him. Now we have a new challenge to disciple all these new believers and help them to grow. The spiritual warfare is very evident and we need to stand strong for Christ. For those who pray for Haiti, your prayers are being answered and I believe a new Haiti is emerging. Thank-you everyone, who have given to OMS Haiti Relief. You have helped us help so many but the job is not finished. We have a lot of children from Port au Prince now attending our starfish Kids schools and are not able to pay tuition. Any money given to OMS Haiti Relief and marked as for Starfish Kids will be used to help the schools who have taken in these children. Many are orphans, others are children being raised by relatives because their families are no longer able to care for them since of the earthquake. I have been deeply touched by how our churches and schools have stepped up to help their own people. They have truly been the hands and feet of Christ, and scarified for those who have been hurt by what has happened here. They are a good example of the scriptures that state that our fruits will show what is really in our hearts.There are many other needs here as well. OMS Haiti Relief funds are our best resources to get what we need to help the people the most. May I ask as well please share with others the need for keeping our missionaries in the field. We can't afford to loose anyone because their funding has run out. We are so thankful for those who have answered God's call to support missions. Together we will reach the world and do the work God has laid before us.

4VEH Fundraising Race

This year was the second annual race held in Cap Haitian by Radio 4VEH. What a wonderful day, watching all the happy faces of the Haitian. They were having so much fun and you could tell that they were proud to be a part of the race. It brought tears to my eyes, to see how much the people enjoyed this event. These people have few things in this country to make them laugh. Radio 4VEH broadcasted the event and called out their names as they crossed the finish line. Each runner recieved a metal for finishing the race and they were so proud. The race began with prayer and giving praise to the Lord. The Gospel was heard and this was truely a God honoring event. Several of our OMS employees ran in the race. One of our friends who is 49 years old ran and tho he was one of the last to finish everyone cheered for him. I know I could not have run a 10K. After the race I helped drive some of the injured from the hospital to their homes. Satan tried to put a damper on the event by giving us a lot of problems especially with one of our trucks but God always comes through in amazing ways. We are so grateful to the Canadian team who came to help and all the prework they did to get this all arranged. Also we are thankful for the Radio staff who coordinated this event under Bretts leadership.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Thank-You Grace

Thank-You Grace for sharing Pastor Al & Marie, Susan & Kayla. What a blessing to have them come in at a time with Dr. Meg here also.

It was a great week showing everyone the ministries, local sites, and just what we do each day. Susan was very busy working at Milot Hospital & Bethesda Clinic while Kayla helped Kate at Cowman school and the clinic.

Al then led a four day retreat for all of the missionaries. It was a great time reflecting on our spiritual walk and deepening our relationship with God and each other as a team.

Each night the local power company would continue to be on and we found ourselves up late just enjoying catching up. It seemed that all of our young (male) Haitian friends wanted to teach Kayla creole that week! Before we knew it it was time to say good-by.

Kate at the Citadel

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Evangelizing In Saccenville

I praise God for the privilege of leading someone to the Lord for the first time in Creole. It is my prayer to continue to improve in my skills so I can share more about what a wonderful God we serve.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Pictures of one of my schools Gaudin

One of the things I love about my work here is going to visit and interact with the children in my schools. This school has 168 children in it with only about 1/4 of them sponsored through the Starfish Kids program. Presently there are 24 children waiting for sponsors. This little church began under the Mango tree that you see here and that is where they met until there present church was completed. They have been in spiritual warfare since day one. They claimed an area for Christ that Satan and his demons have ruled for a long time. They are winning the battle because the God we serve is more powerful than anything Satan can send. Praise God the children here are doing well. They are truly the future of Haiti.

Friday, March 12, 2010

HI Everyone

Jane & I continue to keep busy here with our daily projects and language study. Last week Dave Graffenburger and I spent three days traveling to Port-Au-Prince to reinforce a church building in Gressier.

After packing the truck with all of our materials, tools, portable welder & ladders we set out on Wed. morning headed for OMS Villa near Carrefour ( pronounced Car-foo ). Thursday we spent the day adding X-Bracing and repairing some parts of the structure that had been damaged in the quake. It is a metal building probably 30' x 50' which had cement block walls between the columns providing rigidity. The quake crumbled the walls and now the building was not very stable. It was a long and productive day including a great Haitian lunch provided by the ladies. The whole group had lost their houses and were living in a tent camp next to the building. At the end of the day it was very gratifying to see how God had brought two of us along with 10 Haitian men to provide this safe meeting place which is allowing their school to start again last Monday.

This week I was in for a new experience. Thursday Missionary Flights Int. would be bringing in a DC-6 loaded with cargo and would need our tractor with high-lift and forks to unload.

It was off to the airport at 8:30 winding my way through Cap-Haitian's crazy traffic, tight spots and rutted roads with tractor and trailer in tow. The plane was scheduled to first go to "Port and then arrive at "Cap" at 10 which ended up being 12:00. As it landed it dwarfed MFI's DC-3 that was already on the ground dropping off passengers. It was a thrill to be there watching this behemoth turn around there on the apron, it's four huge radial engines loping along in an off -cadence beat much like hundreds of Harley Davidsons at idle. It was music to any "motor head's" ears! Now it was off to work, unloading 20 or so pallets loaded with supplies that many missions groups had been waiting for. Wednesday night in the back of my mind, I kept thinking, "what if" something happens and I harpoon the plane with the forks, well everything went off without a hitch, two hours unloading the plane, loading the baggage train then unloading it at the terminal and so on. Meanwhile Jane was inside the termial sorting out the 800 lbs. of OMS freight. By 3:00 everyone's freight had cleared customs, was being loaded onto trucks and this big bird was taking off for a slow lengthy trip back to Florida. MFI is our life-line here, their mission keeps us supplied with everything that we cannot obtain locally, twice a week flying our mail, cargo and many passengers. They put in long days so that the missions here can continue to be effective. I was proud to be able to be part of that team yesterday.

DC3 & DC6

God continues to amaze me how each day he is building His kingdom with regular, ordinary people.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Busy Friday

On Thursday afternoon Missionary Flights International brought my needed oil seal to reassemble our John Deere lawn mower. Also my Haitian mechanic partner picked up the re-wound field coil from the re-builder for a medium sized generator that we are repairing.
On Friday morning my partner had to fly to Port-Au-Prince to take care of some business so after our morning men's bible study I asked a young man that helps around with odd jobs to be my assistant for the day as it would entail some heavy lifting.
We started with the assembly of the mower engine, it having been dis-assembled by a visiting team mechanic, we had to back up a few times in the order of re-assembly. By noon we had the engine back in the mower, new drive belt, greased and ready to mow, none too soon as the grass had been growing for a few weeks with it being out of commission.
After lunch we started the tedious job of generator re-assembly. Three of us (Dave Shafferly included) had dis-assembled it 10 days ago. We carefully installed the exciter coils, bolted up the end plates, and guided in the armature. Now we had to connect up the twenty some odd wires from a diagram scribbled on a piece of cardboard, so far so good. What makes this more exciting is the literal dozens of hungry mosquitoes that hang out in the confines of the shop and shaded areas.
Once assembled we carted the 200 lb generator outside to start the attachment to the diesel engine. By 4:00 we had all together, new battery in place and was ready to start testing.
After a few starts we had determined the output leads of the generator and connected up the wiring to the control panel. Now the computer would allow the engine to keep running, seeing that there is power being produced.
It had been a very productive day for both of us, my young partner now wants to learn to be a mechanic, and he helped me all day with teaching me the missing creole words in my sentences. I only wish that I could speak creole as well as he speaks English!
After putting the tools away and a good shower, I noticed that the water pressure was low.
Could it be the transformer fuse that I had replaced two days ago that powers the old seminary and one our water pumps? After a walk across campus I find that there was power at the pole but not to the pump. I saw a wisp of smoke and could hear crackling sounds coming from the conduit that leads from the pole to the well. It is 6:00 PM and dusk so a quick pull of the transformer fuse will save this problem for another day.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When discouragement comes God sents encouragement

The last couple of days have really been rough for Bud and I. We have been discouraged and at times disappointed and angry at things we cannot control. Last night I was really feeling down and kind of weepy. I was missing my kids and my own weaknesses were getting the best of me. Believe it or not Bud and I are not perfect and we have flaws and weakness that we let get the best of us. But what I am really trying to say is God knows just what we need to keep us going and not give up. Last night as I sat on the couch thinking of all the things I could be doing that would be a lot more enjoyable with my life and fighting with our lousy Internet an email got through. It was from my friend Cindy. She was sending me an email to encourage us and she shared with me a passage of scripture that had jumped off the page at her during her devotions. As I read it, it brought tears to my eyes. It was the very verses that God had used to call me to follow him in service here in Haiti. Just like back then the words spoke to my heart and I knew just what those words meant to for me in these times. Thanks Cindy I needed that. Oh today I am still tired but stronger. God has used several people to keep us going since we came to Haiti. Our children who send us encouraging notes and little gift of love, our friends who drop us a card, our churches who send us a note to let us know they are thinking of us, and our partners who for the third month is a row have given to us up and above what they had promised to give. For the third month in a row our support has exceeded our expenses. On paper that should not be happening. Today because of a video that we sent out that will not open for viewing, we heard from two Pastors who encouraged us. Pastor Huntly and Pastor Bell. Lord I thank you for not letting them work, we needed to hear from them. Yep we are going to be fine, we will get past the low days and be back up on that mountain again. Thanks friends for allowing God to use you to pick us up and keep us going. We love you Lord and friends we love you too. In April, Bud and I are going to make a quick trip home to get some much needed hugs from our family. We praise God for making that possible as well. May I ask you to pray for a fellow missionary friend of ours? Her support is very low and we can't have her leaving the field to raise support right now. Please pray for our friend Joetta Lehman. Jane

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

50 Thousand or So Marched Yesterday

The counters say 50 Thousand or so Christians marched in Cap Haitian as they Prayed and Praised the Lord. It was a prayer walk for Haiti. It stretched for miles. We are told 3 of Satan's possessed people showed up to chant for Satan but could not be heard above the prayers to Jesus. It was wonderful to here the singing instead of the chants of Mardi Gra. More and More stories are coming to us from Haitian who can't wait to tell us all the great things that are happening. The name of Jesus is being raised everywhere. We are here in amazing times. We are very excited that our Pastor Al Detter will be coming here in a few weeks to lead us all in a time of prayer and refreshing. Kate, and ourselves are all from the same church so this means a lot to us to be able show him the work we are doing at God's leading.

Another Step in Following God's Plan

One thing we are all learning more about is waiting on the Lord for wisdom and strength. Monday a school collapsed here in Cap Haitian because of a landslide. It has been raining hard. We have heard of at least 4 children being killed and someone told me they heard of a teacher dying. Several other children were hurt. It could have been worse if it had happened earlier in the day. Several of the children were in the process of leaving school when it happened. The government has also called for inspections of all school building since the earthquake. 2 schools have already been closed because they have been deemed unsafe. These are not Starfish Kid schools but non the less these children are out of school. I feel that some of our schools may be closed as well. Some of our building are old and in serious need of repair. Inspections are a good thing for the safety of the children but we pray that the inspectors will be fair and accurate. We also pray for God's wisdom and guidance in what we should do if this occurs. We are expecting things to be tough and unpredictable for a while and we know that at times we are going to feel helpless and discouraged. One thing for sure we will never feel alone. Each step we take will be one of faith especially when we don't know exactly where that step is taking us. We also know that if we keep our eyes focused on him we will never wonder of in the wrong direction. It is all in God's strength that we keep going. Your prayers continue to lift us up. Thank-you Jane

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The News gets better and better

Everyday is filled with more and more good news. We have reports of Witchdoctors bringing all their evil things to Christian meetings and asking that they be destroyed for Christ. We have been told by people in Port that at prayer meetings ( which replaced Mardi Gra) that thousands are coming to Christ. We know the churches here in Cap are packed. We have also heard that the people are calling for a new president, who is a follower of Christ and who will lead this nation in a different direction. ( I would love to see this one come to Christ and I am praying for him, Jesus loves him too.) I have seen so many changes and we may not get to confirm all these claims but the Haitian people are eager to share how their country is changing. Over 500 people have now come to Christ on a mountain overlooking our villa. This is the area where our clinic was held and our seminary students counseled over 3000 people. They want a church to be planted there for them. One of our young seminary students have come forward and feels that this is what God wants him to do. What a place to meet Christ on a mountain side. It sounds like something right out of the Bible. We are hearing from the people how in these times of trouble the Christians reached out, when others did not. We are in the midst of a revival and the rest of the world is watching. What is really amazing is so many have come to help the Haitian people, and going home changed because of what wonderful things they have seen here. The Church is strong and Haiti is no longer a dark place. Haiti is for Christ and Christ is for Haiti. We need to pray for Haiti and all these new believers. Satan is not going to go down without a fight but we know that the ONE in us is stronger than he. God is blessing Haiti and I know God is bless by what He is seeing here. Haiti is not hopeless, It has Christ.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Finally Pictures of our Clinic in Port au Prince

Praise the Lord 2243 lives were touched in the name of Jesus and 373 decisions for Christ in 9 days. This little one I am holdings mother threw her out the window to save her life during the earthquake. She was 3 days old. Mom made it out after that. Mom was having problems nursing and was very traumatised by all of this. We helped feed the baby formula as mom counseled and became stronger. Mom is now nursing, baby has improved by leaps and bounds and both are smiling and happy. Still no home but we helped them for a little while. The little boy came to us with an injury to his leg. We saw several cases of pneumonia and dehydration.

More pictures from our clinic

Washing sheets after surgeries and procedures. This little boy fell into a cooking fire. He had been treated by someone else but needed more to fix his burns. The tents are our medical exam rooms. I worked in the pharmacy, coordinate food for everyone as well as helped with some dressings. Dr. Gavin and Julie headed up our team.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello from Port

I am presently in Port with a small clinic we have set up here to help in a small community of about 1,000 families. Most of the people are living in tents made of bedsheets. Many of their homes are standing but are badly damaged and not safe to stay in. 1,220 patients were seen this past week and 198 came to the Lord. Many others rededicated their lives. We did not hear a lot of questions like "Why did God let this happen?" but more of "Praise God He saved me". At night we do not hear riots and fighting, we hear worship services and people praising God. I have not heard any voodoo drums. Many of the things we see in the clinic are simple but I recognize that parents need to hear that their children are okay. Our clinic is on top of a mountain and we have the most beautiful view of the city and the ocean. As I sit there unwinding from an exhausting day, I like to spend that time sharing my feelings with God. They are so mixed, from feeling of joy to feeling of helplessness. At the beginning of the year a question was presented to me as to what humanly impossible thing would I ask God to do this year. I know now what it is. God is ever faithful and we are counting on it more and more each day. I am feeling totally dependent on him for my future here. Today we walked down the streets of Port. Everywhere we looked we saw destruction. Some buildings looked fine until be got up close and could see they were cracked like eggs. We saw one body still pinned in the rubble. The people are so hungry. There is food everywhere but they have no money to buy it. Those who had jobs no longer have them. Those hit the hardest are the children and the elderly. One blessing God gave me this week is I got to feed a newborn close to death, everyday and watch the child improve. He was suffering from dehydration. I also got to share the Gospel with a UN soldier from Texas. It the mist of all of this their is still much beauty here and it is found in the Haitian people. They are so appreciative of all we do. All they could pay us with was their hugs and many were given. The smiles were bonuses. Serving under His Grace. Jane


It has been non-stop busy since December, getting the Seminary finished and then the earthquake.

Finally today I've been slowing to catch up some things around the house. Jane is taking some R&R at the Villa along with Dr. Gavin, his wife Julie, Wadner along with I believe a few seminary students after a grueling but fruitful week up at the temporary mountain top clinic. They saw 1200+ patients last week along with 197 people accepting Christ as their personal savior and about that same number re-committing their lives to Him. Thursday evening while talking with Jane on the cell phone I could here the locals singing their hearts out in the background behind her at their worship service.

Last Saturday we had a medical team of 11 doctors & nurses fly in and were trucked to the mobile clinic at 5:30 Sunday morning. Yesterday they arrived back at 2:30 PM. Dr. Eric & Dr. Chris are flying back to Kentucky today. It was a pleasure to have them stay overnight here and to get to know them.

A team of I believe fourteen medical personnel fly in today. I am not sure where they will be serving yet whether it is here in Cap or down to Port. The clean sheets are hanging on my line and a load of towels are in the washer. The sun is shining brightly as we await the new arrivals.

Also this week I've had Les Babcock and Jim Gehrels from as my house guests. Les has been coming to Haiti since 1974 and served with OMS for some time. It has been interesting to learn about Haiti's history, culture and the water wells being drilled and maintained here.

Currently OMS has been working through the local churches here in the North furnishing food to feed the many refuges that are staying with friends & family. Yesterday we unloaded our third truckload of (100) 110lb bags of rice along with 100lb bags of beans and cases of cooking oil.
These are the staple foods of Haiti, each day pastors come with pick-up trucks to supply the growing needs.

Dave Shafferly came in to help set up the mobile clinic and has spent the rest of the week helping here in Cap. He is a former field director and the original "MacGyver". He can fix anything.
I have been able to pick his brain and learn a lot about everything here from him, not to mention Gordon Wallace was here three weeks ago for the seminary dedication. He had spent three years building the seminary and educated me on it's workings.

Maury has been helping in the office here for close to a month, he was having trouble arranging a flight out. Friday he would have to take a bus to the DR, overnight and then fly out on Saturday. Thursday evening he was offered a free flight out of Cap on Saturday, the return flight of a private Leer Jet. Can anyone see the miracle?????

God is so good, I am continually amazed as to how he supplies our needs when really we have nothing to offer [Him]. He is only asking that we offer ourselves and He will take care of the rest.