Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas; a Time of Worship and Fun

The Children Christmas Play at Cowman School

One of my highlights of this Christmas was being a part of the Children's Christmas Play. I enjoyed spending the time with the children helping them to learn their lines and leading them in Song. They did an amazing job. Some of the children actually memorized over 50 verses for this program. The play had a very special message. It took the audience from the birth of Christ to the cross. I know that there were people in that audience that needed to hear this message. It was also good for the rest of us to reflect on what God did out of love for us.

Bud Running the Brushhog Around the Radio Towers


We have seen so many interesting things while we have been here I thought you might like to see pictures from our most recent road trip. One of the pictures is of a group of people worshiping in the desert under some palm trees. Some of the worshipers had climbed to the top of the hill to worship. We can only hope they are worshiping the one true God. Other pictures are of the little towns on our way and others are of Port.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Praise The Lord For He Is Faithful

This past month has been a roller coaster to say the least. On Thanksgiving day we traveled to Port-au-Prince with the Bundys for a four day get-a-way. It was a great experience to see the country side and mountains during the nine hour drive, sometimes at a walking pace navigating around huge pot-holes that would easily swallow up one of our wheels along with mountain switch-backs with no guardrails.

On Dec. 4th Jane received word that traveling missionaries would be stopping by to stay the night. They arrived just after dark and Jane, being the hostess, and I were to spend our evening meal with them. We were a little bummed as there was a "game night" going on at the Bundy's for all of the OMS missionaries. It turned out that these guests were Brook Irvine and her parents Dan & Joy along with several other missionary interns.

We had met Brook back at Seneca Hills Camp near Franklin, PA where she had spent last summer working in the craft department. When she found out that we were on our way to Haiti she was thrilled as she lives here on Ile de la Gonave. When it was time to leave camp her brother picked her up and we never did get to meet her parents. What a wonderful surprise to see her again and meet her family, spending a great evening learning about the Irvines and Haitian history.

We were on top of the world until Tuesday night Dec 8th. After returning from our weekly bible study with the other missionaries we found that someone had broken into our house and robbed us for the third time; this time my new laptop & charger were gone. God, how could you let this happen?? Satan is trying to discourage us so that we will throw in the towel. Our Haitian friends & co-workers were devastated at the news.

Many additional security measures were put into place and we learned how important it is to keep things locked up. It was hard to keep focused each day knowing that someone very close was betraying us. Word was put out on the street looking for information, but after a week of silence, hope was dwindling that I would ever see it again.

On Thursday, Dec 18th my Haitian brother took our van starter to "O-Cap" (Cap-Haitian) to have it rebuilt and while he was there he stopped by a local electronics shop seeking information as to whether any one had tried to sell a Dell laptop recently. They told him that yes, ------ has one for sale, that was the tip that he needed. Two hours later and with much effort, my Haitian brothers had recovered my computer without a scratch or cost! Praise the Lord for He is faithful! Through this ordeal I have found out how faithful my God is and how much my brothers mean to me, they really went to bat for me and how much our friendship means. I know there were many people around the world praying for this miracle. Yes, the culprit has been identified.

Christmas is a time of peace and reflection on how much God really loves and cares for us to send his Son to be our sacrifice. It is times like this that we see Him and grow in our faith to let Him guide our lives each day.

Merry Christmas,