Monday, September 21, 2009

When 80 Degrees Feels Cool

It is 8:00 in the evening and it actually feels cool to us. The humidity is not as high tonight as it has been. Lately Cold showers have been the next best thing to heaven.

We have been here a little over three weeks and I think we are beginning to adjust to the heat. I am so thankful that there are places through out the day that have air conditioning and when we get to enjoy it it is a real treat.

It is such a privilege to work along side our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ. So many of them are such dynamic individuals. I am so pleased with the way the staff in the Starfish Kids office and the maintenance staff have accepted Bud and I.

One of the things we enjoy is the time we get to pray along side them for the work going on here. Each Monday at noon I sit with my co workers and we have a time of worship together. It is all in creole and that give me time to work on my creole as well.

Today was my first class teaching English as a second language. I have 46 students and they are so anxious to learn. As I teach them about English they are teaching me about their language.

Most of my day is trying to find sponsorships for the children. We have lost several this year because of economic problems in the rest of the world. This past week was their first week of school and Madamn has been traveling from school to school passing out books and supplies to the Starfish kids.

Some times are hard when students have to be told that they no longer have a sponsor, but we have laid that in our Fathers hands as well. One thing I do know is that our Lord loves these children more than we do and he knows and will do what is best in every circumstance.

Bud and I have laid our financial needs as well at his feet and know that He knows from where it will come from. Every time I look at the beautiful mountains that surround us I can feel the Glory and strength of our Father. I feel sometimes like He sitting right there above us and He is sending down His love and mercy. He knows what we need and He has it all worked out. He just wants us to trust him and go about what He has asked us to do and leave the rest up to him. My desire is to draw closer and closer to him everyday so I do not disappoint him.

We have a team in here from Scotland and we have enjoyed our time with them. I am looking forward to more visits from teams. Espeacially one coming in in a couple of weeks. They are friends from home. Our family has been wonderful, at keeping in touch and taking care of things back home we are so blessed. Jane

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We're Here

We've been here two weeks now and have been trying to catch our breaths.
Jane has been very busy with Star Fish Kids going over sponsorship lists.
And I, well have have been very busy myself.

We arrived on Tuesday Sept 1st to find our house being cleaned by one of the Haitian ladies, what a relief. I proceeded to hook up the propane cylinder so that we could have hot water and cook but found two leaks in the line which caused a trip to the "wood shop" next door for parts.

The next three days were spent in the annual field meetings, the weekend was relaxing, then Monday. It started off with Brett coming to our door at 6:15 AM stating that there was low water pressure and no better time to see where the wells are to check on the pumps. Well on our way to the second pump we found the problem, a water main break. It seems that this is a reoccurring problem due to some non-pressure fittings used some time ago. My Haitian partner and I spent the day fixing the problem but another fitting let go on Tuesday so we finally got all fittings changed and completed.
Through out the week it was filled with fixing the lawnmower, power inverters, checking batteries, copying keys and even a washing machine needed tending to.
We sent Friday afternoon, Saturday, and part of Sunday in team building meetings with Jim & Sue Smith from Oms Greenwood.

Monday morning we find that our only running generator is overheating. When I asked one of the Haitian staff what the problem was with the other generator he said that he believed that it's fuel pump was bad. As he continued to investigate we found that the injector pump shaft had broken and spent the next eight hours changing it. The hardest part was trying to "time" a used pump to the engine with out the proper factory tool. Through prayer and Haitian ingenuity we were able to get it running just as the other generator overheated again. Praise The Lord!! Today we will try to determine what the overheating problem is.
I can see how the Cummins Diesel books that Paul Juers sent along from Pennsylvania are being put to good use here, Thanks Paul !!!!

Well it's off for another busy day serving My Lord here in Haiti