Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Seneca Hills Bible Camp

If you ever get a chance to serve the Lord by helping out at a kids camp jump at it. Bud and I had the privilege of serving as camp missionaries this past August with kids from ages 9-18. Our job was to teach children about missions each morning for about 45 min. Then the rest of the day just join in for the fun. In addition, it did not take Bud long to find the maintenance shop and work with a group of very talented young men. The executive staff was so welcoming and we could not get over the quality of young people the camp hires. We have already decided that we are sending some of our grandchildren there in the next few years. Not only do the kids have a lot to do but the word of God, and missions are a very big part of their day. God stretched us as well and renewed my passion for working with kids. I came away with lots of fun activities for the children we live with in Haiti. Tomorrow is our last day home. We will be leaving on Thursday to drive to Florida. We will make a couple of stops along the way to see family and visit one of our Starfish Kids Churches in Venice Florida. Sept 1 we will be setting up our home in Haiti. Thank all of you for the roles you have played to help us get to the work, God has called us to do. Please check out our prayer requests under the heading of prayer requests. Jane