Friday, May 15, 2009

We Just Got Home

We just spent this last week returning to Haiti so that Jane could work with Madam Johnathan and Pastor Migueloson as a team overseeing Starfish for the coming school term. My focus was to get up to speed with mechanical needs, available tools, and determine what we will need to bring.
It was good to get back after a one day delay in Fort Lauderdale due to plane breakdowns, spending the week as house guests of Kate Zlotnicki.
With a ring full of keys I headed down to the maint. shop but to my surprise the generator building next to it was silent. They tell me that E.D.H the local power company has been increasing on more of the time over the past two months which reduces the cost of electricity by approx. 50%. Its a good thing as I see that one of the generators is in parts with the field coils out being rewound.

Brett asked us to start settling the house where we will be living. After a walk through I see that a coconut has fallen through the roof over the living room. That afternoon we got a ride down to the new seminary to see the house hold furnishings Gordan and Doreen had left us that would need to be moved. As we were leaving to return to the OMS compound with the work team, it started to rain and rained for the complete 30 minute ride in the back of an open truck!

Friday morning while Jane worked in the office with Starfish, I proceeded to replace the damaged roof panel and in the late afternoon we moved a pick-up truck load of boxes back to our house ( with thunder and the threat of rain.) Saturday morning we moved all of the furniture and the rest of the boxes with the larger truck. As soon as we unloaded we went to town with Kate to a little place for American hamburgers and fries then off to grocery shopping.

The store was very neat, well stocked and modern [along with an armed guard] and about the size of a convenience store here.

As we compared prices gourdes to US$ we were a little set back by the cost. Many people at home believe that we should have no problem living very lavishly in Haiti on our US Dollar, well check this out. Deodorant stick 200 gourdes/ $5US, 6 eggs 75 gourdes/ $1.92 US, 1LB. spaghetti approx $2 US, 1 litre carton imported milk $2 US, 1 Kg powdered milk from Brazil 400 gourdes/ $10.26 US
After returning home from shopping Jane worked at settling the house while I helped with an electrical problem.
Sunday we worshipped with Kate at the Vaudreuil Church with one of our Haitian friends interpreting the sermon for me.
Sunday evening we worshipped at the radio station at the English service.
Monday morning we met with leadership and are very encouraged.
Tuesday evening Jane hosted a bar-b-que for the missionaries with all of the fixings that we had brought with us.
Weds. I was able to move the box crammed full of tools that Gorden had left for me up to the house.
It was a great time to be with the staff there in Haiti, they are all being stretched and are looking forward to our return. We only wish that it could be sooner than later.
Thursday it was good-bye and off to the airport for a day of airflights with a late arrivale here in Erie.
We are settled and anxiously waiting for our remaining support to come in to allow us to move in.