Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Can a twelve year old do for Jesus?

For Kelli and Rachel it was simple. Ask your fellow students to help. Kelli and Rachel are members of Summit United Methodist Church and attend Robison School. We spoke in their church in February. Two days after our visit their teacher assigned the class each a country in Latin America. Kelli was randomly assigned Haiti and Rachel was given Jamaica and guess what, the next Sunday the speakers in church were missionaries to Jamaica. The girls did a wonderful job finding out everything they could about these countries. Kelli and Rachel both received 50 out of 50 points for their reports. But they wanted to do more. They approached their teacher and principal and asked if their classes could raise money to help fund the missionaries. Together the children raised over $113 for each missionary. God uses people of all ages to do His work around the world. We are never to young or too old to serve others. We are so thankful to all the children of Robison School who participated in this project and especially to Kelli and Rachel for their willingness to hear God's call to action. Every time we help a Haitian child, we are going to share with them, how the children in this school, cared so much about them that they help send us.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Graduation Day for My Mom

I would like you to meet my brothers and sisters. This is the first time we have all been together in over 21 years. We came together to celebrate the life of our mother and the love she had for us all. My mother and dad adopted 16 children and fostered 91 children. She was 91 years old and joined my father in heaven on March 13. We would like to thank everyone for the prayer cards and all the blessings you sent our way as we set this time aside to honor her. This was the answer to prayer for us all. Mom has been suffering with a lot of pain and physical limitation for a long time. In her last words she wanted us to all know that although she was not anxious to leave us she knew that it was time to go home and be with Jesus. She was so looking forward to it. My mother was called to be the mother of the world and God gifted her with all that she would need to do so. Her legacy also includes 45 grandchildren, 27 great grandchildren and 6 great great grandchildren who with out a doubt knew grandma loved them. Thank-you Jesus for loving us all so much that you came to die and pave a way for us to be able to enter heaven. My mother's favorite passage is in John and her funeral was held on 3:16. Thanks mom even in your death you wanted us to know about Jesus. Jane

Snyders Chapel West Virginia

This past weekend Bud and I were to be a part of the conference at Snyders Bible Chapel, but because of my mothers funeral I was unable to attend. Bud shared with me how much he enjoyed the members of this conference. They were so kind and understanding of the fact that he was doing alone what usually the two of us are doing together. He also shared that they deeply love missions and are on fire for the work that the Lord is doing around the world. Tim Bell, Kent and Rhonda Harmless were also speaking at this conference. Tim is with OMS and the other couple are missionaries to Honduras with WGW. We really enjoy sharing these conferences with others and learning about their ministries. I hope to have the chance to visit this little chapel with Bud again some day. God gives us strength when we are called upon to do things that are really out of our confort zones and I know Bud really felt His presents.

Monday, March 09, 2009

This is Philip and Rita they shared the conference with us at the Federated Church they are missionaries to Brazil.

Missions Conference at the Federated Church

This night at the Conference was hosted and attended by both the Youth and adults. Look at the number of young people who belong to this church. This is our future and these young people show us that it is in good hands.

Paula Watson is there much love youth director. We are especially fond of her ourselves.

Meet Jeff and Laura Edwards, Thiago and Katy

Jeff and Laura have been serving in Brazil and their daughter and son in law will be serving in Spain. Jeff and Laura will our new international Regional Director of Haiti. We are looking forward to working together.

God's People are so Faithful

We can't begin to say how much God's people have blessed us. This past month began with speaking at Summit United Methodist church where we were treated like family. This church has blessed us in so many ways with their prayers and financial support. It was so much fun spending time with so many people that we have known over the years. We also had the privilege of speaking at our first full missions conference at the Federated Church. We were nervous but our nervousness quickly disappeared. We saw old friends and made a lot of new ones. We were especially impressed by the number of their members that came out for all the meetings. Especially the youth. This past weekend we were at the MFM Council banquet near Allentown. We were one of several missionaries that attended, we shared how MFM has played a big part in our calling to the mission field. Then on Sunday morning we shared at Bethany EC Church. Once again we were met with a warm welcome and made more friends. No matter where we go, God has opened doors and we have enjoyed spending time with Christian brothers and sisters, who God has placed in our lives. Bud is getting more comfortable with speaking. Every place we have stayed the families have made sure we have warm and comfortable beds and made us feel right at home. We leave for W. Virginia on Friday morning and then we get a couple of weeks at home. We need more appointments to share in April and May. Please pray that other doors will open and that believers will be open to God's invitation to be a part of our team. Jeff Edwards taught us this phrase. I can't do it all so We do it together. God bless all of you. Jane