Friday, February 13, 2009

Little Haiti in Brooklyn

Our heads are swimming, our hearts are jumping for joy and our lips are constantly PRAISING THE LORD. We are presently in Brooklyn New York staying with a very dear Haitian Family, the Pierre's. We met them through our Haitian dentist and friend. When we came to Brooklyn last Saturday we knew that we would be speaking at Pastor Pierre church and Pastor Lorient church. We also knew we would be speaking at the Haitian Council of Pastors meeting, but we were not aware of all that God had for us. We have been so "Loved on" by the Haitian people. There are over 500 Haitian churches here in Brooklyn alone and when they worship we feel that we have been transported back to the churches Haiti. The music and the enthusiasm as they worship is amazing. We spoke on Sunday morning, and we had asked Eutrope a representative of Radio 4VEH to join us. The Pastor was very gracious and not only allowed us to speak but Eutrope as well. This church opened their hearts to us and have joined us in ministry. We had a wonderful afternoon with the Pierre family and Eutrope and his wife. Later that evening we visited another church, when someone in the congregation saw us and found out why we were in Brooklyn we were asked to speak. The next morning we visited another church, a fasting prayer service, and we were asked to speak. From having only 3 places to speak we are now going to have spoken at 5 churches and we have been invited to speak at the second annual Haitian Coalition of Churches here in Brooklyn. We have had many contacts with individuals and so has Eutrope as well to share with the Haitian people of Brooklyn about OMS, Its work in Haiti, and Radio 4VEH as well. We have been so blessed by individuals who are willing to step out in faith and support us financially. One woman I met on the subway. I struck up a conversation with her and when she asked why we are in New York I shared how God had arranged for us to come. She asked for information on how to support us. It is only Friday and we will be here till next Tuesday. We will be returning in March to speak again at other churches. Our prayer is that the churches here will continue their relationship with OMS and as partners in ministry reach the people of Haiti for Jesus. Sometimes I think I know God but he still surprises me everyday. Tuesday night God had a real treat for us. We had a free night to go and worship at he Brooklyn tabernacle. Pastor Jim was away but the woman speaker had a wonderful message on Attitude. She took us to Philippians 2 and what a blessing this scripture has been for me this week. Sometimes I get discouraged and disappointed as we try to raise our funding, but it helped me to focus on how this is God's work and I need to trust him and take a back seat on what I think should be happening. His agenda is far more important than mine. We are so grateful for what God has shown us on this trip and taught us. He has a wonderful plan for the churches of Brooklyn and OMS. We are so fortunate to be a part of it. Thank-you for your prayers. We have faith promises for 40% of our funding. God is good! all the time! Jane