Monday, January 26, 2009

Meet The Aberle's and Noel's

We would like you to meet the Aberle's, We had the privelege of spending time with them in Greenwood. They have been working in Haiti since October and came home for training. We are looking forward to working with them. This weekend we had a great time at the home of the Noel's. Many came to this country as teens. We really enjoyed sharing stories with each other about Haiti. Their faith and willingness to allow the Lord to use them is very evident in the way they live and care for others. They have played a key part in helping us to prepare for our time and work in their native home. God's blessings keep raining on us through those who love him. We have a couple of weeks home now and will be speaking at Summit United Methodist Church on February 1. Then on the 7th we will be leaving to spend some time with friends of the Noel's in New York City, and speaking in local churches, meeting many of the Haitians living there. Radio 4VEH has played a role in many of their lives and what they have learned about Jesus as they grew up in Haiti. We continue to pray for our supporters and the funds we still need to raise for a spring departure. God has opened so many doors and we Praise Him for His faithfulness. Jane

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Praise The Lord For His Faithfulness

What an awesome and faithful God we serve. His love for us is evident in so many ways and He has shown us over and over that we are truly working within His calling.
I am writing this to you from Greenwood, Indiana and what a joy it has been to be here staying with the Owens family. Two days ago we had the privilege of meeting several families in Goshen, Indiana and staying with the Tuckers. We also met the Maurers who served in Haiti for 4 years. Their children sang in Creole for us. Each of these families have added to our experience in a very heart warming way. We are presently here speaking at MFM council meetings. Our meetings are a week apart so we are taking advantage of this time to do some volunteer work here at headquarters and ask a lot of questions about what lies ahead.
While we have been here several letters have been sent out asking friends, family and church members to prayerfully consider a faith promise of monthly support. We ask that you pray that these letters will touch heart in such a way that it will bring our support up to 80% very soon. We are presently at 35%. This will keep us on track for a spring departure. The last 20%, we pray will come during this time of preparation to leave.
God has opened so many doors for us. When we return to Erie we will be preparing to speak at Summit United Methodist Church on Feb 1. Feb 7 we will leave for New York City where we will be speaking at several Haitian Churches and meetings. Our heavenly Father opened these doors for us through our Haitian dentist. One of the meetings will be with several pastors who get together on a monthly bases. Euthorp, A Haitian missionary, serving with OMS, will be joining us for these meetings. He is with Radio 4 VEH and can answer questions about the work at the station far better than we. Pray, Pray, Pray, this could open so many doors for the work going on in Haiti.
When we return from New York we will be involved with a week long missionary conference at the Federated Church in East Springfield.
March also comes with its own wonderful experiences. We will be speaking at several churches in Eastern Pa, Central Pa and West Virginia. We are looking forward to attending a Men For Mission's banquet at the beginning of the month.
Three weeks ago we wondered if we would have anywhere to speak in January and February. Then God’s hand moved and we now only have two Sundays left between now and April that is not filled. Praise the Lord. Thank-you for interceding on our behalf. We feel your prayers everyday and God has blessed us in ways we could not have imagined. Jane