Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas; a Time of Worship and Fun

The Children Christmas Play at Cowman School

One of my highlights of this Christmas was being a part of the Children's Christmas Play. I enjoyed spending the time with the children helping them to learn their lines and leading them in Song. They did an amazing job. Some of the children actually memorized over 50 verses for this program. The play had a very special message. It took the audience from the birth of Christ to the cross. I know that there were people in that audience that needed to hear this message. It was also good for the rest of us to reflect on what God did out of love for us.

Bud Running the Brushhog Around the Radio Towers


We have seen so many interesting things while we have been here I thought you might like to see pictures from our most recent road trip. One of the pictures is of a group of people worshiping in the desert under some palm trees. Some of the worshipers had climbed to the top of the hill to worship. We can only hope they are worshiping the one true God. Other pictures are of the little towns on our way and others are of Port.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Praise The Lord For He Is Faithful

This past month has been a roller coaster to say the least. On Thanksgiving day we traveled to Port-au-Prince with the Bundys for a four day get-a-way. It was a great experience to see the country side and mountains during the nine hour drive, sometimes at a walking pace navigating around huge pot-holes that would easily swallow up one of our wheels along with mountain switch-backs with no guardrails.

On Dec. 4th Jane received word that traveling missionaries would be stopping by to stay the night. They arrived just after dark and Jane, being the hostess, and I were to spend our evening meal with them. We were a little bummed as there was a "game night" going on at the Bundy's for all of the OMS missionaries. It turned out that these guests were Brook Irvine and her parents Dan & Joy along with several other missionary interns.

We had met Brook back at Seneca Hills Camp near Franklin, PA where she had spent last summer working in the craft department. When she found out that we were on our way to Haiti she was thrilled as she lives here on Ile de la Gonave. When it was time to leave camp her brother picked her up and we never did get to meet her parents. What a wonderful surprise to see her again and meet her family, spending a great evening learning about the Irvines and Haitian history.

We were on top of the world until Tuesday night Dec 8th. After returning from our weekly bible study with the other missionaries we found that someone had broken into our house and robbed us for the third time; this time my new laptop & charger were gone. God, how could you let this happen?? Satan is trying to discourage us so that we will throw in the towel. Our Haitian friends & co-workers were devastated at the news.

Many additional security measures were put into place and we learned how important it is to keep things locked up. It was hard to keep focused each day knowing that someone very close was betraying us. Word was put out on the street looking for information, but after a week of silence, hope was dwindling that I would ever see it again.

On Thursday, Dec 18th my Haitian brother took our van starter to "O-Cap" (Cap-Haitian) to have it rebuilt and while he was there he stopped by a local electronics shop seeking information as to whether any one had tried to sell a Dell laptop recently. They told him that yes, ------ has one for sale, that was the tip that he needed. Two hours later and with much effort, my Haitian brothers had recovered my computer without a scratch or cost! Praise the Lord for He is faithful! Through this ordeal I have found out how faithful my God is and how much my brothers mean to me, they really went to bat for me and how much our friendship means. I know there were many people around the world praying for this miracle. Yes, the culprit has been identified.

Christmas is a time of peace and reflection on how much God really loves and cares for us to send his Son to be our sacrifice. It is times like this that we see Him and grow in our faith to let Him guide our lives each day.

Merry Christmas,

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving in Haiti

It is hard to believe that it is Thanksgiving, It was not long ago that we were rushing around getting ready to come. We have so much to be thankful for. First of all for our Lord and Savior and how He is faithful and just even when we are not. I think back to how many times I was not faithful and just in my actions and it makes me sad.

We are so thankful for our family. God has blessed us beyond our expectation. Our daughters have made us so proud and now God has added to our original family in ways that bring us more blessings. Our children are wonderful to us and bring us great joy.

We are thankful for the way God is providing for us. When we came here we knew that things would be tight because we had not raised all of our needed support yet God through his people has blessed us. We are learning more and more how to trust Him, even for the little things.

We are learning language and how to live in another culture. Our language is coming along. We are now spending three hours a day in language class. Recently, I had the wonderful experience of sharing the Gospel in Creole as I walked through the streets of Haiti with some of our seminary students.

For the next few weeks I am helping the teachers of Cowman school with the children's Christmas play. I feel like I am back home at Grace Church.

Bud is still doing his job; fixing things and trying to make things last a few more years. It is a never ending battle. Parts are so hard to get but he keeps plugging away.

The seminary is going well. We have two volunteers here who are working so hard to get things done so we can open in January. We also have two Haitian men who have been amazing in what they have accomplished. God is blessing.

We have our discouraging days as well. Since we have been here we have had things taken twice. Once before we arrived, (they were things were taken that we had placed in our home earlier) and this past week we had some money taken. It has happened to everyone I guess but we are not used to living with constantly having to hide things.

We had a team here before we left from Florida and Illinois and not only were they a blessing to us while they were here, they have continued to bless us from the states. Boxes arrived yesterday with lots of supplies we needed. Others helped us with expenses to go home to the mission conference we had to attend last month.

We know that God has placed all of you in our lives, as prayer partners, supporters, ministry contacts, as well as friends and family, and you have enriched our lives greatly. Thank you all for being there for us.
Praise God for bringing you into our lives. Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 06, 2009


It is very difficult to leave our family, I wish we could pack them up and take them with us. We are anxious to get back to our duties in Haiti. We know that this was not the best time for us to be leaving the field, but the status of our funding made it necessary. We praise God for his faithfulness. We have new prayer and support partners and once again we have met many new friends. It is always a pleasure to share what God is doing in our lives and the lives of the Haitian people. Next week we will be catching up with everyone about how things are going in Haiti. We are all asking if there is anyone who is available, with handyman skills or likes to clean to get a hold of us. Our seminary is scheduled to open in January and we still have so much to do. We had teams scheduled to help, but some unforeseen circumstances has change things. If you are able to come to Haiti or would like further information please contact us. For now I would like to share some pictures of our family.

Keep in mind there are 8 grandchildren missing

Friday, October 30, 2009



We are back in the states for two missions conferences. The first was a week ago and we were deeply blessed by a small church that has a big heart for missons. We were surprized to see old friends there. Another surprize was they had advertised in the paper that we would be speaking so other people from our past and present came as well. Our second conference will be the first weekend in Nov. This weekend we will be visiting some Haitian Friends in Buffalo. But I have to admit the highlight of our three weeks in the states is the birth of our granddaughter Abigail Jane. Mom and Dad are doing well but Abby is having some problems transitioning into this new world and has had to be put into the NICU. We pray that she will be leaving there soon and joining her parents. Her two year old brother is staying with Bud and I right now and we have forgotten what it feels like to have a two year old sleep between you. This is a picture of our daughter Lorah and her husband Chris.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Learning a New Language

One of the things that we never did in high School was take a foreign language. Now I wish I had taken French. It is funny I always had a desire to, but it just didn't seem as important as a few other things I wanted to take. So here we are in our 50's and trying to learn Creole.

Many of the words are very close to English so that does help. I do not know which is funnier listening to Bud tell what it is like for him trying to learn or watching me try to explain to my English students in creole what our words mean. Either way we are both surviving.

My Haitian friends who help us in our home are actually beginning to understand what I am speaking about when I talk to them in their native language. My English students come up to me in class and often I hear, " I wish I could speak English like you" and I tell them "No I want to speak creole like you" and then they laugh.

This week I learned how to share the Gospel of Christ and the good news of Jesus with the Haitians. Next week I am going out evangelising with my teacher. I'm asking the Holy Spirit to give me what I need to be able to speak and hear with ease. It is important to me to be able to tell them about Christ.

This past week was a real treat. My best Friend Kim and her daughter came to Haiti. I was so nice to be able to share our new life with them and see Haiti through fresh eyes. Sometimes the loneliness for family and friends sets in but the Lord is quickly filling our lives with new friends to add the ones we already love and adore.

Soon we will be leaving to go home for just 3 weeks. We will be sharing in churches in the Erie area and raising support once again. While we are home our daughter will be having her baby. We are very excited about that, but it will be hard to leave knowing it will be a year before we hold our new granddaughter again.

There is so much to do here but we never seem to get tired of doing it. The days pass by quickly, We are very happy to say the crashed computer is fixed and on it's way back to Haiti. Then we will have several months of data to reenter. This is a true answer to prayer. New sponsorship for the children are coming in slowly but our Lord is faithful and we know he has a plan for all the children on our waiting list.

There are very happy days here in Haiti and very sad. This week I held in my arms a beautiful baby girl who is not going to live very long. She is having multiple seizures all the time. Please pray for her and her family, they have a rough time ahead. The mothers sister is a dear friend of mine and works with me. Life is very hard here for so many, but God is working and everyday we see him touching lives.

The Aberlees feel the Lord is calling them home and Bud will not only have the responsibility of this compound but completing the new seminary as well. We are praying that some of our friends will be able to come in and stay with us and help Bud during Nov. and Dec. The heat is hard on him but he is building friendships with the men who work under him and I believe he is impacting their lives.

The greatest thing is we are growing in the Lord and changing in ways that make us more useable by Him. Thank-you for your prayers. Jane

Monday, September 21, 2009

When 80 Degrees Feels Cool

It is 8:00 in the evening and it actually feels cool to us. The humidity is not as high tonight as it has been. Lately Cold showers have been the next best thing to heaven.

We have been here a little over three weeks and I think we are beginning to adjust to the heat. I am so thankful that there are places through out the day that have air conditioning and when we get to enjoy it it is a real treat.

It is such a privilege to work along side our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ. So many of them are such dynamic individuals. I am so pleased with the way the staff in the Starfish Kids office and the maintenance staff have accepted Bud and I.

One of the things we enjoy is the time we get to pray along side them for the work going on here. Each Monday at noon I sit with my co workers and we have a time of worship together. It is all in creole and that give me time to work on my creole as well.

Today was my first class teaching English as a second language. I have 46 students and they are so anxious to learn. As I teach them about English they are teaching me about their language.

Most of my day is trying to find sponsorships for the children. We have lost several this year because of economic problems in the rest of the world. This past week was their first week of school and Madamn has been traveling from school to school passing out books and supplies to the Starfish kids.

Some times are hard when students have to be told that they no longer have a sponsor, but we have laid that in our Fathers hands as well. One thing I do know is that our Lord loves these children more than we do and he knows and will do what is best in every circumstance.

Bud and I have laid our financial needs as well at his feet and know that He knows from where it will come from. Every time I look at the beautiful mountains that surround us I can feel the Glory and strength of our Father. I feel sometimes like He sitting right there above us and He is sending down His love and mercy. He knows what we need and He has it all worked out. He just wants us to trust him and go about what He has asked us to do and leave the rest up to him. My desire is to draw closer and closer to him everyday so I do not disappoint him.

We have a team in here from Scotland and we have enjoyed our time with them. I am looking forward to more visits from teams. Espeacially one coming in in a couple of weeks. They are friends from home. Our family has been wonderful, at keeping in touch and taking care of things back home we are so blessed. Jane

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We're Here

We've been here two weeks now and have been trying to catch our breaths.
Jane has been very busy with Star Fish Kids going over sponsorship lists.
And I, well have have been very busy myself.

We arrived on Tuesday Sept 1st to find our house being cleaned by one of the Haitian ladies, what a relief. I proceeded to hook up the propane cylinder so that we could have hot water and cook but found two leaks in the line which caused a trip to the "wood shop" next door for parts.

The next three days were spent in the annual field meetings, the weekend was relaxing, then Monday. It started off with Brett coming to our door at 6:15 AM stating that there was low water pressure and no better time to see where the wells are to check on the pumps. Well on our way to the second pump we found the problem, a water main break. It seems that this is a reoccurring problem due to some non-pressure fittings used some time ago. My Haitian partner and I spent the day fixing the problem but another fitting let go on Tuesday so we finally got all fittings changed and completed.
Through out the week it was filled with fixing the lawnmower, power inverters, checking batteries, copying keys and even a washing machine needed tending to.
We sent Friday afternoon, Saturday, and part of Sunday in team building meetings with Jim & Sue Smith from Oms Greenwood.

Monday morning we find that our only running generator is overheating. When I asked one of the Haitian staff what the problem was with the other generator he said that he believed that it's fuel pump was bad. As he continued to investigate we found that the injector pump shaft had broken and spent the next eight hours changing it. The hardest part was trying to "time" a used pump to the engine with out the proper factory tool. Through prayer and Haitian ingenuity we were able to get it running just as the other generator overheated again. Praise The Lord!! Today we will try to determine what the overheating problem is.
I can see how the Cummins Diesel books that Paul Juers sent along from Pennsylvania are being put to good use here, Thanks Paul !!!!

Well it's off for another busy day serving My Lord here in Haiti

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Seneca Hills Bible Camp

If you ever get a chance to serve the Lord by helping out at a kids camp jump at it. Bud and I had the privilege of serving as camp missionaries this past August with kids from ages 9-18. Our job was to teach children about missions each morning for about 45 min. Then the rest of the day just join in for the fun. In addition, it did not take Bud long to find the maintenance shop and work with a group of very talented young men. The executive staff was so welcoming and we could not get over the quality of young people the camp hires. We have already decided that we are sending some of our grandchildren there in the next few years. Not only do the kids have a lot to do but the word of God, and missions are a very big part of their day. God stretched us as well and renewed my passion for working with kids. I came away with lots of fun activities for the children we live with in Haiti. Tomorrow is our last day home. We will be leaving on Thursday to drive to Florida. We will make a couple of stops along the way to see family and visit one of our Starfish Kids Churches in Venice Florida. Sept 1 we will be setting up our home in Haiti. Thank all of you for the roles you have played to help us get to the work, God has called us to do. Please check out our prayer requests under the heading of prayer requests. Jane

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Friends At Cross Cultural Training


It seems we have been packing and unpacking for months as we travel from place to place. But this time we are packing to move to Haiti. We are not fully funded but we are trusting our Lord to meet our needs as we go.
We are leaving for Florida on the 27 of August. There we will meet the plane that will take us to our new home. Although we are excited and full of anticipation, the feelings of grief fill our hearts as think of the day we will say good-bye to our children.
Our first few months in Haiti we will be spending half of our day in language classes. I am sure there is already a long list of mechanical and maintenance work piling up for Bud. I will be jumping right into my work with the Starfish Kids and teaching first year students in our English as a second language classes.
This past month Bud and I have been in Cross Cultural Training Classes at headquarters. We met so many wonderful missionaries from the UK, Australia and Canada who took the class with us. We feel better prepared for our new lives in Haiti. We also had the privilege of being commissioned at the Mid West Conference in Indianapolis. OMS has prepared a very beautiful and spiritual ceremony that we will never forget.
Thanks to all of you who have been partnering with us in prayer and support. Together we will serve along side our Lord. I can't wait to share the good news of what God is doing in Haiti. The next blog we will write will be from our new home.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Being Used by God in the US

Sometimes I get so caught up in all the things we need to do, to get to Haiti that I forget that everyday we called to work for the Lord. I have been trying to find time to record in my journal all the miracles that God has done for us this past year and how He has used us to do His work here as well. One of our advisers from OMS explained to us when we first applied to be missionaries that our work does not begin when we get to Haiti. We are to be working during this time of raising our funds as well.

This past week I volunteered to teach at a vacation Bible School for one of our supporting churches. It added to our load of things to do but I felt God would have me to use my talents to help this church. These children also took on the task of raising money for radio 4VEH and brought in enough money to buy 17 radios. But the best part of the week was when I got the chance to share the Gospel message with my class and two of my students accepted the Lord as their personal Savior.

This weekend we will be heading to the Mid West Conference, where we will be commissioned for service. We will then be home for a week and we will return to Indiana for three weeks of Cross Cultural Training, followed by a trip to Michigan to meet with some of our Starfish Kids Sponsors. Our summer continues with a trip to Oregon and then 2 speaking engagements in Oil City. We will also be resident Camp Missionaries at Seneca Hill Camp. All this brings us up to the end of Aug. Our funding is coming in more quickly, We are at 70% and are excited because we have several who have shared with us that they will be sending theirs in soon.

It is hard to believe that nine months ago we began this journey and we have never experience the presence of God in our lives as much as we have during these months. We have also grown in our ability to trust the Lord for all things and to take care of our needs. I will try to share some of our stories again later. We love giving God the glory for the great things He has done.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Meet Some of Our Starfish Kids

Have you ever seen such wonderful little faces. These children were so excited to come and meet me.

Actually this day was my birthday and
I received one of the best presents I have ever been given. 32 of these children from this school accepted Jesus as their personal Savior this morning.

After their lesson and prayers we also had a Jesus party and gave out bags full of things like soap, pencils, paper and a toy. What excitement filled the room when they finally got to open their bags. I was able to visit 3 of our 34 schools that day. This is one of our poorest. The building behind me is actually their school.

Now that we are home, We had the opportunity to visit 3 Haitian Churches in the Spring Valley, New York area. We spoke 3 times in 2 hours at 3 different church and received a very warm welcome. Later that evening we attended Radio 4 VEH's 59Th birthday celebration in Queens. The music and fellowship was wonderful.

One day after our arrival home from New York we left for Hamilton ON to visit our Canadian office and meet some of our sponsors. Bud and I always love meeting with people who have as much love for Haiti as we do.

Now we are home for a few days. In a week I will be helping with a Bible School in one of our supporting churches. God has been so good and we do not expect anything but that from our Lord. His Love is perfect. Thank-you for your prayers. We will soon be off to Greenwood for Cross Cultural training and will not be home long before we will be visiting Michigan, Oregon and leading a missions spot at camp in Pa. We are still praying to be in the field by the middle of Sept. Our funding is coming in Praise the Lord. We are above 60%. Please continue to pray with us. Jane

Friday, May 15, 2009

We Just Got Home

We just spent this last week returning to Haiti so that Jane could work with Madam Johnathan and Pastor Migueloson as a team overseeing Starfish for the coming school term. My focus was to get up to speed with mechanical needs, available tools, and determine what we will need to bring.
It was good to get back after a one day delay in Fort Lauderdale due to plane breakdowns, spending the week as house guests of Kate Zlotnicki.
With a ring full of keys I headed down to the maint. shop but to my surprise the generator building next to it was silent. They tell me that E.D.H the local power company has been increasing on more of the time over the past two months which reduces the cost of electricity by approx. 50%. Its a good thing as I see that one of the generators is in parts with the field coils out being rewound.

Brett asked us to start settling the house where we will be living. After a walk through I see that a coconut has fallen through the roof over the living room. That afternoon we got a ride down to the new seminary to see the house hold furnishings Gordan and Doreen had left us that would need to be moved. As we were leaving to return to the OMS compound with the work team, it started to rain and rained for the complete 30 minute ride in the back of an open truck!

Friday morning while Jane worked in the office with Starfish, I proceeded to replace the damaged roof panel and in the late afternoon we moved a pick-up truck load of boxes back to our house ( with thunder and the threat of rain.) Saturday morning we moved all of the furniture and the rest of the boxes with the larger truck. As soon as we unloaded we went to town with Kate to a little place for American hamburgers and fries then off to grocery shopping.

The store was very neat, well stocked and modern [along with an armed guard] and about the size of a convenience store here.

As we compared prices gourdes to US$ we were a little set back by the cost. Many people at home believe that we should have no problem living very lavishly in Haiti on our US Dollar, well check this out. Deodorant stick 200 gourdes/ $5US, 6 eggs 75 gourdes/ $1.92 US, 1LB. spaghetti approx $2 US, 1 litre carton imported milk $2 US, 1 Kg powdered milk from Brazil 400 gourdes/ $10.26 US
After returning home from shopping Jane worked at settling the house while I helped with an electrical problem.
Sunday we worshipped with Kate at the Vaudreuil Church with one of our Haitian friends interpreting the sermon for me.
Sunday evening we worshipped at the radio station at the English service.
Monday morning we met with leadership and are very encouraged.
Tuesday evening Jane hosted a bar-b-que for the missionaries with all of the fixings that we had brought with us.
Weds. I was able to move the box crammed full of tools that Gorden had left for me up to the house.
It was a great time to be with the staff there in Haiti, they are all being stretched and are looking forward to our return. We only wish that it could be sooner than later.
Thursday it was good-bye and off to the airport for a day of airflights with a late arrivale here in Erie.
We are settled and anxiously waiting for our remaining support to come in to allow us to move in.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Traveling Again

Here we are at the end of April and the month went so fast. We are home for this week but will be speaking locally at the Weslyville Baptist Church on Wed April 29 at 7:00. Then on Saturday we will be leaving for New York City to speak at the First Wesleyan Church of Brooklyn on Sunday morning. We will quickly do a turn around and be home Sunday night. Tuesday morning we are heading for Haiti. I wish it was for a longer stay but it is only for 10 days. We are going over to see how I can effectively help with the Starfish Kids program from here in the states until we are fully funded. I am so fortunate to be able to work with two wonderful Haitian people Pastor Migueloson and Madam Jonathan. They are doing a wonderful job with the Starfish Kids program already. I am going to be joining them in ministry and am looking forward to it. Together we will share the joy of leading children to the Lord along with helping to provide some of the things they need to get a good education. Bud is going to be checking out what he will need to bring with him when we make the official move. We still have a long ways to go. We are over half way in our funding and are anxious to see how the Lord brings the rest of the pieces together. I hope to have lots of pictures to share with you when I return. Jane

Thursday, April 09, 2009

One of the things that we are learning as we follow the Lord’s lead is to remain flexible. I have been asked to be the Sponsorship and Donations cordinator for the Starfish Kids program as part of my duties in Haiti. Starfish Kids is a child evangelism program that uses sponsorship and education to share the Gospel with over 7000+ children everyday. Over 1850 children receive shoes, school books and tuition. All 7000+ children receive breakfast everyday. I am excited to be asked to work along side two wonderful and dedicated Haitian staff. Together it is our desire to see more children come to know the Lord through this program. These children are the future of Haiti.

There is much to be done this time of year to close out the school year and make sure that everything is in order for the Fall. As you know we are still here in the states and are presently 50% funded. I am willing to do what I can from here to help in this transition but it would be so much easier and better for the program if I were there on a full time bases fulfilling my duties.

Bud was to be one of two full time missionaries filling the position of maintenance/mechanic. Because of reassignments in the field he is now the only career missionary in this position full time.

We are confident that the Lords timing is perfect and that He has a plan for our departure. That plan does require we be fully funded. As we continue on this journey we are learning what it means to totally depend on the Lord for our financial needs, to open doors and to share His work. We are trying to spend more time in the Word of God, which teaches us about patience, total surrender and what it means to trust him completely. There are days I fail, but I am so grateful that Our Lord is a God who allows us thru repentance and forgiveness to start over.

Prayer Requests

For knowledge and wisdom in the area of how to help the starfish kids program while still here in the states, raising funds.

Pray for our team that remains in Haiti. Our team is small but are very dedicated to the Lord and the Haitian people.

We are praying for Christians who will step out in faith and make faith promises in our name, for the next two years. We are in need of partners at all levels from $25 per month to $250 per month. We pray that they will realize it is all the Lord's. we are just returning a portion back to him for HIS use, winning souls in Haiti. We want them to realize what a blessing the Lord has for those who enter into His work with their lives and finances.

Bud and I will be traveling to Haiti in May. This is in preparation for our new jobs. We hope that we will be moving there permanently by the end of Aug. Lord willing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Can a twelve year old do for Jesus?

For Kelli and Rachel it was simple. Ask your fellow students to help. Kelli and Rachel are members of Summit United Methodist Church and attend Robison School. We spoke in their church in February. Two days after our visit their teacher assigned the class each a country in Latin America. Kelli was randomly assigned Haiti and Rachel was given Jamaica and guess what, the next Sunday the speakers in church were missionaries to Jamaica. The girls did a wonderful job finding out everything they could about these countries. Kelli and Rachel both received 50 out of 50 points for their reports. But they wanted to do more. They approached their teacher and principal and asked if their classes could raise money to help fund the missionaries. Together the children raised over $113 for each missionary. God uses people of all ages to do His work around the world. We are never to young or too old to serve others. We are so thankful to all the children of Robison School who participated in this project and especially to Kelli and Rachel for their willingness to hear God's call to action. Every time we help a Haitian child, we are going to share with them, how the children in this school, cared so much about them that they help send us.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Graduation Day for My Mom

I would like you to meet my brothers and sisters. This is the first time we have all been together in over 21 years. We came together to celebrate the life of our mother and the love she had for us all. My mother and dad adopted 16 children and fostered 91 children. She was 91 years old and joined my father in heaven on March 13. We would like to thank everyone for the prayer cards and all the blessings you sent our way as we set this time aside to honor her. This was the answer to prayer for us all. Mom has been suffering with a lot of pain and physical limitation for a long time. In her last words she wanted us to all know that although she was not anxious to leave us she knew that it was time to go home and be with Jesus. She was so looking forward to it. My mother was called to be the mother of the world and God gifted her with all that she would need to do so. Her legacy also includes 45 grandchildren, 27 great grandchildren and 6 great great grandchildren who with out a doubt knew grandma loved them. Thank-you Jesus for loving us all so much that you came to die and pave a way for us to be able to enter heaven. My mother's favorite passage is in John and her funeral was held on 3:16. Thanks mom even in your death you wanted us to know about Jesus. Jane

Snyders Chapel West Virginia

This past weekend Bud and I were to be a part of the conference at Snyders Bible Chapel, but because of my mothers funeral I was unable to attend. Bud shared with me how much he enjoyed the members of this conference. They were so kind and understanding of the fact that he was doing alone what usually the two of us are doing together. He also shared that they deeply love missions and are on fire for the work that the Lord is doing around the world. Tim Bell, Kent and Rhonda Harmless were also speaking at this conference. Tim is with OMS and the other couple are missionaries to Honduras with WGW. We really enjoy sharing these conferences with others and learning about their ministries. I hope to have the chance to visit this little chapel with Bud again some day. God gives us strength when we are called upon to do things that are really out of our confort zones and I know Bud really felt His presents.

Monday, March 09, 2009

This is Philip and Rita they shared the conference with us at the Federated Church they are missionaries to Brazil.

Missions Conference at the Federated Church

This night at the Conference was hosted and attended by both the Youth and adults. Look at the number of young people who belong to this church. This is our future and these young people show us that it is in good hands.

Paula Watson is there much love youth director. We are especially fond of her ourselves.

Meet Jeff and Laura Edwards, Thiago and Katy

Jeff and Laura have been serving in Brazil and their daughter and son in law will be serving in Spain. Jeff and Laura will our new international Regional Director of Haiti. We are looking forward to working together.

God's People are so Faithful

We can't begin to say how much God's people have blessed us. This past month began with speaking at Summit United Methodist church where we were treated like family. This church has blessed us in so many ways with their prayers and financial support. It was so much fun spending time with so many people that we have known over the years. We also had the privilege of speaking at our first full missions conference at the Federated Church. We were nervous but our nervousness quickly disappeared. We saw old friends and made a lot of new ones. We were especially impressed by the number of their members that came out for all the meetings. Especially the youth. This past weekend we were at the MFM Council banquet near Allentown. We were one of several missionaries that attended, we shared how MFM has played a big part in our calling to the mission field. Then on Sunday morning we shared at Bethany EC Church. Once again we were met with a warm welcome and made more friends. No matter where we go, God has opened doors and we have enjoyed spending time with Christian brothers and sisters, who God has placed in our lives. Bud is getting more comfortable with speaking. Every place we have stayed the families have made sure we have warm and comfortable beds and made us feel right at home. We leave for W. Virginia on Friday morning and then we get a couple of weeks at home. We need more appointments to share in April and May. Please pray that other doors will open and that believers will be open to God's invitation to be a part of our team. Jeff Edwards taught us this phrase. I can't do it all so We do it together. God bless all of you. Jane

Friday, February 13, 2009

Little Haiti in Brooklyn

Our heads are swimming, our hearts are jumping for joy and our lips are constantly PRAISING THE LORD. We are presently in Brooklyn New York staying with a very dear Haitian Family, the Pierre's. We met them through our Haitian dentist and friend. When we came to Brooklyn last Saturday we knew that we would be speaking at Pastor Pierre church and Pastor Lorient church. We also knew we would be speaking at the Haitian Council of Pastors meeting, but we were not aware of all that God had for us. We have been so "Loved on" by the Haitian people. There are over 500 Haitian churches here in Brooklyn alone and when they worship we feel that we have been transported back to the churches Haiti. The music and the enthusiasm as they worship is amazing. We spoke on Sunday morning, and we had asked Eutrope a representative of Radio 4VEH to join us. The Pastor was very gracious and not only allowed us to speak but Eutrope as well. This church opened their hearts to us and have joined us in ministry. We had a wonderful afternoon with the Pierre family and Eutrope and his wife. Later that evening we visited another church, when someone in the congregation saw us and found out why we were in Brooklyn we were asked to speak. The next morning we visited another church, a fasting prayer service, and we were asked to speak. From having only 3 places to speak we are now going to have spoken at 5 churches and we have been invited to speak at the second annual Haitian Coalition of Churches here in Brooklyn. We have had many contacts with individuals and so has Eutrope as well to share with the Haitian people of Brooklyn about OMS, Its work in Haiti, and Radio 4VEH as well. We have been so blessed by individuals who are willing to step out in faith and support us financially. One woman I met on the subway. I struck up a conversation with her and when she asked why we are in New York I shared how God had arranged for us to come. She asked for information on how to support us. It is only Friday and we will be here till next Tuesday. We will be returning in March to speak again at other churches. Our prayer is that the churches here will continue their relationship with OMS and as partners in ministry reach the people of Haiti for Jesus. Sometimes I think I know God but he still surprises me everyday. Tuesday night God had a real treat for us. We had a free night to go and worship at he Brooklyn tabernacle. Pastor Jim was away but the woman speaker had a wonderful message on Attitude. She took us to Philippians 2 and what a blessing this scripture has been for me this week. Sometimes I get discouraged and disappointed as we try to raise our funding, but it helped me to focus on how this is God's work and I need to trust him and take a back seat on what I think should be happening. His agenda is far more important than mine. We are so grateful for what God has shown us on this trip and taught us. He has a wonderful plan for the churches of Brooklyn and OMS. We are so fortunate to be a part of it. Thank-you for your prayers. We have faith promises for 40% of our funding. God is good! all the time! Jane

Monday, January 26, 2009

Meet The Aberle's and Noel's

We would like you to meet the Aberle's, We had the privelege of spending time with them in Greenwood. They have been working in Haiti since October and came home for training. We are looking forward to working with them. This weekend we had a great time at the home of the Noel's. Many came to this country as teens. We really enjoyed sharing stories with each other about Haiti. Their faith and willingness to allow the Lord to use them is very evident in the way they live and care for others. They have played a key part in helping us to prepare for our time and work in their native home. God's blessings keep raining on us through those who love him. We have a couple of weeks home now and will be speaking at Summit United Methodist Church on February 1. Then on the 7th we will be leaving to spend some time with friends of the Noel's in New York City, and speaking in local churches, meeting many of the Haitians living there. Radio 4VEH has played a role in many of their lives and what they have learned about Jesus as they grew up in Haiti. We continue to pray for our supporters and the funds we still need to raise for a spring departure. God has opened so many doors and we Praise Him for His faithfulness. Jane

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Praise The Lord For His Faithfulness

What an awesome and faithful God we serve. His love for us is evident in so many ways and He has shown us over and over that we are truly working within His calling.
I am writing this to you from Greenwood, Indiana and what a joy it has been to be here staying with the Owens family. Two days ago we had the privilege of meeting several families in Goshen, Indiana and staying with the Tuckers. We also met the Maurers who served in Haiti for 4 years. Their children sang in Creole for us. Each of these families have added to our experience in a very heart warming way. We are presently here speaking at MFM council meetings. Our meetings are a week apart so we are taking advantage of this time to do some volunteer work here at headquarters and ask a lot of questions about what lies ahead.
While we have been here several letters have been sent out asking friends, family and church members to prayerfully consider a faith promise of monthly support. We ask that you pray that these letters will touch heart in such a way that it will bring our support up to 80% very soon. We are presently at 35%. This will keep us on track for a spring departure. The last 20%, we pray will come during this time of preparation to leave.
God has opened so many doors for us. When we return to Erie we will be preparing to speak at Summit United Methodist Church on Feb 1. Feb 7 we will leave for New York City where we will be speaking at several Haitian Churches and meetings. Our heavenly Father opened these doors for us through our Haitian dentist. One of the meetings will be with several pastors who get together on a monthly bases. Euthorp, A Haitian missionary, serving with OMS, will be joining us for these meetings. He is with Radio 4 VEH and can answer questions about the work at the station far better than we. Pray, Pray, Pray, this could open so many doors for the work going on in Haiti.
When we return from New York we will be involved with a week long missionary conference at the Federated Church in East Springfield.
March also comes with its own wonderful experiences. We will be speaking at several churches in Eastern Pa, Central Pa and West Virginia. We are looking forward to attending a Men For Mission's banquet at the beginning of the month.
Three weeks ago we wondered if we would have anywhere to speak in January and February. Then God’s hand moved and we now only have two Sundays left between now and April that is not filled. Praise the Lord. Thank-you for interceding on our behalf. We feel your prayers everyday and God has blessed us in ways we could not have imagined. Jane