Monday, October 27, 2008


The last couple of weeks have been very busy. The 18th and 19th we had a display table at our own church (Grace) and shared our story with several of our friends. We are also planning a reception there to be held either the 12th or 19th of November, both are Wednedsay evenings. This event will be shared with the Sweatmans.

We are going to share our calling and vision for the work we are going to be doing in Haiti. Everyone is welcome and I promise you will be blessed by what God is doing, not only in our lives but the Sweatman's and Kate's as well. We will be showing a slide presentation of how Haiti is doing today and refreshments will be served.

Sunday, October 19th, we were blessed by sharing our work with the people of Waterford Baptist Church during their evening service. Bud and I grew up in that church and both came to know the Lord during those years.

This past Sunday we visited and spoke at the Waterford Methodist Church. What a privilege to share with the people of our home town. I saw Sandy there; an old friend who actually walked down the isle with me as a teenager both accepting the Lord as our personal Savior at the same time. God is so good.

This morning we are packing, and in a few minutes will be leaving for orientation in Greenwood, Indiana. There we will learn more about OMS and spend time learning about raising support. We will study what the Bible says about how God's people are called to support those whom God has chosen to send out. We will also learn how God wants us to share our ministry and the things he calls us personally to do. We will spend 4 days working on letters, talks and learning more about what it is like to live by faith as we serve the Lord the next few months until we leave for Haiti. Please pray for us as we travel and that our hearts will be open to what the Lord has for us this week. Jane

Thursday, October 16, 2008


We have just finished our first speaking engagement in Allentown, Pa. What a wonderful experience that was. We met so many wonderful people. The other missionaries are from Mozambique and Columbia. One thing is for sure there is never lack of work for the body of Christ in this world. There are people hungry for the good news of Jesus everywhere and lives are being changed everyday. We had our talk all prepared before we arrived, but God had other things He wanted us to say. Bud and I both woke up and knew God wanted us to change what we were going to say. We spent part of the morning changing it.

Then it came time to speak and the Holy Spirit took over. We were drawn to share things we had not expected to. Valeene is such and encouragement to us. She served in Haiti for many years.

The Haitian delegation also spoke and it is always good to hear what they have to share. One thing they taught us is a Haitian phase that goes like this. Piti Piti zwazo fe nich. Pronounced (peetee peetee zwazoo fe neesh. This means little by little the bird builds the nest. God is building our nest in Haiti little by little using His people to help us along the way and supply our needs spiritually and finacncially.

We met a wonderful couple, that are also seeking God's will for them in the field of missions. We are praying for God to give them clear direction as He has ourselves.

Orientation begins in a little over a week. We received lots of homework to do before we arrive, so the next few days will be full. We also will be setting up a display at our home church Grace Church in Mckean and speaking at the Waterford Baptist Church on Sunday night.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray that we will have more speaking opportunities to share the work that the Lord is doing in Haiti.
Pray for our spiritual growth and strength as we seek God's will.
Pray for Haiti and the workers who are still digging out homes and rescuing survivors of the hurricane. Many are still living on their roof tops. Their homes are filled with mud.
Please pray for hearts to be open to God's will as to how he would have them participate in our ministry. We are very much in need of partners who are willing to sign faith promises for monthly pledges. Jane

Friday, October 03, 2008

God Turns Bad News into BLESSINGS

In today's economy many companies are having to cut back and that is what has happened to the company that Bud works for. Today is Bud's last day on the job. He found out two days ago that he was being laid off. I had been praying that Bud would be able to leave his job in January and we would try to survive on the rent of our home and our savings. God had another plan. While we do deputation we will be receiving unemployment. It is not going to be a lot of money but by moving in with our daughter and collecting rent on the house we will do fine. We will be able to put more time into The Lords work and prepare to leave. This to us is just another step in the process of following our Lord to Haiti. We will have more time to share the work with more people. Our support is coming in but slowly. Yet we are not loosing hope to make the January training. Times are tough in Haiti. Our radio station has had to be off the air due to the fuel shortages from the Hurricanes. Over 1200 people have died because of the 4 hurricanes that have hit the island and over 1,000,000 people have been displaced. In some areas the mud from the flooding is so deep people are still living on their roof tops. A year ago 23 missionaries shared the work at the OMS compound in Haiti. Soon it will be down to 9. We are so looking forward to getting the opportunity to jump in with both feet and help our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Praise God for those of you have been praying for us. We see the results of your prayers. Praise God for those of you who have chosen to partner with the Lord in this work and in our name. We can't express the love we have for all of you. The blessings you have given to us is overwelming. Jane