Tuesday, September 30, 2008


As the days and minutes seem to rush by it is constantly on our minds that we are getting closer to the deadline set by OMS requiring 35% of our funding at the beginning of November in order to attend Cross Cultural Training in January.

The next class will not be available until July. I catch myself panicking from time to time wondering if we will make it to the class in January. We want so badly to be in Haiti in February because we know from the other missionaries, that we are needed as soon as possible.

God has really been working on me and teaching me that He has it all under control. He knows the deadlines and He knows when He is going to get us there. What I need to recognize is that finding our support is not my job. My job is to trust in the Lord and lean not unto my own understanding of how things should go. My job is to share the wonderful blessings and how God has worked in our lives so far to prepare the way for His ministry in us. My job is to share the Gospel and make sure others hear what a wonderful and faithful Father we serve.

My Father keeps telling me. "Daughter I'll take care of it." Then He sends us a wonderful reminder of how He works by letting us in on a heart He has touched. The other day when I was in one of my panic modes, I prayed and asked God to give me peace about all of it. That evening a dear friend called and said that he was going to send in a faith promise of support. We really had not expected him to be one of our supporters and a long term one as well.

Today we called to see if we could speak and share our ministry at one of the local churches. They welcomed us and explained that after receiving our letter, they had already put us in their budget. God knows I need those little moments of incite from Him to remind me that He is bigger than any problem or obstacle that is put in our path. He also knows what is best and will work it all out in His time. Please pray for us as we grow in our faith. Please pray for our friends Dan and Gill Shoemaker, serving in Haiti, as they are traveling here in the US on deputation as well. Jane

Friday, September 19, 2008

St Peters Cathedral School

Today I had a wonderful time speaking to the students of St Peters Cathedral School. What a wonderful group of children. My grandson goes to school there and I thought they would enjoy learning about the children in Haiti. They listened so closely and have wonderful manners when someone is speaking. I would like to thank them for their wonderful gift of support to my husband and I as we follow God's calling to help His children in Haiti. We did not expect this wonderful blessing. We who love Jesus are all His children and no matter where we live He cares for us. I am looking forward to sharing with the children what we are doing in Haiti. In November we will be speaking in chapel at Bethel Christian School sharing missions with them. God is so gracious in leading us to others who love to here what He is doing in other parts of the world. Jane

Sunday, September 14, 2008

News From Haiti

We have received so much bad news out of Haiti. The news media only touches the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the suffering that is going on over there. My friend Gill shared with us a story of mothers walking out of flooded areas carrying silent children saying Haiti is dead. It will be months and years before the damage is somewhat repaired. Some areas will never be repaired. Fuel shortages and the lack of food, are made worse because it is impossible to transport things from place to place. Roads and bridges that are vital for these things to happen are completely gone. One of the missionaries and a delegate of pastors went into the area to begin to assess how the missionaries can help. Please pray for Haiti, Pray for the churches of Haiti as they try to help their people. Pray that God will be revealed to those who do not know Him in the middle of all this. We are working very hard a raising our funds to get there as quickly as we can to do our part. Our profile is now listed at omsinternational.org website under international missionaries. Donations can now be made online to this ministry in our name when you view our profile. Our pray cards should be here this week. We will be speaking in three different churches in the month of Oct. and going to orientation in just a few weeks. We are thankful for every chance we get to share the ministry God has put before us. One thing we keep reminding ourselves of, God is bigger than we are and He can do things we can't even imagine being able to do. So We are sitting back and watching to see what He is going to do next. I'm sure it will knock our socks off. Jane

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Our prayer cards are in the mail and will be arriving soon. We have booked our first church meeting at the Waterford Baptist Church, on Sunday evening Oct 19, and will also be speaking at the Waterford Asbury Methodist Church in Oct or Nov.. Our first missions conference, where we will speak will be Oct 10 and 11 in Allentown Pa.. We have been very busy working on our slide presentation and Bud is beginning to work on his talk. Pray for Bud, Sometimes God asks us to do something that really takes us out of our comfort zone. Bud is an excellent sharer of what is in his heart, when it comes to the Lord, but finds in easier to share one on one. He is like Moses whom God called to do a job that was within his gifts but there were parts like speaking that Moses felt uncomfortable doing. I love to speak and am fairly comfortable in front of a group of people, my weakness is quietly waiting for the Lord's timing. This will be a new life's lesson for me. Our support has begun to come in. God is teaching me more and more how to let him control the big picture. It is difficult for us to receive. We have very much enjoyed being on the giving side. We've always found when we gave to God's work we received the biggest blessings. Our prayer is that during this time of deputation we will have the opportunity to share what God is doing in our lives and testify how He has always been faithful. We do not know when we will make it to Haiti, We are hoping to be there as quickly as possible, maybe as soon as January. It is all in God's hands. He knows His people and He knows whose hearts will be touched by what He is doing for the people, He loves, in Haiti. Scripture tells us in 1 Peter to build our lives on the cornerstone Jesus Christ. When we add ourselves together with His foundation we are strong and can move mountains. God loves it when His children work together using their gifts and resources to honor Him. We Praise Him For What is Has Already Done.