Sunday, August 17, 2008

Showers of Blessings

When we began this journey, It began with obedience to God. God wants us to be obedient to Him in all things. because He knows what is best for us.

His word tells us. that everything belongs to him and we are to be good stewards of what he has given us.

We always felt, we've tried to honor God by sharing all that He has allowed us to have. But, here is the hard part to admit. There were things we owned, that we gave God the credit for allowing us to have, because we desired them. Not that God doesn't want us to have nice things or things that bring us pleasure. He wants us to have things we can truely afford. Things we can own without going into debt.

Debt, that four letter word that gets us into trouble. The American way.

These past months our church has been talking about living the way God wants us to live. Debt free. We were in Debt. Our income covered the payments but did not leave much room for anything else. We began to impliment the tools we learned from a Dave Ramsey Course we took at church.

The debt slowly began to disappear. In a time where money is tight and the prices of gas are high, we needed to sell a gas guzzling truck and a boat. Everyone told us, that will be impossible. The Truck sold in 4 days at the price we needed to pay it off and make a small profit. The boat sold in a week before we really had a chance to list it. Our garage sale was a great success and other things we had, that we thought we could not live without, sold quickly. We praise God for the way he blessed us. All we had to do was let go!

If we had not taken the steps to obey God in these things ,we could not have served as missionaries. Our disobedience in the way we handled our money would have stood in the way. We were bound because of debt to our jobs here.

During this time I realized I was going to need some dental work done. I knew I could not put it off any longer and it had to be done before we left for the mission field. I decided to check out a new place in town. They were advertising some services for free. With our debt reduction plan this was not a good time to run up a large dental bill. They got me in right away. After the dentist did my exam he told me I needed thousand of dollars of work done. I asked him to tell me what was absolutely neccessary. I explained we had applied to be career missionaries to Haiti and I could not afford to run up a large dental bill. The dentist looked at me with a big smile. He could not believe I was going to his home country. To shorten up a long story the dentist is a believer and came to this country with his family at age 13. God provided. Another undeserved blessing from God. He used one of his children to help another. I was able to get all my dental work done because he did most of it for free. He and his wife have chosen to be financial partners with us to Haiti.

Things don't make us happy. It is being in the will of God and the blessings it brings.

We have learned to stop asking God to use us and instead ask God to help us become people He can use.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Called To Serve In Haiti

When my husband told me that he had prayed "Lord if you want us to serve you in Haiti then Lord open the doors." I knew that this was an answer to my prayer. My husband is not someone who likes change. He is very comfortable in the life we have here with family close by. Yet leave it to God to take us out of our comfort zone to help us stretch and Grow.

Three years ago my husband and I joined our church, because we wanted to be apart of a church that was very active in missions and the community. My husband and I would talk about missions and I would ask him, if he ever thought of being a missionary. He would always respond that he felt some were gifted to be missionaries and others were meant to work hard and earn the money to send missionaries. He never thought of himself as being the missionary type. He still has a hard time when someone refers to him as a missionary.

Then the opportunity came to go on a short term missions trip to Haiti with our church through Men for Missions. I jumped at the chance but my husband wasn't really interested. Haiti won my heart. Simple things like the prayer listed with the picture above, just tugs at your heart. I knew I wanted to return. I asked God to overcome obsticles in our lives that would make it possible. My husband surprised me when he made the comment upon my arrival that he could see us spending a couple of months in Haiti someday when we retire. He had not been to Haiti yet, but could see the change in me and how happy I was when I sent him emails and shared my experiences.

The next year I returned to Haiti with MFM for a 5 week stretch. God had overcome those obsticles that I mentioned. This time my husband decided he would also like to go. Because he only had a couple of weeks vacation time he could not stay the whole 5 weeks. Haiti left a lasting impression with him. I recieved an email from him after he got home and I was still in Haiti. He told me after he got home he sat down and started to read the book Let the Rocks Cry Out and could not put it down. I knew in my heart that God had a place for us in Haiti but I did not know exactly what. I knew that God did not want me without my husband. God never calls one mate without the other. So I prayed these words. "Lord if you want us in Haiti please speak to my husband's heart. I am not going to say a word as to how I am feeling. I am going to wait and if he tells me you are calling us to go I will know it is from you." .

I wasn't home 12 hours when my husband broke the news to me that God was calling us to Haiti. Three weeks later after much prayer we applied to be career missionaries with OMS to Haiti. God is so Good!!!!! We both learned that God uses all kinds of people with many different talents to do his work. Each has their part and each part does their job the best they can. When all the parts come together you have the body of Christ. As a body we then can complete the task of reaching the Lost for Christ.

Romans chapter 12 has become very special to both of us. God has so wonderfully blessed our lives and no one has ever loved us the way he does. How can we turn from Him when He calls. We do not know exactly what lies ahead but we do know we cannot do it without the prayers and support of the other parts of the body. Please pray for us and allow us to share with you the blessings that we encounter on this journey. We now face a mountain before us as we begin to raise our support. I know that God can move mountains and He already knows where it will come from. IN HIS TIME.