Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meet our Wonderful Son-in-Laws

Christmas is a time of fun, One of the favorites is wrestling with uncle Kip or just spending time with Daddy Chris and Daddy Tom.

Some of the Blessings God Has Placed in Our lives

Pictured here Daughters Gretchen, Lorah, Marcia and Amy. Also pictured grandchildren Danny, Nicholas, Will, Joshua, and our princess Charlie along with Bud's mom Ethel.

Meet our family, God has blessed us with a family that truely loves each other and love to be together. Some of our family was not able to be with us but, they are always with us in our hearts. May God give you and your family many opportunities to share and love with each other in 2009.

Friday, December 19, 2008


It is hard to believe Christmas is less than a week away and I think we are ready. This will be a very special Christmas for all of us. Next Christmas we will be spending it with our Missionary family in Haiti. We have been very busy preparing gifts and planning a special meal but not to busy to take the time to reflect on what this very special holiday means to us all. Christ came as a baby, a gift for all. We are so thankful that he did not remain a baby but grew up to become our Savior, all we had to do was accept the gift. Today I read the prayer Jesus prayed in John 17 on behave of his disciples and all who follow him. I felt like I was listening in on a very personal prayer between Jesus and His father. What a special relationship the two of them have and yet, He asked His father to accept us in the same way because of our love and acceptance of him. He talks about how we were first God's and we were given to Christ. Christ then placed His love for us on the line in the form of dieing on the cross for our sins. Then he gave us back to the father covered by His blood and our sins forgiven. What a gift. No gift money could ever buy will ever measure up. This Christmas Bud and I are setting time aside to pray for each and every one of our prayer and financial partners. We are praying that God will bless each and every one of you with all the things you need. But even more, our prayer is, that you will draw closer to the Lord. We ask that you will be able to find the time to seek Him, in His word, and listen with your heart. That is our gift to our selves as well. Jesus promises that if we spend time in His truth,and apply them to our lives, we will have abundant Joy. We hope soon to be sharing our ministry from Haiti, Our funding is coming in and we are 30% funded. Praise the Lord and we thank Him daily and I mean daily for all the supports He has given to us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Jane

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Great Visit With New Friends Dan, Jill and Helen Shoemaker

We had a wonderful break from all the changes going on in our lives as we headed North to Canada to visit some new friends. Dan and Gill Shoemaker have been serving in Haiti for 8 years and we will soon be part of their missionary family. We spent hours getting to know each other and talking about all the things God has been doing in our lives. Dan and Bud will be working very close together as Bud learns his new job and He is in charge of the MFM teams that I will be working with. We are so looking forward to working with these wonderful people. God has really gifted them and they are so anxious to use their gifts to serve him. They took the time to give us a tour of their beautiful home town Elora, ON.

Dan and Gill took us to a meeting with them to meet some wonderful young people who will be leaving for Haiti to experience short term missions in January. I know that they will not be the same when they come home. I would love to be part of the people who get to share this experience with them. When we arrived home we spent the evening sharing our calling and our passion for what God has in store for us. We feel so blessed by all the experiences God has allowed us to have during this time in our lives. Thank-you Dan and Gill and Helen for adding to our lives in such a special way.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A New Home

We have comfortably moved into our temporary home with our daughter and son in law. They have so graciously opened their home to us. Our new tenants have moved into our home and it was nice to see them enjoying the home we have loved for so many years. With all these good things going on we do have our moments of discouragement when we look at our support account and do not see any new partners. We have given out so many letters and prayer cards and God has blessed us with wonderful people who have given to the work. Yet as we stand at 20% funded it is easy to wonder how long it is going to take to get to our work in Haiti. We have loved the times we have spent with the churches and others sharing our ministry and praising God for what He has done in our lives. And this time has been such a growing time for both of us, especially me. I am learning to wait on the Lord. God has also spoken to our hearts about spending more time in prayer. He has used several different people to relay that message to us from gifting books to us, to our pastor preaching on it. The Lord has used so many at our church to help us to grow in this time as we prepare for Haiti. We also grew as we spend time with some of the senior missionaries at headquarters. They have so much wisdom and it is wonderful to sit and listen to what they have to offer us as advise. We are never to big to learn or to old to teach. Jane

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


When the Lord called us to serve in Haiti, He was asking us to make a faith promise to go to Haiti no matter what we needed to do to keep that promise. We know that the Lord will not ask us to do anything without His help.

A faith promise is when we say Lord I trust you to provide for us during this time that you have ask us to step out in faith. We do not know how it will all work out but we do know that the Lord will make it happen and that we are safe in His hands.

Today we are moving out of our house. Our renters will move in on Saturday. We do not know how long we will be living with our daughter as we raise support for the Lord's work in Haiti. We do know that each step is a step of faith. We trust the Lord, He has a plan and we are part of it. We understand that every step our faith grows because we become more and more dependent on him.

Friday we will be sharing with the students at Bethel Christian School. Then on the 19 we will be sharing our work with our brothers and sister at Grace Church. The Lord has spoken to our hearts about teaching the family on how to win souls for Christ through a faith promise. We will present that work to our families for the first time that night. I wish to teach my grandchildren the same lesson.

God asks faith promises from all of us. Some it is a faith promise of time others of money, and others of both. We are learning ourselves just how God honors that. A true faith promise is a promise we make not of what we have extra of, but what we may have to make scarifies in order to be able to give it.

Monday, October 27, 2008


The last couple of weeks have been very busy. The 18th and 19th we had a display table at our own church (Grace) and shared our story with several of our friends. We are also planning a reception there to be held either the 12th or 19th of November, both are Wednedsay evenings. This event will be shared with the Sweatmans.

We are going to share our calling and vision for the work we are going to be doing in Haiti. Everyone is welcome and I promise you will be blessed by what God is doing, not only in our lives but the Sweatman's and Kate's as well. We will be showing a slide presentation of how Haiti is doing today and refreshments will be served.

Sunday, October 19th, we were blessed by sharing our work with the people of Waterford Baptist Church during their evening service. Bud and I grew up in that church and both came to know the Lord during those years.

This past Sunday we visited and spoke at the Waterford Methodist Church. What a privilege to share with the people of our home town. I saw Sandy there; an old friend who actually walked down the isle with me as a teenager both accepting the Lord as our personal Savior at the same time. God is so good.

This morning we are packing, and in a few minutes will be leaving for orientation in Greenwood, Indiana. There we will learn more about OMS and spend time learning about raising support. We will study what the Bible says about how God's people are called to support those whom God has chosen to send out. We will also learn how God wants us to share our ministry and the things he calls us personally to do. We will spend 4 days working on letters, talks and learning more about what it is like to live by faith as we serve the Lord the next few months until we leave for Haiti. Please pray for us as we travel and that our hearts will be open to what the Lord has for us this week. Jane

Thursday, October 16, 2008


We have just finished our first speaking engagement in Allentown, Pa. What a wonderful experience that was. We met so many wonderful people. The other missionaries are from Mozambique and Columbia. One thing is for sure there is never lack of work for the body of Christ in this world. There are people hungry for the good news of Jesus everywhere and lives are being changed everyday. We had our talk all prepared before we arrived, but God had other things He wanted us to say. Bud and I both woke up and knew God wanted us to change what we were going to say. We spent part of the morning changing it.

Then it came time to speak and the Holy Spirit took over. We were drawn to share things we had not expected to. Valeene is such and encouragement to us. She served in Haiti for many years.

The Haitian delegation also spoke and it is always good to hear what they have to share. One thing they taught us is a Haitian phase that goes like this. Piti Piti zwazo fe nich. Pronounced (peetee peetee zwazoo fe neesh. This means little by little the bird builds the nest. God is building our nest in Haiti little by little using His people to help us along the way and supply our needs spiritually and finacncially.

We met a wonderful couple, that are also seeking God's will for them in the field of missions. We are praying for God to give them clear direction as He has ourselves.

Orientation begins in a little over a week. We received lots of homework to do before we arrive, so the next few days will be full. We also will be setting up a display at our home church Grace Church in Mckean and speaking at the Waterford Baptist Church on Sunday night.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray that we will have more speaking opportunities to share the work that the Lord is doing in Haiti.
Pray for our spiritual growth and strength as we seek God's will.
Pray for Haiti and the workers who are still digging out homes and rescuing survivors of the hurricane. Many are still living on their roof tops. Their homes are filled with mud.
Please pray for hearts to be open to God's will as to how he would have them participate in our ministry. We are very much in need of partners who are willing to sign faith promises for monthly pledges. Jane

Friday, October 03, 2008

God Turns Bad News into BLESSINGS

In today's economy many companies are having to cut back and that is what has happened to the company that Bud works for. Today is Bud's last day on the job. He found out two days ago that he was being laid off. I had been praying that Bud would be able to leave his job in January and we would try to survive on the rent of our home and our savings. God had another plan. While we do deputation we will be receiving unemployment. It is not going to be a lot of money but by moving in with our daughter and collecting rent on the house we will do fine. We will be able to put more time into The Lords work and prepare to leave. This to us is just another step in the process of following our Lord to Haiti. We will have more time to share the work with more people. Our support is coming in but slowly. Yet we are not loosing hope to make the January training. Times are tough in Haiti. Our radio station has had to be off the air due to the fuel shortages from the Hurricanes. Over 1200 people have died because of the 4 hurricanes that have hit the island and over 1,000,000 people have been displaced. In some areas the mud from the flooding is so deep people are still living on their roof tops. A year ago 23 missionaries shared the work at the OMS compound in Haiti. Soon it will be down to 9. We are so looking forward to getting the opportunity to jump in with both feet and help our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Praise God for those of you have been praying for us. We see the results of your prayers. Praise God for those of you who have chosen to partner with the Lord in this work and in our name. We can't express the love we have for all of you. The blessings you have given to us is overwelming. Jane

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


As the days and minutes seem to rush by it is constantly on our minds that we are getting closer to the deadline set by OMS requiring 35% of our funding at the beginning of November in order to attend Cross Cultural Training in January.

The next class will not be available until July. I catch myself panicking from time to time wondering if we will make it to the class in January. We want so badly to be in Haiti in February because we know from the other missionaries, that we are needed as soon as possible.

God has really been working on me and teaching me that He has it all under control. He knows the deadlines and He knows when He is going to get us there. What I need to recognize is that finding our support is not my job. My job is to trust in the Lord and lean not unto my own understanding of how things should go. My job is to share the wonderful blessings and how God has worked in our lives so far to prepare the way for His ministry in us. My job is to share the Gospel and make sure others hear what a wonderful and faithful Father we serve.

My Father keeps telling me. "Daughter I'll take care of it." Then He sends us a wonderful reminder of how He works by letting us in on a heart He has touched. The other day when I was in one of my panic modes, I prayed and asked God to give me peace about all of it. That evening a dear friend called and said that he was going to send in a faith promise of support. We really had not expected him to be one of our supporters and a long term one as well.

Today we called to see if we could speak and share our ministry at one of the local churches. They welcomed us and explained that after receiving our letter, they had already put us in their budget. God knows I need those little moments of incite from Him to remind me that He is bigger than any problem or obstacle that is put in our path. He also knows what is best and will work it all out in His time. Please pray for us as we grow in our faith. Please pray for our friends Dan and Gill Shoemaker, serving in Haiti, as they are traveling here in the US on deputation as well. Jane

Friday, September 19, 2008

St Peters Cathedral School

Today I had a wonderful time speaking to the students of St Peters Cathedral School. What a wonderful group of children. My grandson goes to school there and I thought they would enjoy learning about the children in Haiti. They listened so closely and have wonderful manners when someone is speaking. I would like to thank them for their wonderful gift of support to my husband and I as we follow God's calling to help His children in Haiti. We did not expect this wonderful blessing. We who love Jesus are all His children and no matter where we live He cares for us. I am looking forward to sharing with the children what we are doing in Haiti. In November we will be speaking in chapel at Bethel Christian School sharing missions with them. God is so gracious in leading us to others who love to here what He is doing in other parts of the world. Jane

Sunday, September 14, 2008

News From Haiti

We have received so much bad news out of Haiti. The news media only touches the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the suffering that is going on over there. My friend Gill shared with us a story of mothers walking out of flooded areas carrying silent children saying Haiti is dead. It will be months and years before the damage is somewhat repaired. Some areas will never be repaired. Fuel shortages and the lack of food, are made worse because it is impossible to transport things from place to place. Roads and bridges that are vital for these things to happen are completely gone. One of the missionaries and a delegate of pastors went into the area to begin to assess how the missionaries can help. Please pray for Haiti, Pray for the churches of Haiti as they try to help their people. Pray that God will be revealed to those who do not know Him in the middle of all this. We are working very hard a raising our funds to get there as quickly as we can to do our part. Our profile is now listed at omsinternational.org website under international missionaries. Donations can now be made online to this ministry in our name when you view our profile. Our pray cards should be here this week. We will be speaking in three different churches in the month of Oct. and going to orientation in just a few weeks. We are thankful for every chance we get to share the ministry God has put before us. One thing we keep reminding ourselves of, God is bigger than we are and He can do things we can't even imagine being able to do. So We are sitting back and watching to see what He is going to do next. I'm sure it will knock our socks off. Jane

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Our prayer cards are in the mail and will be arriving soon. We have booked our first church meeting at the Waterford Baptist Church, on Sunday evening Oct 19, and will also be speaking at the Waterford Asbury Methodist Church in Oct or Nov.. Our first missions conference, where we will speak will be Oct 10 and 11 in Allentown Pa.. We have been very busy working on our slide presentation and Bud is beginning to work on his talk. Pray for Bud, Sometimes God asks us to do something that really takes us out of our comfort zone. Bud is an excellent sharer of what is in his heart, when it comes to the Lord, but finds in easier to share one on one. He is like Moses whom God called to do a job that was within his gifts but there were parts like speaking that Moses felt uncomfortable doing. I love to speak and am fairly comfortable in front of a group of people, my weakness is quietly waiting for the Lord's timing. This will be a new life's lesson for me. Our support has begun to come in. God is teaching me more and more how to let him control the big picture. It is difficult for us to receive. We have very much enjoyed being on the giving side. We've always found when we gave to God's work we received the biggest blessings. Our prayer is that during this time of deputation we will have the opportunity to share what God is doing in our lives and testify how He has always been faithful. We do not know when we will make it to Haiti, We are hoping to be there as quickly as possible, maybe as soon as January. It is all in God's hands. He knows His people and He knows whose hearts will be touched by what He is doing for the people, He loves, in Haiti. Scripture tells us in 1 Peter to build our lives on the cornerstone Jesus Christ. When we add ourselves together with His foundation we are strong and can move mountains. God loves it when His children work together using their gifts and resources to honor Him. We Praise Him For What is Has Already Done.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Showers of Blessings

When we began this journey, It began with obedience to God. God wants us to be obedient to Him in all things. because He knows what is best for us.

His word tells us. that everything belongs to him and we are to be good stewards of what he has given us.

We always felt, we've tried to honor God by sharing all that He has allowed us to have. But, here is the hard part to admit. There were things we owned, that we gave God the credit for allowing us to have, because we desired them. Not that God doesn't want us to have nice things or things that bring us pleasure. He wants us to have things we can truely afford. Things we can own without going into debt.

Debt, that four letter word that gets us into trouble. The American way.

These past months our church has been talking about living the way God wants us to live. Debt free. We were in Debt. Our income covered the payments but did not leave much room for anything else. We began to impliment the tools we learned from a Dave Ramsey Course we took at church.

The debt slowly began to disappear. In a time where money is tight and the prices of gas are high, we needed to sell a gas guzzling truck and a boat. Everyone told us, that will be impossible. The Truck sold in 4 days at the price we needed to pay it off and make a small profit. The boat sold in a week before we really had a chance to list it. Our garage sale was a great success and other things we had, that we thought we could not live without, sold quickly. We praise God for the way he blessed us. All we had to do was let go!

If we had not taken the steps to obey God in these things ,we could not have served as missionaries. Our disobedience in the way we handled our money would have stood in the way. We were bound because of debt to our jobs here.

During this time I realized I was going to need some dental work done. I knew I could not put it off any longer and it had to be done before we left for the mission field. I decided to check out a new place in town. They were advertising some services for free. With our debt reduction plan this was not a good time to run up a large dental bill. They got me in right away. After the dentist did my exam he told me I needed thousand of dollars of work done. I asked him to tell me what was absolutely neccessary. I explained we had applied to be career missionaries to Haiti and I could not afford to run up a large dental bill. The dentist looked at me with a big smile. He could not believe I was going to his home country. To shorten up a long story the dentist is a believer and came to this country with his family at age 13. God provided. Another undeserved blessing from God. He used one of his children to help another. I was able to get all my dental work done because he did most of it for free. He and his wife have chosen to be financial partners with us to Haiti.

Things don't make us happy. It is being in the will of God and the blessings it brings.

We have learned to stop asking God to use us and instead ask God to help us become people He can use.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Called To Serve In Haiti

When my husband told me that he had prayed "Lord if you want us to serve you in Haiti then Lord open the doors." I knew that this was an answer to my prayer. My husband is not someone who likes change. He is very comfortable in the life we have here with family close by. Yet leave it to God to take us out of our comfort zone to help us stretch and Grow.

Three years ago my husband and I joined our church, because we wanted to be apart of a church that was very active in missions and the community. My husband and I would talk about missions and I would ask him, if he ever thought of being a missionary. He would always respond that he felt some were gifted to be missionaries and others were meant to work hard and earn the money to send missionaries. He never thought of himself as being the missionary type. He still has a hard time when someone refers to him as a missionary.

Then the opportunity came to go on a short term missions trip to Haiti with our church through Men for Missions. I jumped at the chance but my husband wasn't really interested. Haiti won my heart. Simple things like the prayer listed with the picture above, just tugs at your heart. I knew I wanted to return. I asked God to overcome obsticles in our lives that would make it possible. My husband surprised me when he made the comment upon my arrival that he could see us spending a couple of months in Haiti someday when we retire. He had not been to Haiti yet, but could see the change in me and how happy I was when I sent him emails and shared my experiences.

The next year I returned to Haiti with MFM for a 5 week stretch. God had overcome those obsticles that I mentioned. This time my husband decided he would also like to go. Because he only had a couple of weeks vacation time he could not stay the whole 5 weeks. Haiti left a lasting impression with him. I recieved an email from him after he got home and I was still in Haiti. He told me after he got home he sat down and started to read the book Let the Rocks Cry Out and could not put it down. I knew in my heart that God had a place for us in Haiti but I did not know exactly what. I knew that God did not want me without my husband. God never calls one mate without the other. So I prayed these words. "Lord if you want us in Haiti please speak to my husband's heart. I am not going to say a word as to how I am feeling. I am going to wait and if he tells me you are calling us to go I will know it is from you." .

I wasn't home 12 hours when my husband broke the news to me that God was calling us to Haiti. Three weeks later after much prayer we applied to be career missionaries with OMS to Haiti. God is so Good!!!!! We both learned that God uses all kinds of people with many different talents to do his work. Each has their part and each part does their job the best they can. When all the parts come together you have the body of Christ. As a body we then can complete the task of reaching the Lost for Christ.

Romans chapter 12 has become very special to both of us. God has so wonderfully blessed our lives and no one has ever loved us the way he does. How can we turn from Him when He calls. We do not know exactly what lies ahead but we do know we cannot do it without the prayers and support of the other parts of the body. Please pray for us and allow us to share with you the blessings that we encounter on this journey. We now face a mountain before us as we begin to raise our support. I know that God can move mountains and He already knows where it will come from. IN HIS TIME.